Odd-Even Scheme: Delhi Says Action Will Be Taken Against ‘Surge Pricing’

Odd-Even Scheme: Delhi Says Action Will Be Taken Against 'Surge Pricing'

The Delhi government on Thursday said app-based taxi operators will be restrained from levying ‘peak time charges’ when the second round of the odd-even scheme will be in force.

The scheme aims at cutting down on the number of vehicles plying on the city’s roads. Taxis have been exempted under the road-rationing plan and are in demand when it is in force.

“Action will be taken if we receive complaints of app-based taxis charging exorbitant fares when the scheme is in force,” Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai warned.

“Commercial vehicles bearing yellow number plates, including CNG-run taxis, three-wheeler and four-wheeler tempos, autos and taxis will be allowed to ply under the scheme,” said a senior government official.

The official said that commercial vehicles of other states running on CNG have also been exempted from the road-rationing experiment.

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