Dublin named 12th best ‘Tech City’ in the world

Dublin named 12th best ‘Tech City’ in the world

Dublin named 12th best 'Tech City' in the world

Dublin has been named the 12th best ‘Tech City’ in the world, according to a new report from UK real estate provider Savills. 

The report analysed over 100 different metrics, from the number of days needed to start a business to the cost of a flat white coffee.

Savills said that all of the cities on the list are: “at the top of global shopping lists for tech companies looking for space in which to locate.”

They created an interactive globe which highlights each city on the list and ranked them under five different categories: Business Environment, Tech Environment, Buzz and Wellness, Talent Pool and Real Estate costs.

Dublin came 12th out of a total of 22 cities, with Savill saying that: “Dublin offers a young, tech-savvy workforce and a host of big names including AirBnb, Apple and Facebook.

“A business-friendly, low tax environment may have drawn big players to the city, but it is the city’s legendary social scene that cemented its position as a major global tech player.”

Business Environment

When it came to Business Environment, which looks at things such as investment environment, business costs and start-up culture, Dublin was above the average.

The average GDP per capita was around €46,000, with Dublin coming in at around €58,000.

Dublin was below the average when it came to the amount of annual passengers across city airports. The average for the other tech cities was 48 million passengers, with Dublin having 25 million annual passengers.

Tech Environment

Dublin was slightly below the average for broadband download speeds, with the average in tech cities being 19.4 megabytes per second (mbps) and Dublin being 17.4 mpbs.

Dublin was also below the average when it came to start-ups per 1000 people, with Dublin sitting at 1.1 and the average being 2.3.

Buzz and Wellness

Possibly the most important metric was the price of a flat white coffee. Thankfully, Dublin was below the average price, with a flat brew coming in at €2.75 and the average being around €2.90.

Dublin was also below the average when it came to commute times. The average journey to work in Dublin was around 26 minutes and the average in other tech cities was 32 minutes.

Talent Pool

When it came to the city’s youthfulness, tech education credentials and ability to attract talent, Dublin was ahead of the curve.

In terms of population growth, Dublin was above the average expected population growth for the next ten years with 11%, compared to the average which was 10%.

Real Estate Costs

Finally, when it came to real estate costs, Dublin was below the average for weekly residential costs.

Dublin was well below the average of €1,070, sitting at around €770.

The full list saw cities from all over the world being included, with cities such as : Santiago, Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York and San Francisco making an appearance.

Surprisingly, San Francisco came 2nd on the list with Austin, Texas taking the top spot as the world’s best ‘Tech City’.