Utah Web Designer at Utah Sites Give Back to the Community He Grew Up In

Utah Web Designer at Utah Sites Give Back to the Community He Grew Up In

Utah Sites is a search engine optimization and web design company in Utah whose owners have roots in the Beehive State. Their office is a mix of modern styling with vibrant splashes of orange color – the company’s calling card. A “splash” is what the company is making outside of the office in their local community, and the web design industry. Utah Sites’ transparent communication and efforts to give back to the community has resulted in a whirlwind of exposure for a recent good deed.

Damon Burton, President of Utah Sites web design company, was looking for ways to give back to the community. Giving a donation to benefit the kids in the same school district was Burton’s way of giving back to the community that nurtured him.

Having grown up in the community benefiting from free or reduced programs throughout his K-12 school years, Burton was familiar with the value of school lunch programs. That familiarity is what led the business owner to donate approximately $2,000 towards paying off all delinquent lunch balances at all seventeen Title I schools in Davis County; a donation that helped nearly 300 families.

The positive message has spread throughout the country as different media outlets featured the donation. Coverage included local media outlets:

  • Fox 13
  • Standard-Examiner
  • KSL
  • KUTV

Some of the local stories were syndicated and brought the donation to the national spotlight, including the AP, WashingtonPost.com and more.

“I can’t even begin to imagine the impact you just made on those kids’ and families lives. I had no idea doing something like this was even possible,” messaged a Chicago resident to Burton.

Burton remarks on such comments. “The media exposure of this donation is an eye-opener for me and many more people. It has been a beautiful thing to witness what this donation has inspired in others. I’ve had people message me from a dozen different states and even internationally saying that the donation has opened their minds to new possibilities in how they can help others.”

Burton and Utah Sites plan on continuing to give back to the community. To learn more about the donation or for other ways to help Utah communities, visit UtahSites.com.

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Utah Sites web design company in Layton, Utah. This group of Davis County website designers offers affordable, effective website development with a refreshingly personal approach to communicating with their web design customers.

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