How has e-commerce changed wedding planning?


E-commerce has changed consumer behavior in lots of ways, including how couples organize their nuptials. Here are just three ways in which the rise in shopping for goods and services online has changed planning a wedding.

Increased choice

From wedding attire to venues, wedding rings to honeymoon destinations, providers of wedding-related goods and services can now promote their offerings to a larger audience through attractive websites and creative social media engagement. As a result, couples now have a wide range of options for their big day and beyond. For example, couples can browse and book wedding venues and honeymoon packages online. When it comes to wedding attire, the global online market is estimated to grow annually by 3.5% each year to 2027. This is not surprising given the rise of visual-led social media platforms such as Pinterest, which allow retailers to show off their designs to a large group of potential buyers.

Planning a wedding on a budget

Related to the previous section, all the competition and choice out there now means that couples can plan a lovely, personalized wedding on a lower budget. The pandemic has had two impacts on the wedding industry: increased demand and less money to spend. So, while suppliers enjoy a surge in bookings and orders, couples are looking for ways to save money as the cost of daily living increases worldwide. Whether looking for cheaper overseas locations for a destination wedding or purchasing lower-priced versions of more expensive designer wedding dresses from online retailers, couples are getting creative. This means that unique venues and more unusual wedding-related items, such as Black Tungsten Rings, are enjoying a rise in popularity as couples realize that they can think outside the box as they plan their big day – and save some money in the process.

Compiling a gift registry

A third way in which e-commerce has changed wedding planning is in how guests can select and purchase gifts for the happy couple. Gone are the days when wedding gift registries were confined to one store and guests had to physically shop for items while the couple faced the prospect of receiving five toasters. Now, individual retailers can offer a convenient service that allows guests to shop online for gifts. There are also services that allow couples to add desired gifts from multiple stores and sources and to get creative in what they ask guests to purchase. Indeed, lots of couples already have many of the essential items needed to make a home, such as kitchenware and appliances. So, they might prefer cash contributions for the honeymoon, a donation to a nominated charity, a subscription to a gourmet club, or to restock their wine collection. Through these online registries, guests can easily select the items they would like to gift and have them delivered to the couple on a selected date.

Overall, planning a wedding might always be stressful and costly, but e-commerce has simplified the process while stimulating choice and competition among suppliers and retailers.