Google Brings Calendar Reminders to the Web

Google Brings Calendar Reminders to the Web

Google back in December last year added the ‘Reminder’ feature in its Google Calendar app for Android and iOS. Now, the Mountain View based tech giant has decided to bring the same feature on the Web version of the Google Calendar as well.

The Sundar Pichai-led company in a blog post on Tuesday added that like in the Android and iOS, theGoogle Calendar for Web would also receive similar features. The Calendar Web version will now keep showing the reminders at the top until they has been completed and marked as ‘Done’ by the user. Reminders would also work across Google apps including Inbox, Keep, and Google app. Needless to say, the Reminders created on Web will automatically sync with an associated mobile device running a Calendar, Inbox, Keep, or Google app.

In February, Google rolled out new features for its Calendar app as a part of an update. The highlight of the update however is the new Smart Suggestions feature. Using Smart Suggestions, Android and iOS users can easily create new events inside the Calendar app. The app will now start suggesting people, place, and event titles while creating an event. Tapping on options such as “at…”, “with…”, and “on…” will give users automatic suggestions. They can simply keep typing if the option is not the one suggested by the Calendar app.

The company on Tuesday announced that it is launching its health search feature in India, powered by Knowledge Graph. Google health, which is now live in the country, returns relevant and verified medical details, presented as cards, on the search page when online searches on health-related topics are made. India is the third country after Brazil and the United States where Google has launched this feature.

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