Samsung+ Customer Support App Gets Live Video Chat, Remote Access, and More

Samsung+ Customer Support App Gets Live Video Chat, Remote Access, and More

Samsung has always been selling its smartphones, including the latest Galaxy S7 models with a pre-installed customer support app – Samsung+. The app however, has now received a major update over the air.

One of the highlights of the Samsung+ app update v3.0 is that now users can live video chat with a company’s customer support representative. They can also use a text or voice call feature, which was already there before in the app.

In addition, users can now also make use of the ‘Samsung Assist’ feature in which they would have to give permission to the customer care rep to access the handset remotely and troubleshoot the device. However, this particular feature is limited to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for now. Other Samsung devices too will get the feature in next few weeks.

The updated Samsung+ app’s Device Diagnostics tab now lets users keep a check on the smartphone’s battery health as well as data and security. “Simple tools pair with diagnostics to quickly optimize battery life and streamline storage,” adds the South Korean tech giant. The app also provides a library of tips and tricks and personalized support to let users get more out of their devices.

Samsung has added community across Samsung+ and online at The app will also provide the device owners access to the latest Samsung innovations, plus personalised offers, discounts and more. The updated app is available to download from Google Play.

The company last month launched its Galaxy J3 aka Galaxy J3 (6) aka Galaxy J3 (2016) smartphone in India priced at Rs. 8,990. The biggest feature of the Galaxy J3 (6) that the company is touting is ‘S Bike Mode’, which once enabled automatically replies to calls with pre-recorded messages in 14 languages. Riders can also mark a few contacts as important, so that they can be notified even while riding.

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