Ram Bharose to Second Wife: Zomato asks names of creative restaurants. See best replies

Loknath Das

Image posted by Zomato on Twitter

Image posted by Zomato on Twitter

Some Twitter threads simply make your day and give you a good dose of laughter. Take for instance, Zomato India’s recent tweet asking people to share the most creative names of food joints.

On Tuesday, Zomato asked an interesting question on Twitter which read, “What is the most creative restaurant name you’ve ever come across?”

We have all come across bizarre dish names and funny restaurant names that, so the question, obviously, got several interesting and hilarious responses.

Netizens instantly started tweeting the names of ‘creative’ restaurants they had come across and some of them will leave you in splits.

Some of the responses were not only funny but also utterly creative. In fact, several users also shared photographs of those restaurants on the thread. To say the least, they turned this simple question into a hilarious Twitter thread.

From Frying Nemo to Second Wife and Ram Bharose restaurant, quite funny names were shared by Twitterati. Without any further ado, check out some of the best replies on the tweet that will surely leave you laughing hard.

Now, these were definitely some entertaining names. At the time of writing this article, the tweet had recieved more than 550 replies.

Which restaurant name did you find the most funny? Also, do you know of any other restaurant name with a creative name?