Behringer Edge: 2-VCO synthesizer with sequencer – available to order now!

Loknath Das

Behringer Edge

Zack, and again it comes as a surprise and quite “unexpectedly”, the successful drum synthesizer by Moog from Behringer’s factory in pink. This time there is “only” a video and no photo from Facebook PR. The advertising concept has probably been changed.

The core is an analog step sequencer with 2 rows of 8 potentiometers . These two lines provide velocity and pitch for two VCOs with two waveforms each . Not only this differs from DFAM, but also the sync between these oscillators and the choice of whether only the first or also the second oscillator should be controlled by the sequencer. Behringer uses a 3320 VCO for this (as with the Crave ) – but it is still close to the DFAM.

The filter can be switched as a low and high pass filter . It is also interesting that the speed can be set very high and “preselected” accordingly using a divider factor. The device has USB and MIDI and can therefore be easily supplied with clock and sound data.

Three envelopes

A simple decay envelope each supplies the filter and the amp for volume control . The noise generator with white and pink noise is very important for a device that should not only emit tonal sounds . This is fed into the filter via modulation . Another third decay controls the punch for the pitches for more zapp and “snap” in the sound. The small device thus provides three envelopes and two oscillators with multimode filters. That is not exactly a little.

Patch field

For this purpose, extensive patching of the modules is possible in the upper area (instead of on the side with DFAM). This also includes the most important functions of the sequencer such as start and stop and clock. But also the individual mini envelopes and the two VCOs deliver their signal directly to the outside. If you are still looking for some kind of 303 replacement, you could then take a look at the Edge.

The sound that is possible here ranges from basslines to filter-zapping bass drums and toms to new wave snare gradients. So it’s a synthesizer with a sequencer that not only – but also – delivers drum sounds. But it is not a drum computer that “only” produces one sound or two parallel sounds. Zap! Zap! Zap!

More from Behringer

You can immediately find out more about and from Behringer here . The website is a little behind the news and of course prices and availability cannot be clearly stated at the moment. Based on the counterpart, it would be conceivable that the price would remain well at around 220 euros. That is very small for what is offered. The Moog DFAM is 579 euros *, which is certainly significantly more expensive.