Here’s Why ‘Destiny 2’ Can’t Bring Back Year 1 Armor (Yet), And How To Fix That

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One common refrain among Destiny players is that it makes little sense to keep making old gear irrelevant at this rapid of a pace. When armor received random rolls in year 2, for instance, the solution was not to just give all current sets random rolls and actual perks, but instead to just leave them with…literally nothing, allowing only year 2 armor and beyond to roll with actual perks.

What this means is that everything players worked to earn in year 1 is functionally useless, because having armor with no perks is a recipe to be at a huge disadvantage in every activity. But that means leaving tons and tons of sets behind. Ones from every destination, old Eververse sets, sets from Zavala and Shaxx, from the raid and Trials and Iron Banner. Those damn Solstice sets that we grinded for ages for. None of that is useful, and even if you can require it from collections, there’s no actual point in doing so without perks.

The problem is that you can’t just flip a switch and grant everything rolls all of a sudden because of the way the current economy and acquisition system is set up.

Right now for say, planetary vendors, you can simply buy individual pieces of armor directly from them. Even if you disallowed random rolls on those pieces, you can also turn in materials for engrams, materials that Spider now sells for legendary shards. What that would mean is that it would only cost you a handful of shards to keep rolling and rolling and rolling for god tier loot with the exact perks you wanted, but changing the Spider economy would mess things up for say, infusion.

Raids, Trials, Eververse and Iron Banner stuff are each their own issues, but Bungie isn’t even attempting to try and find a fix for any of it. So I will, because this is just way, way too much stuff to leave behind, and the more stuff there is try and acquire, the more engaged players will be. More so than getting their 98th Tangled Web set, that’s for sure.

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Planetary Vendors – No longer sell individual pieces of gear, and no longer accept materials for random engrams. Give each a “heroic” bounty that gives out one piece of planetary gear a day (not powerful, just themed). Give planetary set rewards at the end of adventures that take place there. Have an increased chance to drop planetary sets when on patrol or running strikes in those areas. You could even add planetary gear to the Prime Engram loot pool so give Rahool more of a selection.

Raids – Just let people run the old raids and raid lairs and have gear drop like normal. You don’t get raid gear fast enough to make this a farming problem, so if people really want to hunt for good rolls on old gear this way, let them. Who cares.

Year 1 Crucible, Iron Banner and Vanguard sets – Allow players to pick between turning in tokens for old sets or new ones. If you want to encourage people to give the new set a shot, make getting the old set like, twice as expensive or something in terms of how many tokens gets you a piece. But it would still be a way to acquire stuff. Also periodically drop old gear as rewards in those activities.

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Trials – I do not have a great answer for this one. Given that Trials no longer exists, these sets may have to stay dead. You could do something crazy like offer Xur 150 shards for one random piece of Trials gear you’ve already acquired, now with rolls, but this is a tough one given that the activity is just not in the game at all.

Escalation Protocol – Literally nothing needs to change. Just let people keep grinding it for random EP gear, it’s probably the best damn armor in the game. I never completed it enough to get full sets back when it was relevant, but at 650 power I sure have now even with just a couple randoms, and it’s a bummer that gear is just pointless now (outside of the weapons).

Solstice Gear – Another tough one because this was a one-time-only event. At the very least, just give everyone random rolls on the pieces they still have. They might suck, but at least they’d have the potential to use them. I’m not sure how more rolls would work for these unless there was some sort of grand re-roll mechanic for everything, but that’s an issue for another day.

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Eververse/Holiday sets – You may have heard my philosophy that putting armor in Eververse at all is BS and all of this stuff should just be in the general loot pool. Put all old sets in there now with random rolls, and stop doing limited time only sets that are literally impossible to effectively farm for rolls.

The other, easier solution to all of the above is just to allow armor transmogrification, meaning you can pay some currency to make any rolled armor you want look like any piece of gear you’ve acquired. This may be the easiest fix if you don’t want to jump through all the above hoops, and I’ve already written about that extensively.

I don’t know if I’ve covered every old armor set in the game here, but that’s a good chunk of them. There is a way to make this work, and it really makes no sense that A) Bungie would take so time designing this stuff and B) players would take so much time earning it only to have be made irrelevant in a year’s time. That isn’t how loot-based games like this are supposed to work, and there are fixes here if Bungie wants to pursue them.


