Flipkart challenges E-commerce entry Tax in Gujarat high court docket


Flipkart Challenges E-Commerce Entry Tax in Gujarat High Court

Gujarat high courtroom Thursday issued a word to the country authorities on a petition filed by using the net retail foremost Flipkart towards the access tax inside the nation on the goods sold via the e-tradeportals.

The division bench of chief Justice R Subhash Reddy and Justice V M Pancholi scheduled the followinglistening to for June 9.

Flipkart has claimed the tax is discriminatory, because no such tax is imposed on the products brought into Gujarat through different modes of sale.

It moved the HC after the Gujarat authorities amended the law to levy access tax on goods purchasedthrough e-commerce portals, seemingly to offer a levelplaying discipline to the investors and retailerswithin the kingdom.

The Gujarat Tax on entry of special items into local regions (modification) invoice, 2016, becomehanded on March 31. Now 15 percent entry tax is levied on the web purchases.

Flipkart’s contention is it does not promote any product itself but best affords a web platform toproducers/buyers, so the tax is unjustified.

the new law amends the phrase “importer” to cowl individuals whoconvey or facilitate to convey anycertain goods for intake, use or sale in Gujarat from any part of the country using on-line systems.”

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