Crack the Code on the Creative Team: Apply These 5 Secret Techniques

Tips for Boosting Team Creativity

In every type of job, there is always room for creativity and innovation. It is not only art or technology that needs to be creative and innovative. Even in accounting there are ways to be more creative. For example; you can make more creative presentations. For this reason, if you want your employees to be more creative, try the below recommendations at work.

Tips for Boosting Team Creativity

  • Hire Diverse People: Different people with different backgrounds see things from a different perspective. As a result, when they are trying to solve something, they come up with different solutions. Therefore, if you hire similar people with similar education and similar cultural values, you can miss out on different options. For this reason, try to hire individuals who come from different places and who are at different places in their lives to increase creativity in your company.
  • Get Out of the Office: Especially if the weather is nice, then, take your team outside of the office for a meeting or for brainstorming. You don’t need to take them far away. You can even go to the parking lot and sit on the grass. Having some fresh air clears your mind and helps you think better. Thus, your employees can get more creative and find out new ideas.
  • Seating Plan: Have an open seating plan in the office. Also, try to have a seating plan where different groups will engage with each other. Some workplaces require their employees to sit at different desks everyday so they can meet with new people, learn from them and share their knowledge with them. Hence, collaboration and creativity among employees rise.
  • Try Stand-Up Meetings: When you are standing-up, you are more focused on the topic because you don’t get distracted from computers or phones. When you are more focused, the meeting time becomes shorter allowing you to use that extra time for something else. Also, the energy level of your body when you are standing up is completely different than the one when you are sitting. Standing up makes you more energetic and alert. As a result, your brain thinks faster and your creativity increases.
  • Have an Inspiration Room in the Office: Make an inspiration room different than any other rooms in the office so when your employees want to take a break or need some inspiration, they can go to this room and refresh their minds. Also, make this room social so your employees can gather together and have a lunch or coffee break. It is best to decorate this room in an innovative design to reflect that creative feeling so you may want to work with an interior designer for this.


Mystical Creatures Become A Part Of Delhi Metro In These Creative Doodles

Mystical Creatures Become A Part Of Delhi Metro In These Creative Doodles

Samar Khan’s Delhi Metro doodles are creative and funny.

NEW DELHI:  If you live in the capital, chances are at some point or the other, you have travelled by the Delhi Metro. It’s not for nothing that it’s called the lifeline of Delhi. However, those who travel regularly by the metro know that it comes with its own share of drawbacks – a major one being the lack of anything to do while travelling. So how do you pass time when you’re in the metro? Well, if you’re anything like Samar Khan, you doodle!

Through his Instagram page MetroDoodle, Mr Khan regularly shares Delhi Metro chronicles with a twist. Using pictures of the trains and the platforms, he gives them an interesting take by adding doodles. “It’s been 3 – 4 months. I started this to kill time and boredom in metro travelling to work every day. Soon I started enjoying it,” said Mr Khan to NDTV.

Sometimes it’s a giant pink snake, sometimes a green extra-terrestrial, but it’s always unexpected and brilliant.

A full-time software developer by profession, Mr Khan has now started freelancing as a graphic designer taking up art projects on weekends. His passion for art is clearly reflected in his doodles. Take a look:

“Sometimes, It literally feels like this,” he says. We couldn’t agree more

Image result for "Amazing doodling! Really creative," writes a commenter
“Amazing doodling! Really creative,” writes a commenter
When asked about the inspiration behind his doodles, Mr Khan says, “Instagram is my favourite! All my inspiration comes from it. There are so many, such talented and amazing artists all around. I am constantly inspired by their work. It just keeps you going!”

Which of these doodles is your favourite? Let us know using the comments section below.


These Reviews Of Ivanka Trump’s New Book Are SAVAGE


The most un-woke book was destroyed by reviews.

In case you didn’t know, First Daughter Ivanka Trump published a book last week entitled Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success.

As shocking as it was for Ivanka to use that title, the text is even worse. With an impeccable three-star rating on Amazon, and a very generous one-star on Barnes & Noble, readers were not thrilled over the contents of Ms. Trump’s latest work.

The reviews were also a thing of beauty.

The New Yorker’s review was titled: “Ivanka Trump Wrote a Painfully Oblivious Book for Basically No One.”

The author, Jia Tolentino, writes, “’Women Who Work’ is mostly composed of artless jargon (‘All women benefit immeasurably by architecting their lives’) and inspirational quotes you might find by Googling ‘inspirational quotes.’”

