triumphing insights: One standout call for gen programme for Atos

triumphing insights: One standout call for gen programme for Atos

Winning insights: One standout demand gen programme for Atos image

Claire Lund (link is external) from The advertising practice (link is outside) explains what prevailing a B2B Award meant to her employer back in November – and why they may truely be coming into once more this 12 months

You guys receivedmaximum commercially successful campaignon your ‘Lead era manufacturing facility’ for Atos. inform me a chunk approximately that and why you watched you received.

This turned into a longtime period programme that we’d be jogging for 2 years, and we’d were given to the point while we should see the order entry effects that we’d generated. however I suppose the size of the programme was what virtually made it made stand proud of the opposition – the industrialistion of acustomized call for era method. It turned into a complicated proposition: we were going to multipleaudiences, more than one bills, multiple task sectors, and looking to tie all of it together into one programme. It wasn’t so much a marketing campaign but an extendedtime period programme and had a few clearly awesome outcomes to expose its really worth.

however while the numbers are critical, it become the amount of perception into new markets that the programme exposed that I think additionally got us observed. to begin with whilst we began, Atos have been virtually inquisitive about the IT target market, but through the end of the programme we hadproof that they needed to be talking to finance and procurement too. on the quit of the programme, forty five according to cent of the leads were from outdoor the IT region, so we’d diagnosed new influencers and increased the penetration with those different bills. It become a really tightly run and pretty complexprogramme; it became a £1m funding and the original goal became a £100m go back however we’velong past above and past that.

What appeals to you about our awards?

We’ve been getting into the awards considering 2007, so we’re lengthy-time enthusiasts! plenty of awards occasions have a tendency to be B2C-centered and it’s pleasant that there’s an event devotedonly to B2B. And these awards have performed a lot for elevating the profile of B2B and what it’s allapproximately.

what’s different about our awards?

They’ve been pivotal in riding forward the recognition and credibility of B2B advertising and marketing, which has long been seen as a negative relation to B2C. It’s also great if you want to get together withother agencies at the night time and catch up.

Will you be filing any entries this year? in that case, which categories are you going for?

yes, certainly! The maximum important categories for us are those that underpin our brand values and what we stand for as an agencyhanding over sales and building a better sales environment fortomorrow. Key classes include sales and advertising integration, lead generation or nurturing andmaximum commercially a success marketing campaign.

What did winning mean to you in my view and as a enterprise?

i used to be sincerely proud! It changed into notable to be part of an employer that’s contributing to theenterprise and riding it ahead. It’s additionally been incredible for emblem exposure and elevating the profile as an organization. Internally it’s a lift for all of us who works at the advertising and marketingexercise to be a part of award-triumphing campaigns – it sincerely facilitates decorate our recognitionwith our clients.

What, on your opinion, are the secrets and techniques to a triumphing submission?

Programmes that force a shift in the manner a enterprise operated or is perceived, and that drive eachreputation and revenue. Campaigns that do properly might be the ones that show the most powerfulconsequences – a shift in the manner sales and marketing paintings together, as an examplebut it’snow not just about the effects, it’s additionally approximately a trade in perception each internally and externally.