Warner Bros. Uses Pinterest for Creative “IT: Chapter Two” Promotion

Warner Bros. Uses Pinterest for Creative “IT: Chapter Two” Promotion

IT: Chapter Two fun house

Building on this, Warner Bros. also, interestingly, chose to partner with Pinterest for a new Pin campaign to promote the movie, and link to the virtual funhouse tour.

As explained by Pinterest:

“A Promoted Video Pin provides the access point for the 3D experience. Pinners can tap the Pin in their feed and swipe up to enter the experience, navigating their way through the funhouse – at their own risk! They can also share the experience with friends.”

The campaign also utilizes Pincodes in movie posters, which takes users to relevant Pinterest boards.

And while the elements of the Pinterest campaign itself are not revolutionary – though the framing and reveal of the ads, with balloons rising over seemingly normal Pins, is interesting – what’s of more interest here is why Warner Bros. chose to partner with Pinterest in the first place:

“There are 35 million Pinners engaging with movie content every month, and a whopping 22 million people engaging specifically with horror movies on Pinterest. Warner Bros. chose Pinterest, in part, because among weekly Pinners who engage with entertainment content, 2 in 3 have discovered a new movie or show on Pinterest.  And 70% took an action after seeing entertainment ads on Pinterest, with top actions being watched a new show or attended a movie.”

Those are some pretty impressive stats. While Pinterest is more viewed as a home for handmade craft and fashion, there are a heap of different angles and relevant audience subsets to consider. Another example – Pinterest recently published a new study which looks at how the platform can be beneficial for automotive marketers.

You may not consider Pinterest a key platform for your promotions, but research shows that its audience diversity, and usage, is expanding. When you add to this the fact that Pinterest users come to the platform with higher purchase intent than they do to other social networks (though Pinterest itself has sought to distance itself from the ‘social network’ label), it definitely makes it worth another look, and possibly further consideration for your 2020 digital marketing strategy.

It won’t be for everyone, not every brand and product is going to drive results through Pins. But it may well be worth some extra consideration.