Destiny 2 Reviews: Release Day Impressions Roundup

Image result for Destiny 2 Reviews: Release Day Impressions Roundup

Destiny 2 has officially launched, and soon it will be available worldwide. Full reviews won’t arrive just yet, but reviews-in-progress have started to pop up around the internet based on a recent three-day event in Seattle.

The much-anticipated sequel doesn’t radically shake up the Destiny formula, instead opting primarily to refine and improve the core of the first game. You can see our breakdown of Destiny 2’s five biggest changes for a basic idea of what to expect.

Below, you’ll find a collection of various critics’ impressions of the game so far. In GameSpot’s Destiny 2 review in progress, Kallie Plagge calls the story a “clear improvement over Destiny’s much-maligned storytelling,” adding that “Destiny 2 builds on the original in smart ways that make me excited to keep playing.” We’ve also more recently published a Destiny 2 review diarythat offers more of Kallie’s thoughts now that the game is live.

  • Game: Destiny 2
  • Developer / Publisher: Bungie / Activision
  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release: September 6 (PS4/Xbox One), October 24 (PC)
  • Price: US $60 / £50 / AU $100


“Of course, all of this still feels like Destiny. The new social space, the Farm, is functionally the same as the Tower in the original. Finding loot and switching out your old gear still takes up a significant portion of your time. Enemies have been tweaked, but they’re not wildly different, either. That’s not necessarily bad, but it also makes me wonder if I’ll see Destiny 2 as a sequel, rather than a half-step forward, the longer I play and the more I grind and repeat.” — Kallie Plagge [Full review in progress]

“Though I’ve only replayed things I’ve already done, I’m still excited about Destiny 2. I can’t wait to find my next exotic weapon, but I’m also looking forward to completing more Adventure missions and learning more about the world. My next step is to finish the story, reach level 20, and run some Strikes, so check back soon for more impressions.” — Kallie Plagge [Destiny 2 review diary]


“At the very least, what I’ve played of Destiny 2 is an incredibly promising start. In plain English, it feels like Destiny without all the bulls***. It seems like the sequel Bungie needed to make–not a fundamentally different experience, but improved enough over its predecessor to reel veterans back in and attract people who skipped the original Destiny. Now we have to see how it holds up.” — Samit Sarkar [Full review in progress]


“My initial impressions leave me with more questions than answers. Is the story going to stay engaging through the end? Are the great drops going to get stingier at higher levels? Am I going to get bored exploring the new destinations? We’ll have to answer those hanging questions later, but based on what I’ve experienced so far, Destiny 2 hasn’t disappointed my high expectations as a fan of the original. There have been deliberate steps to improve the moment-to-moment experience, be it something as simple as bringing up the next task with the press of a button or by keeping you constantly climbing the Light ladder without realizing it with enticing dynamic events. That’s all on top of a story the team at Bungie knew they had to get right after the convoluted mess of the first game which forced you to read Grimoire cards on a website to experience the original story. So far it seems as though they’ve succeeded.” — Destin Legarie [Full review in progress]

Rolling Stone

“However, what’s remarkable about the structure of Destiny 2–aside from it having a real central plot–is that it achieves what the first Destiny tried but ultimately failed to do: it gives the player freedom. Yes, there’s some linearity to the Red War missions and the order in which the destinations are introduced–but you can spend the bulk of your time wherever you’re most comfortable, where you find combat encounters most fulfilling, or where the rewards on offer are most appealing to you.” — Alex Kane [Full impressions]

Ars Technica

“I am not at an ideal state to issue anything resembling a verdict. But I at least feel safe declaring this: I entered the event perturbed that I would play so much Destiny 2 and not get to transfer that progress to the final, retail version. Now, I am anxious to dive back in and try again. I want to flex the muscles of an entirely different class. I want to devote far more attention to so much in-mission dialogue and exposition. Above all else, I want to group up with some friends and see how the ‘always a battle around every corner’ sensation feels when I have some persistent fireteam members at my side.” — Sam Machkovech [Full pre-review]


“So far, Destiny 2 has improved upon the original Destiny in every way. There’s a Pierce Brosnan-impersonating sniper who serves as your faction representative for the European Dead Zone. There’s new enemy types, including staff-wielding Fallen Wretches and caped-flaming-crossbow-wielding Hive Knights. There are cutscenes where The Speaker, who never really had much to say, is actually a savage and disses Ghaul in rap-battle proportions during cutscenes. When I sat down to play this game I had one mission for Bungie: prove to me that Destiny 2 isn’t just another expansion. Thankfully, it turns out that Destiny 2 has listened to the fans and has taken a look in the mirror: the product is one that I–so far–thoroughly enjoy.” — Noah Buttner [Full review impressions]


