5 Ways To Make Money Online In India

Internet access and a digital device can open a world of opportunities for you. It is also possible to make money online that does not require you to have a specific qualification requirement or experience.

However, make sure you verify the authenticity of the website before you enter any kind of agreement. Also, while these may seem like easy ways to earn the extra buck, it requires consitency and dedication, like any other job, for it to give any significant results.

PTC websites

PTC websites

Paid-to-click (PTC) is an online business model where one can make money by clicking on and reading advertisements for around 30 seconds and receive payment for doing so.

These PTC websites act as middlemen between the viewers and the advertisers. It charges the advertisers for driving online traffic and with the same revenue pays the clickers for their time.

The payments are made in the form of money or gift cards.

The service may be extended to completing surveys, playing games, etc where you will be required to provide your feedback on a company’s product (like the game) or take a survey being conducted by the company.

Note: There are multiple fraudulent websites that claim to offer these service. Make sure to verify the authenticity.

Google AdSense


Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertisement service whereby publishers of content get a chance to make money by placing ads on their website. These ads are managed, sorted and administered by Google.

However, making money from AdSense is not as easy as the PTC site. You can either start a website, or a blog (using Google’s blogger) or a YouTube channel (also a Google product) wherein you create content and drive traffic to your work.

The money is driven by the number of people that visit your website or channel. You will be paid for the number of viewers that see the ads or click on it.

To earn a higher income, you need to make content that drives greater traffic to the website, blog or videos.

Online selling

Online selling

If you have the skill of making handicraft or any product that can be shipped to customers, you can open an online store and start selling.

Apart from dedicating a website for your product, you can tie up with large online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato or Swiggy to help connect you with potential buyers and help you with making the delivery.

If you can make products like a mugs, rugs, designer wear, etc, you can sell these on Amazon or Flipkart. You need not make these products, you could even be a dealer who buys from producers.

Online selling is also big for chefs and cooks that lack an infrastructure for a restaurant or would like to drive higher sales than usual. Food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy enable order pick up and drop for food-makers.

Services by these brands are highly reliable and help you save on dedicating time and money towards marketing and delivery. You will, however, have to invest in packaging expenses as expected by the online retailer’s standards.

4. Freelancing


4. Freelancing

There are online website services that connect users with clients looking for freelancing jobs. These are popular among writers, graphic designers and software developers who have the freedom to work for Indian as well as international clients and sometimes earn in dollars.

If you do not wish to engage with a middleman, some content websites also connect directly with writers, graphic designers and software developers to create work that is paid on project basis.

These jobs not only allow the freelancers to work within the comfort of their home but gives them the opportunity to work as and when they can. It is also ideal for those looking to build their work portfolio at the early stages of their career.

5. Online market trading


5. Online market trading

There are multiple stock brokerage companies that allow you trade in equities, commodities or any investment instrument of your liking using just an app on your phone. However, stock trading comes with a great amount of unpredictability where you can stand to lose your money.

You will have to keep yourself updated with news in the business and political world and study the complex aspects of financial market on a regular basis.

With an internet connection, you have a plethora of websites and videos to read news and learn how to invest in the stock markets.


Take Money and Gifts From Other Parties But Vote for AAP: Arvind Kejriwal

Image result for Take Money and Gifts From Other Parties But Vote for AAP: Arvind KejriwalNew Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday asked voters not to refuse money or gifts offered to them by other political parties, but cast their votes for the Aam Aadmi Party.

“On the night of election, do they (other political parties) come to give money or not? Accept that money or gifts because it has been bought with money which they stole from you,” Kejriwal said at a roadshow without mentioning the BJP or Congress.

“What will you do? Take it, don’t deny it, but vote for jhadu (broom, AAP’s election symbol),” the AAP chief said in the roadshow in support of South Delhi candidate Raghav Chadha.

Kejriwal had made a similar comment earlier this month, following which he was sent a show cause notice by the Election Commission.

He was joined by actress Swara Bhasker in the roadshow.

