The Gear Sport is Samsung’s next wearable

Samsung’s smartwatches come but once a year and guess what folks? That time is rolling around once again.

It seems like only yesterday we were cooing over the Samsung Gear S3 and now it’s all grown up.

Reports on Friday revealed the Korean giant has another baby on the way and the early scans show it’s likely to be a fitness-focused offering.

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According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States (via Android Headlines), they’ve already decided on a name. It’ll be Christened the Samsung Gear Sport.

The image provided with the filing suggests it’ll be a full blooded smartwatch rather than a fitness tracker.


Gear Sport FCC

Naturally, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but that’s about all we know. Given Samsung loves to use Tizen on these devices, we’d say that’s a given too.

Whether Samsung chooses to reveal this device alongside the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23 remains to be seen.

The company might want to save it for the IFA 2017 tech show, which starts the following week.

Last year the company debuted the Gear S3 — admittedly its best yet — during its IFA tech show address.

Fourth time lucky?

The company’s smartwatches have struggled to impress thus far. The Gear S3 earned a 6/10 rating from TrustedReviews.

Our reviewer Richard Easton concluded: “The Samsung Gear S3 flirts with greatness, but it ultimately falls short due its gargantuan size and weight, as well as its Tizen OS.”

It has been over a year since Samsung updated the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX, so we might see new versions of those trackers too.


LG G6 Dust and Water Resistance Teased; Will Sport Battery Larger Than 3200mAh

LG G6 Dust and Water Resistance Teased; Will Sport Battery Larger Than 3200mAh

LG G6 Dust and Water Resistance Teased; Will Sport Battery Larger Than 3200mAh
New LG G6 teaser touts water and dust proof capability
LG G6 to pack over 3200mAh battery
The smartphone will be unveiled at an event on February 26
LG has shared another teaser for the G6 flagship smartphone which promotes water and dust proof feature. The new teaser is part of the company’s several teasers that have surfaced on the Internet in past few weeks promoting several features like reliability, integration of an AI assistant on the flagship, and a ‘big screen that fits’.

The latest teaser has been shared with Pocketnow and says “resist more under pressure” which seemingly confirms water and dust proof capability on the LG G6. The teaser image also has a tagline that says “witness the next-generation smartphone brought to you first by LG.” Based on initial leaks and official teasers released by LG, the G6 flagship is widely expected to come with IP68 certification. Though, the new teaser may point to something related to “extra-durable build,” points out Pockenow.

Separately, a South Korean report has claimed that LG G6 will pack a large capacity battery which will be over 15 percent more capacity than the previous LG G5. The report quotes a senior LG executive who said, “The G6 is equipped with a high capacity battery of more than 3200mAh.” The LG G5 came with a 2800mAh battery which was comparatively smaller than 3000mAh on the LG G4.
LG recently announced ‘Preliminary Experiment Group’ for select users in South Korea. Under the company’s group, limited users will receive the G6 later this month ‘free of cost.’ We will have to wait till LG’s February 26 event to see what the company has in stores for consumers.

LG’s G6 flagship smartphone will be unveiled at the company’s February 26 event which will begin at 4.30pm IST (12.00pm CET).

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iPhone 8 May Sport LG-Made Dual Cameras for 3D Photography

iPhone 8 May Sport LG-Made Dual Cameras for 3D Photography

iPhone 8 May Sport LG-Made Dual Cameras for 3D Photography
Apple working with LG Innotek to include 3D-enabled dual cameras
Apple utilising Israeli camera technology start-up company LinX for 3D
In 2017, only the iPhone 8 Plus expected to sport 3D cameras
Apple is rumoured to be working with an LG subsidiary to bring 3D photography to iPhone 8. The Korean Economic Daily, citing people familiar with matter, reports that the Cupertino-based giant is working with LG Innotek to add a dual-camera setup to the next iPhone to capture 3D imagery.

The sources claim that Apple is now “studying how to apply its 3D camera technology” into LG Innotek’s smartphone camera. “Since LG Innotek also has its own 3D camera and related technologies, such joint efforts will likely to bear fruit sometime within [the] next year,” the report cites a source close to the situation.

In its attempt to add 3D technology, the company is utilising the Israeli camera technology startup company LinX, which was acquired by Apple in April 2015. To recall, LinX expertise in allowing apps to freely use the 3D information captured by camera on the device to achieve new features such as the ability to refocus an image after it has been captured, measurement of the true dimensions of objects, 3D object modelling and real time background replacement for video calls.
The report adds that LG Innotek is already “exclusively supplying” its dual cameras for iPhone 7 Plus. The report adds that LG Innotek also has experience dealing with 3D cameras as LG launched its first 3D-enabled smartphone, LG Optimus 3D in 2011.
Considering that the all-new dual camera was seen only on the large iPhone 7 Plus, we can expect the 3D tech feature on the iPhone 8 Plus model likely to launch next year. Based on preliminary leaks, Apple is said to ditch the ‘iPhone 7s’ name for next year’s iPhone based on its naming convention and directly name it iPhone 8 considering 2017 will be its tenth anniversary of launch of the original iPhone. An earlier report suggested that Apple is also making efforts to include AR features in an upcoming iPhone camera app.

