Philips launches new Hue app with plenty stepped forward layout

Philips launches new Hue app with plenty stepped forward layout

let’s be honest, the Philips Hue app has a terrible design. but that is only a awful reminiscence now as the organization has released a new predominant version of its iOS and Android app. The app is nowmore polished and is derived with a gaggle of extra functions.

allow’s begin with the design. I’ve been using Huemote on my iPhone to govern my lights. It’s smooth,straightforward and is derived with a nifty nowadays View widget.

The authentic Philips Hue app predominant display now appears a lot like Huemote, and it’s a greatissue. you can activate and off lights in only one tap, control the depth and effortlessly trigger scenes.

The app ultimately looks as if a cutting-edge iOS app and not something that was ported from the pre-iOS 7 days. The interface is efficient and immediately to the factor. gone is the hamburger button,widespread sluggishness and convoluted menu shape.

when it comes to features, the massive new function is room assist. Now, you could create agencies oflighting so that you can control all of the lights in a single room greater without problems. thoserooms will also work with Siri when you have the HomeKit-compatible Hue bridge.

For every room, you can choose a scene or create a custom scene so you can trade your lighting in onefaucet. you can additionally switch on and stale person lighting and alternate the coloration the usage of a new coloration picker.

Philips has additionally made it simpler to create exercises. for instance, you may very without difficultycreate an alarm clock ordinary as a way to steadily switch on the lighting fixtures for your bedroomfrom Monday to Friday. Or you may create a ordinary a good way to slowly dim the lighting fixtures atnight time earlier than going to sleep. And, like before, you could create a geofencing rule to turn off thelights while you go away your rental and activate the lights whilst you arrive at midnight.

Now there are still a few flaws with the apps. you can’t copy scenes from one room to every other — evendeveloping scene isn’t intuitive. The widget isn’t as powerful as Huemote’s widget. I experienced a fewcrashes as properly but permit’s wish Philips goes to restoration them soon.
but that is nonetheless an awesome replace. Arguably, Philips Hue’s entire point is that there’s an entireecosystem of apps and services that can take advantage of your set up. a few apps are very effectiveand permit you to script situations. Others, just like the official app, are a good introduction. howevernot anything is stopping you from attempting out new apps and notice what works for you.