Chadha said the youth would reject the “politics of hooliganism”.

The roadshow started at Bapu Sambhav Camp, Chattarpur and ended at Kundan Chowk in Bijwasan.

Kejriwal urged people to vote on Sunday “even though it will be hot during the day”.

Delhi goes to polls on Sunday and the result would be declared on May 23.


Money Money Money: Financial planning for couples

Image result for Money Money Money: Financial planning for couplesFinancial planning is required at every stage in life to realise your goals and this exercise takes new dimensions when there is a life partner in the picture.

So how should couples look at aligning their ideas goals and finances? What are the dos and don’ts that can help you move forward on the path of financial independence and fulfilment?

CNBC-TV18’s Surabhi Upadhyay is in conversation with personal finance expert Amit Kukreja and Aarti Dewan & Saurav Dey, couple that has chosen the financial planning path to secure their future.


Divorce and money rights

Mumbai: The news of Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Bezos’s divorcegrabbed a lot of headlines recently as the couple worked out a billion dollar settlement. When it comes to India, maintenance and alimony are subjects of great debate. Hence, it always helps to know the basics.

In layman’s terms alimony and maintenance is monetary compensation granted to a spouse who is unable to support himself or herself. “The compensation depends on the matrimonial laws specific to specific religions. Or civil laws like the Special Marriage Act 1954 and 125 CrPc Common Social Welfare Law,” said Mumbai-based lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh. Broadly speaking, there are two types of alimony and maintenance. “For the sake of understanding we can say that the maintenance amount is given during the time of court proceedings. The second type is given after the legal separation. The former is called interim alimony and maintenance and the latter is called permanent alimony and maintenance,” said Deshmukh.

Permanent alimony is a provision that comes into effect upon the dissolution of the marriage or judicial separation. Here the amount fixed by the court is required to be paid either as a lump sum amount or as a fixed periodic payment. These payments stop upon the death of either of the spouse or a date given by the judge.

Under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, both husband and wife can ask for it. “But, it’s usually the woman who gets the maintenance from the husband. But there have been cases where the court has ordered the wife to pay maintenance. For instance, in case of husband’s physical disability that prevents him from earning,” said Mumbai-based advocate Pratibha Bangera at Top Rite Juris.

There is no one fixed formula to decide the amount. There are a number of factors that are taken into account. “There are various factors like income of both spouses, their standard of living, financial status, net worth, as well as each individual’s financial need, that are taken into account,” said advocate Bangera. “Generally, it’s 1/3rd to 1/5th gross earnings of the spouse who has to pay when it’s a lump sum alimony and not more than 25% of husband’s salary as monthly maintenance as per a Supreme Court judgement last April,” he added.

If the woman is earning and there is a substantial difference between her net worth and her husband’s net worth, she still may be granted alimony for the same living standards as her husband’s.

“Alimony does not constitute child support,” said Deshmukh. Maintenance of children has to be provided separately. “The husband is not required to pay in case the wife remarries, though he still is supposed to pay a maintenance amount to support children,” said Bangera. Common sense says a lump sum amount is better than a periodic payment. After all, a rupee today is more valuable that a rupee tomorrow as per time value of money. Lump sum gives more certainty, plus it’s not taxable either. As far as regular fixed pay goes, it can stop after a while in case of the spouse’s job loss, plus it is taxed in the hands of the receiver.

In case the spouse stops or delays payments there’s a recourse.“You can approach the court in such a case and petition the court to attach the husband’s salary,” said Bangera. Here the maintenance amount is deduced by the spouse’s employer and given to you before the person is paid the salary. “All kind of jewellery, property and other valuables, including cash, appliances, gadgets, given to the woman at marriage, before marriage or during the course of marriage is part of streedhan. This includes items given from family, relatives, friends, husband, in-laws and acquaintances. This also includes the woman’s earning before or after marriage as well as savings and investments made from her earnings,” said Bangera.

Divorce is not easy, but knowing your rights and getting what’s right fully yours will only made your future life a little bit easier.