Here’s The Legend of Zelda remade in Fortnite Creative

Loknath Das

Image result for Here’s The Legend of Zelda remade in Fortnite CreativeFortnite Creative launched at the end of 2018, giving players yet another platform to recreate beloved classics of yesteryear. Hand it to YouTuber Mustard, though, there’s nothing half-hearted about this richly detailed representation of The Legend of Zelda’s complete overworld and nine dungeons.

The dungeons themselves are elaborate puzzles (one is more of a death run) that players must solve to collect a chunk of Triforce, reunite all nine pieces, and open the final level. Give that video a watch-through; it may be 20 minutes long, but some of the jumping puzzles Mustard has built up are actually quite detailed and challenging.

There are also 30 coins hidden throughout the map; getting all of them will 100 percent the level. But the first dungeon does have a cracked wall/secret entrance that you blow up to get to the rest; and a Slurp pickup hovering over a pond substitutes for the life-restoring fairy.

The map code for this level is 2326-3456-6999. The mind reels at how long this took to put together, but Mustard seemed to have a good time with it.