More Samsung Products Recalled Over Safety Issues (Watch)


Samsung again says its recalling some of its products due to safety concerns. If it feels like you’ve heard this all before, you’re right.

Samsung has already dealt with issues regarding its Galaxy Note 7 devices overheating and even catching fire this year. And after a recall, the issue still wasn’t fixed for all consumers. So the company finally stopped production on the device. And now Samsung is issuing another recall for some of its washing machines. Some of these have violently fallen apart and even damaged nearby walls, according to a class action lawsuit.

So basically, Samsung isn’t having a great year. A company of this tech giant’s size might manage to survive more easily than your average small business. But some of the same principles apply. After marketing disasters like these, companies often must undergo some big changes. In fact, a recent Business Insider report speculated that Samsung might be replacing some of its staff shortly.

How Far Do You Have to Go to Restore Customer Trust?

A few new faces might not be enough to repair Samsung’s image, however. Consumers take product safety seriously. So if customers begin to associate Samsung’s brand with unsafe products, the company may need a fresh perspective. It will also need to introduce new product lines with updated safety features. Or make other changes that could distance the brand from these unfortunate incidents to restore customer trust.

Image: CPSC/Newsy

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