A Short Guide to Van Security Locks


As a tradesperson, your van is your most precious asset, which is why you should take measures to keep it safe. Besides parking it in a secure place, getting it insured and servicing it regularly, you can also look after your van by investing in excellent van security locks. With so many van locks to choose from, though, it is essential that you pick the best one for your van and the type of work you do. Here is a short guide to van security locks to help protect your livelihood.

Choose the Right Lock for Your Needs

When choosing a lock, you need to consider the model of your van, how often you need to access it, and whether you need to keep it extra secure at night. If you are unsure about the type of lock that is best for your particular van, you can always consult a van security specialist. Van Secure offers bespoke advice to different types of businesses, and they can help you select the best lock to secure your van. For more information, visit https://vansecure.co.uk/. Here is a brief description of some of the most popular locks:

Dead Lock

Dead locks are great for those who do not need constant access to their vehicle. These locks share similarities to deadbolt fittings for homes. They offer excellent protection to tradespeople who need extra security. They are separate from the factory-installed locks on a van, which means they offer double the protection. However, you will need to manually lock the van with a key.

Slam Lock

Slam locks are suitable for those who are frequently getting in and out of their vans. As the name indicates, a slam lock automatically locks the door as soon as it is slammed shut; there is no need to activate a central locking button. For this reason, this type of lock is convenient for delivery drivers. They are also perfect for those who tend to forget to lock their vans.

Slam locks work by using a rod or a cable to collaborate with a van’s pre-existing locking mechanism. For a slam lock you either need a key-fob or a key to unlock the door. The key-fob works by unlocking the original lock, which then unlocks the slam lock, whereas a physical key can directly release the slam lock mechanism. A slam lock gives tradespeople peace of mind that their van is securely locked behind them.

Hook Lock

As with dead locks, hook locks operate independently from factory-installed van locks; in other words, they can only be operated with a supplied key. This mechanical deadlock consists of a deadlocking hook bolt that engages into the opposing body section of a vehicle. Made from durable metal, they have the ability to resist the forceful use of a crow bar.

Deter Thieves With a High-Quality Security System

Knowing that you have a high-quality locking system in place can help you rest at ease. However, your van locks will also act as a visual barrier to thieves and help shield your van from their preying gaze; so whichever of the above options suits your needs the best, it is certainly worth the investment.