10 Suggestions for Making a Good First Impression in Business



Making a good first impression on your potential customers can drastically improve your chances of making sales and creating a loyal following. And there are so many different ways you can make a good first impression on members of your target audience.

Check out these suggestions from members of our small business community below.

Improve Your Website Homepage

The homepage of your website is likely one of the first things that customers see in relation to your business. So you need to make it a good one. Here, Anita Campbell shares some tips for improving your website homepage on the Small Business Administration blog.

Select the Right Domain Name

Your website’s domain name can also have a big impact on people’s first impression of your business. A good domain should reflect your brand and be easy to type and remember. But there are also other factors to consider, as this post by Waqar Hassan on TechBurgeon explains.

Prepare for Successful Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a great method for getting your business in front of lots of new potential customers. But in order to make a good impression with the people at your event of choice, you need to really prepare beforehand. Toby Carroll shares some tips for preparing for a successful trade show in this post on My Biz Hub.

Deliver the Why Behind the What

In order to really appeal to customers through your content, you need to always keep your “why” in mind. Why are you delivering this information? And why should people care about it? Rachel Parker of Resonance Content Marketing shares some thoughts and a video on the subject here. And you can see further discussion over on BizSugar.

Create Brand Awareness With Facebook Ads

Increasing brand awareness means getting your name out there to more people who have never heard of your company before. And Facebook has some tools that can help you do just that, as discussed in this post by Adomas Baltagalvis at Agora Pulse.

Learn These Leadership Skills from Putin

Developing a strong leadership style can really help you get off on the right foot with your team. And who has a stronger leadership style than Vladimir Putin? Inthis post on the cloudswave blog, Red Akrim shares ten leadership skills you can learn from Putin himself.

Build a Massive, Engaged Twitter Following

Twitter can be a great platform for you to quickly interact with both loyal and new potential customers. But if you’re able to make good impressions on your target audience, you may be able to grow a massive and engaged Twitter following too. Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat shares some tips for doing so here. And BizSugar members also share their thoughts on the post.

Use Your Facebook Page Wisely

Facebook is constantly changing and updating the features of its business pages. And you need to be able to keep up if you want to make the right impression with people on the platform. These tips from Mike Mitchell on Epic Design Labs explains a bit about how changes to the business pages may impact your marketing.

Make the Right Impression With Your Content

There’s some disagreement among content marketers about the most optimal length for different types of content. This post by Anita Campbell on Inc discussesthe pros and cons of both content styles.

Do B2B Marketing the Right Way

Making a great first impression on your leads and potential customers doesn’t just apply to B2C businesses. If you’re a B2B business, you need to learn the right way to market and nurture leads, as Gary Shouldis shares here. The BizSugar community also discusses the post here.

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