US Senate exposed Hollowness Of PM Modi’s Claims, Says Congress


US Senate Exposed Hollowness Of PM Modi's Claims, Says Congress

The Congress sought to puncture claims on prime Minister Narendra Modi’s successful excursion of the us. (record photograph)NEW DELHI: The Congress these days sought to puncture claims on top Minister Narendra Modi’s a hit tour of the usa, saying the us Senate sooner or laterexposed the hollowness and the falsity of the claims” made by PM Modi and his propagandists.

america Senate had refused to skip a key change to modify its export control rules to recognise India as a worldwide strategic and defence associate of the united states.

“What changed into the Modi’s cope with to america Congress? became america Congress in session? There were not even 50 Congressmen present — the relaxation have been staffers and people taking autographs as also non-resident Indians, folks that have been attending through invitation,” Deputy leaderof competition in the Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma instructed the media on the celebration headquarters in New Delhi.

“Please pass by means of the visuals, take out the listing, that status ovation — many of them werecheerleaders of Modi himself. allow this list be published via the us Congress and inform what number ofCongressmen had signed and who all were present,” Mr Sharma stated at the same time as accusing the Bharatiya Janata party‘s “propaganda machineryto move overboard to deviate public interest from realissues lower back home.

when we hold a function in the crucial corridor (of Parliament), invitations are sent out and such a lot of folks that aren’t even participants come for primary features. now and again, 1/2 of the vital corridoris full of non-MPs. It is not something brilliant that has passed off,” he delivered.

“Now, the us Senate has ultimately exposed the hollowness and the falsity of the claims made via Modi and his propagandist. they have refused to ok this strategic and defence partnership with India,” Mr Sharmastated.

He stated the government ought to clarify if India remained a strategic partner of the usa or just apurchaser of navy gadget.

“What has the government to mention? can we continue to be strategic companions or consumers ofarmy gadget or defence structures? you’re just a consumer; you’re paying billions of bucks; after whichthey decline to realise you as a strategic associate,” the Congress chief said.