Walmart Holds Open Call 2017, 500 Made in USA Companies Compete for Store Shelf Space

Walmart Open Call 2017 -- 500 Made in USA Companies Competing for Store Shelf Space

Recently, 500 companies — mostly small businesses and startups — went to Walmart (NYSE:WMT) company headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, to pitch their products to company buyers.

If they’re selected, they’ll get to sell their products at Walmart stores and on the retailers website. It could mean huge growth for those small companies. But there are challenges involved as well.

This is the fourth Open Call event Walmart has held.

Walmart Open Call 2017 -- 500 Made in USA Companies Competing for Store Shelf Space

This year, Walmart is specifically looking for American companies and is promoting American manufacturing. So companies that sell products that are made in America could have a good chance of getting their products placed in Walmart stores or even getting the opportunity to manufacture some of Walmart’s private label products.

Walmart Open Call 2017

Cindi Marsiglio, Walmart vice president for U.S. Sourcing and Manufacturing said in a statement, “While finding products our customers want is a year-round focus for our buying teams, Walmart’s annual Open Call is a special opportunity to connect our buyers with companies that are manufacturing products in the U.S. and to identify new and unique product solutions.”

Walmart Open Call 2017 -- 500 Made in USA Companies Competing for Store Shelf Space

American manufacturing has been experiencing a resurgence in some sectors. So this type of open call allows Walmart to potentially tap into some interesting new markets while also taking advantage of some of the positive public perception that often comes with supplying American-made products and supporting job growth and the U.S. economy.

But for the businesses in attendance, the opportunity could be even more significant.

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer. So getting products featured on store shelves or on could provide a huge sales boost.

Walmart Open Call 2017 -- 500 Made in USA Companies Competing for Store Shelf Space

And the significance of that opportunity was not lost on the small businesses in attendance, some of which went to extra lengths to put on a great presentation for their products.

View image on Twitter

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In fact, nearly 100 companies received deals on the spot. And dozens more will continue to have conversations with Walmart about future opportunities.

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The companies that receive deals from Walmart could also gain some local notoriety and extra coverage for their participation.

Walmart Open Call 2017 -- 500 Made in USA Companies Competing for Store Shelf Space

Overall, this type of event provides a unique opportunity for small businesses, many of which face major roadblocks in getting their products in front of large retailers or corporations.

Of course, this also means that those small businesses that receive deals will need to step up production in order to meet that increased demand. But for the businesses that can take on the extra work, it’s a potentially huge opportunity.


Vile remarks on Obamas bring call for Buffalo education official to resign

The Buffalo Board of Education voted Thursday to demand the resignation of Carl Paladino, a board member who made vile and racist remarks about the Obamas. Paladino co-chaired President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign in New York.

In a special meeting called to discuss Paladino’s comments, board members voted 6 to 2 to call for his resignation. If he does not, the board will petition the New York state commissioner of education, who has the authority to initiate proceedings to have Paladino removed from the panel.

A statement from the New York State Education Department issued after the vote said:

“We will continue to closely monitor the actions by the Buffalo School Board, the Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization and others on this matter. Once we receive an application for removal, we will review it as quickly as possible. We continue to review all of our options.”

Paladino, a wealthy Republican business executive, said in response to a survey by the alternative newspaper Artvoice that his biggest wish in 2017 is that President Obama “catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations” with a cow, then dies and is buried in a cow pasture. He said he hopes first lady Michelle Obama would “return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”

He was denounced by elected politicians, schools and others, and many called for him to resign from the Buffalo school board, where he has served since 2013 and this year won re-election. Paladino initially refused to back away from his comments, but he recently sent a 12-paragraph email to supporters saying he would not resign but that “I never intended to hurt the minority community who I spent years trying to help out of the cycle of poverty in our inner cities. To them I apologize.” reported that Paladino, in his email, also “went on to defiantly criticize those who have asked him to resign from the Buffalo school board over his remarks” and “continued his relentless attack on Obama’s record as president.”