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Ice Void Is a Gripping text sport about Surviving Mt. Everest

Ice Void Is a Gripping Text Game About Surviving Mt. Everest

Ice Void is a textbased survival game for iPhone.
you may be guiding a mountaineer to safety.
Your selections determine whether he lives or dies.
Bjorn Ahlgren is a mountaineer on an Everest expedition that has gone horribly incorrect. A blizzard has wreaked havoc, following which he cannot find each person from his trekking institution. by myself close to the summit of Everest, Ahlgren manages to rig a few type of a conversation device that sends textual content messages. that is his handiest hope for survival. happily, you are on the receiving stop of his communications and your mission is to assist him survive the descent.

This bureaucracy the premise of Ice Void, a textual contentprimarily based survival sport that wasreleased on iPhone. textprimarily based video games permit developers to recognition solely at thetale, as there is not an awful lot inside the manner of pix to worry approximately. video gamesincluding this one, and Lifeline, are among our favourites no matter them presenting simplest text. Forthese games, getting the tale proper is vital. Does Ice Void manage that? We performed the game fornearly weeks to discover.

in keeping with the developer, this sport has 60 viable endings. while we couldn’t verify this all throughthe evaluate, we did come upon sufficient picks in the sport to make us consider the claim. Bjorn’s taleis gripping. right from the start we felt for him and desired to rescue him from his plight. however we felt that the writing at the start ought to‘ve been higher. The hook that captures gamers needs to be at thestart and we felt that the tale is a bit too sluggish until you pick out which descent course to take. After that things turn out to be a great deal greater interesting.

when we controlled to lead Bjorn to his demise thrice, we discovered ourselves thinking and rethinkingeach choice to avoid that destiny once more. We started out worrying for the man or woman like aresponsible mum or dad, which means that writing has done its undertaking. There are some actuallythrilling moments within the story that had us involved about Bjorn’s protection. without revealing too many plot information, it is secure to say that nature is not Bjorn’s simplest enemy in Ice Void.


As a lot as we appreciated the tale, there had been factors in the game when Bjorn considers making a few silly choices. at some point of the game, Bjorn recommendations that he is a journalist and no longer a expert mountaineer but that doesn’t excuse some of the writing. for example, Bjorn realises that his mountaineering equipment is not cozy enough. He asks you if he should continue the descentbesides, something an experienced mountaineer would possibly not even keep in mind while thealternative is to climb again up, comfortable the equipment and resume the descent. there was some other crucial point in the sport in which Bjorn asked us to make a preference and one of the optionswas so obviously worse than the other that presenting it as a choice in reality wasn’t essential.

the sport‘s controls are limited, which ensures that nearly everyone can play it. Bjorn will ship you messages and now and again ask you questions. You read his messages and tap one of the two buttons at the stop of the verbal exchange to reply. This consists of simple messages including, “true success” or “go to sleep“, or selections, such as which route to pick out for the descent.

Like Lifeline, Ice Void tries to make conversations sense actual by using making you look forward toresponses. whilst Bjorn goes to sleep, you can’t do anything until he wakes up. This provides an detail of realism to the story, however it additionally makes it sense slow. there’s no “rapid mode” in the game tocan help you skip the ready time. if your individual died once in Lifeline, the sport would liberate thisrapid mode. Ice Void could virtually use this addition, and the developer instructed gadgets 360 that that is coming quickly, at the side of an iPad model of the game.

We played Ice Void version and faced annoying insects on our iPhone 5s. the sport on occasionjust crashed randomly. often we’d faucet on a notification to open the game, but the dialogue in thenotification would not display up till we force give up Ice Void and commenced it once more. we hopethat those problems are fixed by the time you purchase the game. There were some minor spellingmistakes in the game too, but it is no deal breaker.


We preferred the tale sufficient to want to revisit it once the quick mode is enabled. we would want toexplore different routes and see wherein they take Bjorn, however we are not prepared to wait overevery week on each playthrough. It took us round nine days to attain an finishing we had been glad with, and we are now not positive if the general public might be first-rate with that a whole lot ready.normal, Lifeline still has the better story but in case you need a gritty survival game set on this planet,we would absolutely recommend finding out Ice Void.

Ice Void is to be had at the App save for Rs. one hundred ninety.

precise tale standard
properly-written protagonist

– Lacks a fast mode
– Buggy
some reckless, borderline silly selections

score (out of 10): 7

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