Woman Forces Minor Daughter Into Flesh Trade For Money

SHILLONG: A woman forced her minor daughter into prostitution to earn money citing poverty prompting her relatives to file a complaint on Tuesday.
The girl, who is pregnant and admitted in a city hospital, was sexually abused by two men facilitated by the mother.
This was reflected in the FIR lodged at Madanrting police station by the girl’s brother, Lapynkupbor Umsong, and her uncle Korishon Umsong.
The girl hailing from a village under Mawkynrew Block in East Khasi Hills District passed Class VI from a school in the city.
The 16-year-old victim stayed with a relative here and attended school in the morning and helped the relatives during the day along with her elder sister.
Last December after the examinations, the victim, third of the nine siblings, was taken away by her mother, Aitimon Umsong, from Shillong to her village.
She stayed there for two days and the mother took her away to the house of a distant relative in another village about an hour from her native village in Mawkynrew.
According to the relatives, at night she was taken to the house of a youth identified as Shngain Nongrum (22) and the mother compelled her to sleep with him.
When the victim confronted her mother, she was told to keep quiet and her objections went in vain.
The next day, they came back to her village and Lapynkupbor, a daily wage earner working in the Assam-Meghalaya border area, came to know about the incident.
The brother and his uncle filed the FIR on January 12. Police went in search of the accused but since they could not find him, his father was brought to the police station.
On January 16, the accused, the girl and her mother came to the police station. She told the police that her daughter was above 18 years. She had even threatened the girl to tell them she went willingly to the residence of the accused.
However, the brother of the victim produced the Baptismal Certificate that showed her date of birth as December 15, 2001.
No one was arrested in connection with the crime and from the police station, the mother took her to the village of the accused who again sexually exploited her and the next day she was brought back.
The agony continued as the accused came to stay in the girl’s house and though her aged father objected by saying his daughter was a minor, the youth ignored the plea. The father was also chided by his wife.
The relatives said no action was taken against Nongrum and Aitimon though the FIR was lodged on January 12. This prompted the brother and the uncle to file another FIR on Tuesday.
The relatives said following the sexual abuse, the girl became pregnant and after a few months, she was brought to another village in East Khasi Hills by her mother who rented a house.
It was when the girl was assisting her mother in selling betel nuts in Shillong that she collapsed following which she was admitted in Ganesh Das Hospital.
In the hospital, she mentioned her daughter’s age as 22.
The relatives said she was hospitalised for five days and after she was discharged, Aitimon brought another man identified as Hep on August 31.
According to the relatives, Hep entered the bathroom in her rented house and tried to molest her. When she protested and called for help, her mother told her to accept him.
After Hep left, the girl was beaten up for refusal.
The relatives said once the mother locked Hep and the victim in one room but the neighbours tried to rescue her after she cried for help.
The relatives of the victim said it was for money that the mother was forcing her into flesh trade.


To Educate IAS Daughter, Kashmiri Family Ate Less, Sold Jewellery

To Educate IAS Daughter, Kashmiri Family Ate Less, Sold Jewellery

Bisma Qazi is one of the 14 candidates from Jammu and Kashmir to have cleared the IAS exam.
SRINAGAR: Last August was a difficult time in the Kashmir valley. Street protests had broken out in mid-July after Hizbul commander Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter. And every time the security forces controlled mobs throwing stones with pellet guns, they left people on Kashmir’s streets angrier. Thousands had been injured in the protests and much of the valley had been under curfew for days at end.

But in the midst of the turbulence, there were many who didn’t let the conflict around them get to them and stayed focus at the task at hand; cracking the civil services examination to join the IAS, or the Indian Administrative Service.

“I tried to keep calm at my heart and mind. That was need of the hour,” recalls Bisma Qazi. The 25-year-old engineer from Srinagar’s uptown area is one of the 14 candidates from Jammu and Kashmir to have cleared the examination, a record for a state.

That includes a police head constable’s son Suhail Qasim Mir from Bijbehara in south Kashmir, who cleared the examination in his first attempt. Or Bilal Mohi Ud Din Bhat, who had set his eyes on joining the civil services early in his life, and made it to the 10th rank in his fourth attempt.
A key inspiration for many of them was the Shah Faesal, the 2009 batch IAS officer who hit national headlines when he topped the exam. Bisma said Mr Faesal, who many say opened a window of hope for Kashmiri youth, was her inspiration too.

“Only inspiration for all us is Shah Faesal – he is the one who made the path easier for us” she told NDTV.

But it was her parents who made it possible that she has come this far. Mother Haleema had sold her jewellery to get a decent education for her three children. “When my two kids got admission in engineering, I told them you don’t have to worry, I have jewellery which I sold,” said Haleema. Father Mohammad Shafi talks how they cut corners, on food and clothing to save money for Bisma’s education.


Chinese Couple Reportedly Sells Infant Daughter to Buy iPhone

Chinese Couple Reportedly Sells Infant Daughter to Buy iPhone

In a shocking incident, a Chinese couple allegedly sold their new born 18-day-old baby daughter for $3,530 to buy an iPhone. A Duan, father of the child, from Fujian Province in country’s southeast found a buyer for his 18-day-old child on the social media site QQ, who paid $3,530 (CNY 23,000 or roughly Rs. 2,38,000) for the baby, state-run People’s Daily online reported.

The man allegedly intended to buy an iPhone and a motorbike with the funds. The mother, called Xiao Mei, reportedly worked many part-time jobs while the father spent his most of time in Internet cafes.

The couple met at work back in 2013 and, after plans for their marriage were shelved with neither party meeting the legal age, their child was born following an unwanted pregnancy. Both parents were 19 at the time and being short of money and finding his newborn daughter to be a financial burden, A Duan eagerly took up the opportunity to traffic her off in order to buy the material possessions he desired.

Mei had fled from Tong’an after the baby was sold, but was tracked down by police investigating the illegal sale.

“I myself was adopted, and may people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal,” Mei said.

Mei has received a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence and A Duan was given three years in jail, the report said. The baby was purchased for the unnamed buyer’s sister. As the parents are not in a financial position to raise the child it is understood the infant is still with the buyer’s sister, the report said.

The buyer allegedly turned himself into police after acquiring the infant. As many as 200,000 boys and girls are kidnapped in China every year and sold openly online, according to an estimated report last year.

Child trafficking has been a long-standing problem in China, but despite the efforts of the authorities, the sinister practice is thriving, leading to thousands of families being torn apart.