Barbara Seals Nevergold, the school board president, called for Thursday’s special meeting and made a statement recently that clearly stated her position: “We have what’s called a Dignity For All Students act. It does not just apply to students. It applies to everyone in the district. It applies to me, every other board member, every staff member. Adults are expected to adhere to that policy and if we’re not adhering to the policy, how in the world can we ask our students to adhere to it?”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ReviewCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review
Infinite Warfare takes place in space
It borrows from other games as well as the classic Modern Warfare
It’s bogged down by lacklustre multiplayer
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s inspirations are obvious. The influences of Destiny, Mass Effect, and even the 2007 classic, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the remaster of which is bundled with special editions of the game for good measure) are all present and accounted for in a sci-fi romp that’s as enjoyable as it is derivative.

Set in an unknown time in the future, you are in an era of robot soldiers, grenades that create anti-gravity fields, and shotguns that transform into dual-wielded pistols, and of course, space travel. All of this serves the game’s premise, which – no surprise here – sees humanity at war with itself.

The Settlement Defence Front (SDF) – consisting of humans who have made Mars their home – attacks the Earth’s United Nations Space Alliance (UNSA) during a military parade. This results in all but two UNSA space-cruisers, the Tigris and the Retribution, destroyed. A series of events leads to you, Jack Reyes – a UNSA lieutenant – being promoted to Commander of the Retribution, tasked with stemming the tide against a relentless adversary.

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From a slick opening mission that takes place on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to raiding enemy cruisers for equipment and intel, Infinite Warfare manages to cram in a fair amount of variety. Not all of it is exactly original though. Sniping enemies across an asteroid field sounds unique, but in practice it’s similar to the classic All Ghillied Up mission from Modern Warfare. Perusing through the tight corridors of the Retribution and interacting with your crew reminds us of Mass Effect. There’s a sense of familiarity that we can’t shake off.

This extends to the game’s presentation too. It is replete with gorgeous sights, peppered with visuals that would fit right in with Destiny and pulp fiction sci-fi. There are also a fair number of cut-scenes in Infinite Warfare, which give it a more cinematic feel, something its predecessors lacked while allowing for witty banter between you and your crew. It makes them a whole lot more endearing than this game’s villain, SDF leader Salen Kotch, played by Game of Thrones’ Kit Harrington.

All of these go a long way towards masking a formula that’s essentially been unchanged for the longest time. You can hack robots, throw explosives that tell you how many enemies were wounded or killed during the blast, and of course shoot a seemingly endless number of disposable soldiers right between the eyes. Some weapons have secondary modes, such the aforementioned shotguns that turn into pistols are welcome as is the Claw energy rifle that lets you inflict damage off ricochets. Gadgets galore such as a self-driving mech, grappling hook, and jetpack add another dimension to the combat. But the moment to moment gameplay doesn’t feel as fast-paced as Black Ops 3, and is instead in the vein of older Call of Duty games, so if you’re looking for something a bit twitchier, you won’t find it here. And while the arsenal on offer is varied, they appear to have the same recoil, range, and modes as you’d expect from previous entries.

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However, the big differentiator this time around is aerial combat. More often than not, missions end with battles in space. You’ll control a transforming space fighter called the Jackal, in sequences that have you locking on opposing pilots, gunning them down, and avoiding their fire, along with bigger ships to board or destroy. In terms of controls, it is simple enough, making good use of the left analogue stick to activate boosters and triggers to shoot, launch missiles, or flares to distract heat-seeking missiles. Complete with landing sequences that have you following a set path, it’s easy to get the hang of, with little to come in the way of the action. If you were expecting flying segments as difficult as GTA V, think again.

Before you know it, Infinite Warfare’s campaign has a sense of routine to it. Pick a mission from your map, customise you weapon load out as well as that of your Jackal’s, go forth and conquer, rinse and repeat. There are some side quests that flesh out the story. These involve raiding enemy ships and scuttling them, giving you better gear to take on the main missions. They’re nice additions but simply pad a campaign you can blitz through in under seven hours.
When you’re done with that, there’s Zombies. Much like Black Ops 3’s take on the mode, it’s entertaining, albeit with a caveat: you really need to play this with others. Although they ooze charm thanks to stellar voice acting and presentation, there’s only so much variety in fighting through infinite zombie hordes. Playing it solo is dull and dreary. Throw in three friends though, and it’s a blast through and through.

