Destiny 2’s latest hotfix will make getting rare gear easier than ever

Loknath Das

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep image of Guardians protecting a plate

Destiny 2’s pinnacle Power drops are supposed to give players a source of loot to chase even after they hit the soft-cap of 950. This system has been working out, but Bungie decided that progress was a little too slow. To help fix this problem, Bungie is making pinnacle Power items a little bit stronger and adding some new loot to certain activities, the developer announced in the most recent This Week at Bungie post.

The pinnacle system relied on giving players gear that was exactly one point more powerful than their old gear. Unfortunately, since pinnacle drops were rare, this meant you had to do some serious grinding just to get your character from 950 to 951 — including getting an upgraded piece of gear in every single armor slot. Now Bungie has upped pinnacle gear to give players a two Power upgrades instead of one. This means that you’ll only need four pieces of pinnacle armor to go from 950 to 951 on your overall Power.

This change won’t make grinding for pinnacle gear irrelevant, or even much easier, but it will make the pinnacle gear itself more exciting to get. Rather than feeling like each new loot drop is just a small step forward, now each piece of armor can feel like a real upgrade.

The other big change Bungie is making with this hotfix has to do with the game’s season pass weapons, Pluperfect and Temporal Cause. Most players will likely get these guns first from the season pass, but they are available in the multiplayer and as random rolls — they’re just very rare. To make farming for these two guns a little bit easier for players, Bungie is adding them to the loot pool for the Vex Offensive activity.

That means they can now drop there, as well as in Gambit, Crucible, and strikes, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting new rolls for these guns no matter what you’re doing. These drop changes, along with the upgrade to pinnacle Power should help make grinding in Destiny 2 just a little bit more rewarding.

Both of these changes are currently scheduled to go live in a hotfix coming on Thursday, Nov. 7.