Station combines all your messy web apps into a single app

Meet Station, a startup that was created by startup studio eFounders. Station has been working on the only work app you need. It combines all the services you need into a single window and handles notifications and documents better than a normal browser.

If you don’t spend your life in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, chances are you spend most of your days in a web browser, navigating between countless of tabs. When you are working with five different Google Spreadsheets, a couple of Trello dashboards and a handful of other services, it gets harder to find what you’re looking for.

With Station, you can find the document you’re looking for more easily. Station is a Mac and Windows app. You then need to add all your accounts one by one. Station supports dozens of services, but the most popular ones are Gmail, Google Drive, Slack and Trello.

“We have 300 app integrations. We have a good user base with 2,500 people who use Station at least 4 days per week,” co-founder and CTO Alexandre Lacheze told me.

Each service has its own icon in the bar on the left. You can switch from one service to another just like you’d switch from one account to another in Slack. This app metaphor works quite well for document-based apps, such as Google Drive. When you click on the icon, Station shows you your most recent documents and you don’t get lost between multiple tabs.

By centralizing everything in one app, Station adds a couple of nifty features. For instance, there’s a universal search bar that lets you search for content across all your apps. Think about it as a sort of Spotlight for web apps.

Notifications also get their own tab. You can scan recent emails, Trello notifications and Slack messages in the same interface. And there’s also a focus mode that lets you silence notifications for a 15 minutes or an hour.

“We noticed high retention rates among marketing and sales teams,” co-founder and CEO Julien Berthomier told me. “It works well for operational, support and marketing profiles. The usual marketing person is going to use more than 20 different apps.”

While Station is free for now, the startup is working on a paid offering for teams. Companies will be able to subscribe to Station to build pre-configured profiles. If a company recruits new marketing persons, the marketing team will be able to share a Station template so that new employees have everything they need from day one.

Station is also a good way to get insights about who is using what. For instance, if a company pays for a service but nobody is using it, chances are you can cancel your corporate subscription. Let’s see if this will be enough to make companies pay for Station.


Good News for Etsy Sellers: Now You Can Accept Apple Pay on the Web

Etsy sellers have been able to offer Apple pay via the craft giant's mobile app, but now Etsy Apple Pay for the web is available as an option as well.

Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) just announced a further simplification of it’ payment process by allowing buyers to use Apple Pay on the web.

Before this announcement, Etsy customers had to use the company’s iOS app in order to use Apple Pay. This of course required having to install the app on the phone. As of now, buyers can use Apple Pay directly to check out on the web with their mobile device or PC. This will require Safari for macOS Sierra or iOS 10.

The service is only available in supported countries, which currently is limited to Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Etsy Apple Pay for the Web

With this system in place, a purchase can be completed without adding any billing shipping information. When you are ready to check out, select Apple Pay and authorize the payment using Touch ID following the prompt on your device.  As for security, Apple Pay uses a transaction-specific dynamic security code to protect your financial data.

Etsy has been improving the checkout experience, which started with the rollout of Express Checkout with Apple Pay on iOS in February of this year. Not having to fill out payment info on a mobile device was one of the many positives for Etsy buyers. Customers that don’t use Apple Pay or have a Touch ID-enabled iOS device can still enjoy a relatively pain free checkout with a stored credit card or PayPal, and Direct Checkout.

Sellers can have their customers buy their products using a credit or debit card, Etsy gift card, and other local payment methods if they have Direct Checkout enabled without leaving the site. Direct Checkout is available in more countries, bringing the total to 34, which includes the whole of the European Union.

Image: Etsy


Established Web Design Company Moves to Pittsburgh, Braces for Success

199Creative has moved to the Pittsburgh area which is great news for both large and small businesses.

199Creative is a creative agency which specializes in web design, mobile apps, and search engine optimization (SEO).  199Creative has helped business owners small and large to design custom, easy to operate, websites as well as state-of-the-art mobile apps to enhance business and please customers.  Other services offered include marketing, re-branding, reputation management, social media marketing, and custom web design.

199Creative is looking for business owners who are ready to boost traffic to their site or branch out to a new client base through SEO or mobile app features, to visit our site and request a quote! Visit us at to see all that we can offer you and your company.

199Creative was founded by Alexander Elbanna in 2011 in Tampa, Florida. Since then, 199 has created websites for Tampa based companies large and small and has expanded to the Pittsburgh area.  Offering custom websites, mobile apps, and SEO services, 199Creative made its mark on the Web Design market in Florida with happy clients and boosted business. For more information, contact: Angela Nerti at 1-800-975-0199 ext. 702.


Utah Web Designer at Utah Sites Give Back to the Community He Grew Up In

Utah Sites is a search engine optimization and web design company in Utah whose owners have roots in the Beehive State. Their office is a mix of modern styling with vibrant splashes of orange color – the company’s calling card. A “splash” is what the company is making outside of the office in their local community, and the web design industry. Utah Sites’ transparent communication and efforts to give back to the community has resulted in a whirlwind of exposure for a recent good deed.

Damon Burton, President of Utah Sites web design company, was looking for ways to give back to the community. Giving a donation to benefit the kids in the same school district was Burton’s way of giving back to the community that nurtured him.

Having grown up in the community benefiting from free or reduced programs throughout his K-12 school years, Burton was familiar with the value of school lunch programs. That familiarity is what led the business owner to donate approximately $2,000 towards paying off all delinquent lunch balances at all seventeen Title I schools in Davis County; a donation that helped nearly 300 families.

The positive message has spread throughout the country as different media outlets featured the donation. Coverage included local media outlets:

  • Fox 13
  • Standard-Examiner
  • KSL
  • KUTV

Some of the local stories were syndicated and brought the donation to the national spotlight, including the AP, and more.

“I can’t even begin to imagine the impact you just made on those kids’ and families lives. I had no idea doing something like this was even possible,” messaged a Chicago resident to Burton.

Burton remarks on such comments. “The media exposure of this donation is an eye-opener for me and many more people. It has been a beautiful thing to witness what this donation has inspired in others. I’ve had people message me from a dozen different states and even internationally saying that the donation has opened their minds to new possibilities in how they can help others.”

Burton and Utah Sites plan on continuing to give back to the community. To learn more about the donation or for other ways to help Utah communities, visit

About Utah Sites

Utah Sites web design company in Layton, Utah. This group of Davis County website designers offers affordable, effective website development with a refreshingly personal approach to communicating with their web design customers.

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