LG Signature range makes your kitchen feel inadequate – UK launch imminent

Clarke Irish

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LG Signature

Brits will soon be able to buy some of the most insanely fancy home appliances ever. The LG has confirmed it is bringing its Signature range to the UK, and the products will be on sale in February 2017.

‘Signature’ is the badge that LG gives its products with the most advanced technology and best design. There’s only one Signature product per category – think of this range as the Avengers of home appliances.

The Signature Washing Machine has not one but two drums. There’s standard front load and a separate pedestal mini washer, which lets you wash different loads on different settings at the same time. It has a glass door with touch controls embedded and angled at 17 degrees – so you can see it without stooping down. It also sports an enamel coating to repel fingerprints or corrosion, and uses a push-to-open door in case you have your hands full. Full of cash, that is – the Signature Washing Machine will set you back £2,599.99

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LG SignatureNext up is the Signature Refrigerator. Its party trick is the InstaView Door-in-Door, which goes from reflective to transparent when tapped. It’s an energy-saving thing – you can check the contents without letting the cold air out. There’s also an Auto Door Open feature, which does just that when you run your foot past a sensor, again in case your hands are full of money – the Signature Refrigerator costs £6000.

Last but not least is the Signature OLED TV. This has been available in the UK for the last year, and it’s stunning – read LG 65OLEDG6 review.

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