[POLL] How Much Mobile Data Did You Use Last Month?


The Results of this Poll Will Help People Answer the Question, How much mobile data do I need?

How attached are you to your phone?

If you’re using your phone for just about everything — maybe your business takes you on the road quite a bit — then you’re likely using a lot of mobile data.

If you’re tethered to your desk or your laptop in the confines of an office, not so much. There’s probably no need to  use your smartphone for anything but calls — and maybe not even that if you can contact colleagues via Skype.

Your Answers are Going to Help People Answer the Question: “How much mobile data do I need?”

So we’re curious. Which group do you belong to? Or are you somewhere in between? Are you using enough data for your carrier to name a plan after you or is your approach to data kind of old school — circa 2004?

Take a minute — check your last bill or your phone’s settings — and answer this week’s Small Business Trends poll question:


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