The Washington Post’s was called: “Ivanka Trump’s Life of Privilege Undermines the Credibility of Her New Book’s Message.”

James Hohmann of the Post writes, “I don’t think it is going too far out on a limb to speculate that most would-be entrepreneurs reading Ivanka’s book probably couldn’t schedule sit-downs with Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein to pick their brains about starting a fashion label.”

Slate’s review: “Ivanka Trump’s New Book Exploits and Cheapens Feminism”

“This is not a book about policy or about navigating the minefield of male-dominated corporate culture. Much of it is a celebration of the unlimited possibilities open to working women when they have full-time household help.”

And The New York Times’ review: “Having Trouble Having It All? Ivanka Alone Can Fix It.” Savage.

“And because Ivanka alone can fix our problems, she opens her book with a pasture full of straw men, including the argument that our culture isn’t having nuanced conversations about working mothers.”

The real gem is Refinery29’s awkward half-flip-flop.

On May 2, 2017, the day Ivanka’s now infamous book was published; R29 posted an excerpt of the “business guide.”

It’s not the excerpt that was weird for R29 to post, it was the article published in response to the excerpt.

The piece entitled: “Ivanka Trump’s Feminism Is Not Intersectional –– But She Still Shouldn’t Be Silenced,” seemed like it was supposed to be another scathing review on the very un-woke book. But it missed –– by like a million miles.

It opens by defending Ivanka with an article she penned in 2015. Then the author, Neha Gandhi, continues saying “But 2015 was a different time. The future felt truly and easily female.”

We’re with you so far R29.

But then the piece takes a turn and becomes a nothing-sandwich. Gandhi simply restates the issues of today, but then basically says Ivanka is welcome back to Refinery29 any time.


Up Your Social Media Game with These New Instagram Features for Small Business

Up Your Social Media Game -- Take Advantage of These New Instagram Features for Your Small Business

Since paying more attention to my visual branding, I’ve come to really love Instagram. Actually, that’s an understatement. I’m pretty much obsessed with Instagram.

If you’ve been on the image-heavy social media platform lately, then you may have noticed some new Instagram features like live video streaming and short stories a la Snapchat. You now also have the option to make your profile a business page.

I’ve been experimenting with these new Instagram features and have found a few ways to use them in your marketing plan. Here are just some of the ways I’ve been taking advantage of all the new stuff on IG.

New Instagram Features

Show Behind the Scenes Using IG Stories

I was recently traveling for a client that hired me to create, teach and film a few business classes for them. Since I was traveling and working with some awesome people, I figured it would be a good idea to show my Instagram followers some of the behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a professional blogger and social media influencer.

I used new Instagram features like Stories and Boomerang (technically not new but they added it to the IG app) to show things like camera setups, sets, a tour of my hotel room and the goofy stuff we did on breaks.

Teach Something Using IG Live Video

During our lunch break, I decided to use one of the new Instagram features to teach my audience something. More specifically, I used the live video feature to show them live footage of what was going on and introduce my followers to some of the people I was working with.

For example, I was working with a local mastermind facilitator and yoga teacher who was interviewing me for my client. I got her on live video to talk about what we were doing and she even gave my followers some yogic hand stretches for the office.

Market Your Products and Services

Another thing I use the new Instagram features for is to market my products and services. For example, I created a few stories right before going on air for a radio show. This showed them the behind the scenes I already mentioned, plus I was able to share a tip about how bloggers and business owners can get free PR.

From there, I directed them to an on-demand class I sell that teaches them how to get free PR for their businesses. I simply put the link to the sales page in my bio and let them know the class was available for them to purchase.

Granted, it’s important to note that I’m always sharing valuable content. I don’t only use the new Instagram features to try to make sales. That’s simply one piece of the overall marketing pie.

Show Them You’re Human

I’ll use Boomerang to make goofy videos and post them to my Stories. I’m somewhat goofy by nature and it shows my followers a side of me that’s different from my normal “business-y” stuff.

People relate to people, so make sure you’re using the new Instagram features to show people that you’re real.

Final Thoughts

When used in the aforementioned ways, the new Instagram features can certainly be a real game changer for your marketing plan. There’s no longer a need to go on different apps for different features which makes things a whole lot easier.

Instagram Photo via Shutterstock

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