Tom Clancy’s The department won’t Have Microtransactions, Says creative Director


Tom Clancy's The Division Won't Have Microtransactions, Says Creative Director

Ubisoft big‘s creative director Magnus Jansen has stated that there’ll no presence of microtransactionswithin the studio’s upcoming put up-pandemic open world thirdcharacter RPG – Tom Clancy’s Thedivision.

In an interview with British video gaming weblog VG247, Jansen said: “[Microtransactions are] one of thethings that we looked at because if people like the game and need to purchase more matters I do notmind that. however microtransactions, because it‘s defined, we do now not have them. You can not spenda touch bit of money and rapidtune to get higher equipment or pay to win or vanity gadgets. We do nothave that. the fast solution isn’t any, we don’t have microtransactions, duration.”

This goes to in addition cement one side of the story. On Thursday, in direct assessment to Jansen’s claims, The division‘s page listing at the playstation store was spotted with the phrases ‘In-recreationpurchases electiveinside the description phase. however in an interview with Gamespot on Friday, Jansensaid that microtransactions “were underneath attention, however [pay-to-win] in no way made it into the sport“.

It still does not explain why the game page continues to carry that identical description, or if it’s a misprint ready to be corrected. Jansen went directly to clarify that they do have planned downloadablecontent material (DLC): “we are able to have DLC. We don’t have it but due to the fact we’re just barelycompleting the sport. I simply do not want everyone to say that after we announce the DLC, ‘you said[no microtransactions]’.”

The department will have a closed beta – for Xbox One, playstation four, and home windows pctowardthe quit of the month. it will likely be available publicly for buy over a month later, on March eight.

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