Wheelchair rugby league: Wales threaten to leave pitch at World Cup

Wheelchair rugby league

Wales’ wheelchair rugby league side are threatening to leave the pitch in their final World Cup match if flash photography takes place after one of their players suffered seizures.

Wales say Harry Jones suffered a seizure in two previous games because of flash photography.

They are scheduled for a fifth-placed play-off game versus Spain on Thursday.

“Harry has been carried off on a stretcher because of photography,” Wales manager Mark Andrew Jones said.

Banning flash photography is not a competition rule at the rugby league World Cup but Wales requested to tournament bosses that announcements be made to both the crowd and photographers.

Wales boss Jones says they are pushing for it to be brought in as a rule in future tournaments.

“There are announcements and posters at every game regarding flash photography. We now remove the team from the pitch until it’s sorted,” he said.

“Harry has photo sensitive epilepsy and flash photography can affect him quite badly, to the point of a seizure.

“We made the organisers aware we would request no flash photography and the organisers have been helpful in trying to make that happen.

“It is not a rule, but Wales rugby league will take it up with international bodies to make it a rule not to use flash photography in the future.

“If we see flash photography, the Wales team will come off the pitch until the problem is sorted.

“If you had seen the condition Harry was in, you would not see that as a drastic measure… it is all about player safety.”

England play in the final of the rugby league World Cup on Friday.


Soon, Play Basketball in Car-Football Game Rocket League

Soon, Play Basketball in Car-Football Game Rocket League

Rocket League is getting yet another update. While recent ones have focused on matchmaking and ranked play, this one will let you play a game of basketball.

“March Madness is just around the corner. Great time to tease the mode we’re working on next #RocketLeagueHoops,” teased the Rocket League account on Twitter. March Madness is America’s premier college basketball tournament. Barring this, little else has been said by developer Psyonix at this time.

Half of Rocket League revolves around hitting a football into a goal, which makes it sound a lot like FIFA or PES. But instead of puppeteering professional athletes from around the world, you drive a rocket-powered car that’s roughly one-fourth the size of the ball, and can hurtle through air, crash into others (no fouls!), and flip like a dolphin on steroids.

What also separates the car-football game from FIFA is the initial learning curve. Football games have become increasingly complex, which dissuades new players from trying it out. Rocket League is a game anyone can pick up as it lacks the combos pro-FIFA gamers will use on a regular basis.

The cars meet football game has been around on PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs for over half a year now, since the first week of July. It released on the Xbox One last month and Psyonix is planning to release it on OS X and Linux as well. Rocket League has grossed over $50 million (approximately Rs. 331 crores) since launch, and picked up two awards at The Game Awards 2015.