Now, Recharge Your Delhi Metro Card With Paytm

Now, Recharge Your Delhi Metro Card With Paytm

As of Friday, you can now use your Paytm wallet to recharge your Delhi Metro card; this can either be done through the Paytm app or website, or you can select it as a payment option on the DMRC website. The service started on Friday and was also announced on the Paytm blog. This is not a replacement for the Metro cards, something we earlier reported is being developed – that is still a work in progress according to a former Paytm employee who recently left the organisation – but rather simply a new way to recharge the existing cards. On the DMRC website, you can now choose to pay using your credit or debit cards, net banking, or with the Paytm wallet.

By charging your metro card online, you don’t need to stand in queue to refill it before journeys, but since it’s not directly linked to your Paytm wallet, you will still have to remember to refill the card. To recharge it via the Paytm app, just swipe through the different tabs until you find Metro. There, you will have to choose between Mumbai (where the recharge service was already offered) or Delhi, and then you will have to key in the card number – this is printed on the back of the card.

The process is easy enough that you should be able to recharge the card even when you’re in the middle of a metro ride, which is certainly a convenient feature.

The DMRC also has an app called Offer World, which allows you to check the balance of your Metro card, top it up online, and includes offers, that pay you in DMRC credits for your card.

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