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While developer Infinity Ward has dug deep to make Infinite Warfare’s single-player campaign a memorable (if hodgepodge) affair, we wish we could say the same about the multiplayer. There are classes known as Combat Rigs akin to Black Ops 3’s Specialist system. These range from the bog standard jack-of-all-trades Warfighter, to the speedy Synaptic who revels in quick kills. Despite attempts to liven up the proceedings with persistent abilities known as Traits, an interesting challenge system, and a plethora of guns, it feels generic. More so in a year that’s seen more unique, and earnest attempts from games such as Overwatch.

What makes matters worse is the game’s microtransaction model that allows players to buy weapons with better stats and upgrades. It reduces what should be a premium experience into a pay-to-win affair that shows an utter lack of respect for its customers. Though Activision claims that you will be able to craft these weapons later on, it would result in an imbalance in the player base, where skill could be dictated by spending more money in-game than others.

Nonetheless, online multiplayer was smooth and getting into a match was pain free with zero lag – no surprise since it’s early days for the game. How it holds up after release will be something we’ll be watching closely.

As it stands, Infinite Warfare is a mixed affair. The single-player is entertaining enough to keep well worn gameplay mechanics from getting stale, while the multiplayer and monetisation model are glaring points of concern. If you’re one of the many legions of fans of the series, this will do little to change your mind. But if you’re on the edge or simply looking to get it for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (which will be sold separately later), we’d recommend waiting it out.

Entertaining campaign
Fantastic presentation
Space dogfights are a great addition

Feels too familiar
Generic multiplayer
Microtransactions are essentially pay-to-win
Rating (out of 10): 6

Gadgets 360 played a retail copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the PS4. The game is available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One from Rs. 3,499 onwards.

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Telcos not using RLT technology to masks call Drops: COAI

Telcos Not Using RLT Technology to Mask Call Drops: COAI

Telcos have been alleged to be using RLT era to mask name drops.
COAI has squashed the allegations, announcing them to be malign.
name drops were a severe problem in India, especially in metros.
industry frame COAI Tuesday rejected allegation of “inappropriately” the use of the radio link day outtechnology for masking name drops and it’s far used globally via all operators to ensure ultimateconsumer revel in.

“We would love to reiterate that network operators in India have no longer used this selection to inappropriately “masks dropped calls” or charge clients.

We believe this is simply a part of a campaign via vested hobbies to retain to malign the hard workbeing finished by the government and operators to cope with the issue of network excellent,” COAI saidin a announcement.

in line with an reputable supply, telecom operators are the usage of RLT to masks call drops. With helpof this technology, the calls remains linked even if a purchaser movements to bad network insuranceplace for which he is billed.

cellular provider operators categorically reject such allegations as mischievous, inspired and absolutelywithout merit,” The mobile Operators affiliation of India (COAI) stated.

The enterprise frame said that the so calledcall drop overlaying era‘, is surely a network parametercalled, Radio hyperlink day trip (RLT) feature, that’s part of the GSM requirements.

“The precise RLT function has been used globally by means of all operators to make sure most beneficialpatron revel in and it is surprising that operators are actually being accused of using it as a method to ‘maskname drops and disenfranchise customers, while its objective is simply the opposite,” COAI said.

It stated that RLT is simply one of the parameters, which makes a decision for the way long the callought to be sustained if the signal great drops below a certain threshold.

“For a momentary loss of sign great it’s far unwanted to disconnect the decision immediately to keep away from the inconvenience to the client of redialing the range,” COAI stated.

Explaining with the assist of an instance, it stated that a patron is journeying on a highway or in thetown and in any such scenario the sign high-quality might get impacted due to varying radio signstrength.

If the cost of this RLT parameter is stored low in such instances then the call could get disconnectedfrequently even though there may be only a temporary loss of voice nice, leaving the subscriber with out a choice other than to regularly redial the range to provoke a new call, COAI stated.

therefore, RLT is just one of the diverse parameters which balances situations which includes thoselisted above with a view to keep away from consumer inconvenience,” it stated.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has requested the branch of Telecom to investigate the matter andpaintings with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in this trouble.

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