BitTorrent Now Streaming App Launched for iOS, Apple TV

BitTorrent Now Streaming App Launched for iOS, Apple TV


  • App packs curated music, video recommendations from independent artists
  • The content on app will come from company’s own platform BitTorrent Bundle
  • The artists on the app include Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Thom Yorke

After releasing its streaming app BitTorrent Now for Android last month, BitTorrent has now released the app for iOS on the App Store. A version for Apple TV is also available. The app offers free, ad-supported as well as paid content that can be streamed or even saved for later.

The app contains curated music and video recommendations from independent artists. BitTorrentclaims that its primary aim is to support the lesser known artists and that it is dedicated to sharing “the world’s original, experimental, and straight-up brave stories in a way that gives these creators a sustainable future for their art.”

BitTorrent’s name has been simultaneous with that of online-piracy and illegal-content sharing for years, however, now it seems as though the company is looking to step-away from this image and create its name in the legal world.

Despite the name, the most notable thing about this app is that it does not have anything illegal associated with it – the content on the app comes from the BitTorrent’s own platform BitTorrent Bundles that was launched in 2013. The company says that it has massive support from around 30,000 artists that use it. These artists include celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Thom Yorke.

Last month, the company claimed that around 200 million people have used the platform to download the content.

Before launching BitTorrent Now, the company already had a streaming app named BitTorrent Live, which was launched in May and is available for iOS, Android and Mac.

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