Google Maps for Android Getting Wi-Fi Only Mode and More

Google Maps for Android Getting Wi-Fi Only Mode and More


  • The Wi-Fi only mode is available to select Android users
  • The notifications for mass transit delays also available to select users
  • New features available to some users with Maps for Android version 9.32

Google Maps has started receiving new features such as a Wi-Fi only mode and a new notification option for mass transit delays. Unfortunately, the new features are not currently available to all users even with the latest v9.32 build, and instead are only limited to select users.

Android Police points out that the new features are being released as “staged rollouts” and can take some time before it is available for everyone. The new Wi-Fi only mode as the name suggests will limit the data usage and can be enabled via the Settings page of the Maps app. Notably, the Wi-Fi only setting will replace the option for “offline areas” and will essentially stop mobile data usage and will switch to Wi-Fi only. Android Police adds that when the Wi-Fi only mode is enabled for the first time, it shows a “quick reminder” that Google Maps may still use a “small amount of data.”

Another new feature that pops up for Maps users on version 9.32 for Android is the notifications for mass transit delays. The new feature seems targeted at users who take public transport such as bus or train (or Metro as well). Android Police says that the feature had some glitches and crashed the Maps app. We can expect to see some improvements to the feature before wider availability. For those who are eager to try out the app’s new features before their official rollout can sideload the Google-signed apk for Google Maps for Android v9.32.1 via APK Mirror, but do not that this is not a guarantee the new features will show up.


Recently, Maps for Android featured a new section that allowed users to add more details about a particular location. Google was said to bring the feature to get a “deeper understanding of places.” Google Maps for Android last month added the navigation to multiple destinations option to Android.

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