20 of the Weirdest Services Out There


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Are you thinking about starting a service business, but afraid your idea is too weird? Well, you’re not alone. Plenty of entrepreneurs have made it big with ideas that sounded weird at the time. Here are some recent service businesses that are making it work with weird ideas.

The Weirdest Services Offered

Goat Rentals

If you have a lot of grass-covered land, then you have to come up with a way to keep that lawn trimmed. Goats can actually be a really effective tool for that purpose, so some companies (including Amazon) actually offer goat rental services.

Snake Massage

There are so many different options when it comes to massage services. In fact, you don’t even have to have a person give you a massage anymore. Some massage providers around the world have begun offering massages that utilize various non-venomous snakes to help relieve tension and relax muscles and joints.

Mobile Weddings

You don’t have to venture to a chapel, courthouse or other official venue for your wedding anymore. In fact, if you utilize this wedding wagon service in Las Vegas, you can have the wedding venue come to you instead.

UX Testing by Moms

Weirdest Services

Before you launch a website, it’s a good idea to have a UX service test it to make sure it’s free of bugs and easy to use. But if your target audience includes moms or anyone who’s not super tech-savvy, you might benefit from using this testing service that will give you a look at how moms see your website.

Hangover Bus

Hangovers are no fun. But you can make them a little bit more bearable by utilizing the services of this Hangover Heaven Bus, which offers hangover treatments along with resort style comfort.

Professional Potty Training

Don’t want to potty train your kids by yourself? You can hire a professional for that. Several service providers have popped up in recent years offering potty trainingservices for kids with busy parents.

Invisible Boyfriend

If you’re sick of constantly dodging questions from friends and relatives about why you’re still single, there’s an app for that. Invisible Boyfriend can help you fool people into thinking you’re taken without forcing you to deal with the drama of an actual relationship.


Weirdest Services

Going away to college for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. To make it a bit more like home, this service and others like it offer various services that a mom might help with, like laundry, grocery shopping and more.

Dog Sled Team

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to take part in the Iditarod or similar dog sledding competitions, you’re in luck. This dog kennel and others like it let you and your dogs get a feel for dog sledding.

Personal Paparazzi

You already know that you can hire a photographer to capture moments at your events. But if you don’t want to go the route of hiring a traditional photographer, you can hire a “personal paparazzi” service to make you feel like a real celebrity.

Meat Delivery

Weirdest Services

These days, you can get almost anything delivered right to your door – even meat. This monthly subscription service will select high quality cuts of meat and deliver them to you regularly.

Ancestral Discovery

Interested in learning about your family history but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself? You can actually hire an ancestry detective to look into your ancestry for you.

Lice Removal

If you or a family member has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with head lice, you know what a pain it can be. While there are plenty of products and home remedies to deal with the critters yourself, you can actually pay a professional to do all the work for you. There are several salons specializing in lice removal around the country.

Send Glitter to Your Enemies

Weirdest Services

Anyone who’s dealt with glitter knows how impossible it is to clean up. For that reason, some enterprising business owners have started services that ship glitter to your enemies — or friends if you don’t really like your friends that much.

Anger Rooms

We all get angry and stressed from time to time. But it’s not a good idea to get out frustration in our own homes with our own belongings. That’s why businesses like the Anger Room offer you the opportunity to get it all out by destroying rooms or items that aren’t your own.

Poop Scooping

Dog owners, you don’t have to clean up all those messes in your yard by yourself. Lots of local companies offer to come to your home on a weekly or regular basis toclean? up after your dogs.

Alibi Supply

If you need help getting through a lie, whether it’s to your spouse, boss or family members, you can hire an alibi service to help. Various service providers willprovide you with an alibi for whatever time period you’re trying to cover up.

Professional Wedding Guests

Weirdest Services

Don’t have enough people on the guest list for your upcoming nuptuals? There are services in some parts of the world that will actually let you hire professional wedding guests to fill seats at your wedding or similar events.

Ear Wax Cleaning Service

Ear cleaning parlors are more common in places like Tokyo than they are in the states. But it is possible to find service providers who will remove

ear wax and clean your ears out for you.

Virtual Dating Assistants

Plenty of online dating services have popped up in recent years. But if you don’t want to sift through the candidates yourself, you can hire a dating assistant to do all of that work for you.