E3 2016 Heralds Social, digital destiny for Video games

E3 2016 Heralds Social, Virtual Future for Video Games

as the digital leisure Expo (E3) online game gathering wrapped Thursday, it turned into clean to ascertain a future of social play in virtual worlds with movie star game enthusiasts broadcastingmovement.

while blockbuster titles tailored for consoles or personal computer systems remained stars of the yearlydisplay, an evolving face of play and its growing reach into net life were obtrusive.

“The improvements in generation unveiled at E3 will redefine leisure for the arena,” said Michael Gallagher, leader govt of the amusement software program affiliation (ESA) alternate group in the back of E3.

“The innovation and creativity on show will propel our enterprise to new heights.”

digital truth video games were given very actual at E3 this 12 months as studios confirmed off titlestailor-made for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, playstation VR and Galaxy gear VR headsets.

“It looks like VR is anywhere and dominating the industry proper now,” Oculus chief govt Brendan Iribeinformed AFP.

(additionally see: online game Makers Plunge Deeper Into digital truth at E3)

it’s miles the up-and-coming, amusing new experience.”

builders who have devoted their careers to constructing immersive fable worlds seized the chance to in the end put players inner their games.

There are already 70 games for play on Rift digital reality equipment, and 30 more to be released whileOculus touch controllers hit the market later this yr, head of content material Jason Rubin stated.

Sony Interactive entertainment‘s keenly awaited playstation digital fact headset will make its debut on October 13 at a fee of $399.

Sony promised that extra than 50 video games may be available for the ps VR within months of itslaunch, inclusive of zombie-shooter “Resident Evil,” and video games based at themegastar Wars” franchise and the “Batman” series.

ps VR headsets will paintings with PS4 consoles, extra than forty million of which have been bought.

PS4 prevails
PS4 has dominated the console market, and changed into visible as an unofficial champion at E3 due inhuge element to gambling to the audience by way of spotlighting large, beautiful video games.

Rival Microsoft announced a new, lean Xbox One model together with video games.

when it came to chatter on fb during E3, Sony become the maximum talked-about sport publisher,capturing more than 30 percentage of the communique, consistent with the leading social community.

we have generated appropriate exhilaration around content material for PS4,” Sony Interactiveentertainment president Andrew residence instructed AFP at E3.

residence saw capability for ps VR to head beyond gaming to turning into “a full-fledged today’smedium” bridging to the japanese leisure giant‘s film and television offerings. There can also also beopportunity for Sony to make cameras tailor-made to the generation.

“It has exceptional capability now not just in video games, but with a large number of applications,”house said of digital fact.

celebrity players
E3 was additionally a show off for the soaring reputation of Twitch, YouTube Gaming and other on linestages for online game play and commentary, along with the upward push of the superstar player.

The urge for food for play video, remark, trailers and more appears insatiable, enterprise insiders stated.

“There are masses of tens of millions of users looking gaming content each month,” YouTubeinternational head of gaming content material Ryan Wyatt instructed AFP at E3.

fans are looking billions of hours of content on YouTube Gaming every month and that wide variety isrising, Wyatt stated.

YouTube has made a priority of “empowering content material creators,” personalities who captivate onlineaudiences with play, comedy, wit, commentary or combos thereof.

they’re superstars in their very own right,” Wyatt said.

more than forty two million game enthusiasts watched E3 content material on Twitch, the legit streamingassociate at the occasion, consistent with the ESA.

Amazon-owned Twitch.television we could anybody broadcast game related content and lets in them to connect to publishers or advertisers.

usual, viewership is skyrocketing,” a Twitch spokesman who goes most effective by way of the name“Chase” told AFP.

warm games showed off at E3 protected services from titans which includes Bethesda, Ubisoft and Warner Interactive entertainment in addition to blockbusters from in-residence studios run by using the makers of Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo consoles.

greater than 70,000 humans took component in E3 this 12 months, even as another 20,000 attended a close-by E3 stay fan occasion for the public, in step with the ESA.

thinking which have been the nice games announced at E3 2016? you may concentrate to our podcastvia iTunes or just hit the play button under to find out.