The 5 most read articles by Agência Pomar in 2016

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Discover the articles from Agência Pomar that were most accessed in 2016 and stay on top of the world of digital marketing.

At Agência Pomar, we value the production of complete and educational content, which helps our readers to stay informed about trends in digital marketing.

Os 5 artigos mais lidos da Agência Pomar em 2016 – Agência Pomar

2016 was a very fruitful year in terms of content production, and for that reason, our 5 most accessed articles of 2016 are highlighted here.

If you have missed one, don’t miss out and go now.


Discover the main social networks for companies:

In this article, we separate the 7 best and best known social networks and teach you how to use them in your digital marketing strategy.

We also highlight the features of each of them and highlight the issues that should be taken into account when choosing your company’s social network.


What is ROI? Understand its importance and know how to calculate.

Do you know what ROI is? I wonder?

Agência Pomar has the perfect article for you!

In it, we cover the following topics:

– We warn about the importance of investing in digital marketing strategies ;

– We highlight the danger of not carrying out an effective monitoring of the resources applied in their campaigns ;

– We explain what ROI is;

– We detail how the ROI calculation is done;

– We teach how to analyze the ROI;

– We explain how to calculate the ROI of a marketing action;

– We show the importance of ROI for your company.

Through this reading, you will certainly improve your digital marketing efforts and the performance of your company, access now!


Sucos do Bem: the complete story and its lessons for business.

You certainly know the Sucos Do Bem brand, but do you know its history?

In one of our most accessed articles, we explain step by step the history of the foundation of Sucos Do Bem, such as:

– Its launch in 2007;

– Your ticket to supermarkets in Rio de Janeiro;

– Aggressive POS strategies, such as blind testing and innovative packaging;

– The change in packaging that revolutionized the brand;

– The fructomóvel (custom car that runs around Rio de Janeiro offering tasting of the Sucos Do Bem brand and spreading the brand and its philosophy);

– The inclusion of cereal bars of the same brand;

– The corporate data of Sucos Do Bem.

Finally, there is still a part of our article dedicated exclusively to highlighting the main lessons that companies can learn from Do Bem.

We dissect the three marketing pillars on which Do Bem focused: Branding , Packaging and Digital Marketing .

We explain the essence of Branding and the segment used by Do Bem.

We also tell you what the Packaging strategy is, showing why its packaging is unique and its design was essential when executing the brand’s marketing.

And we let you know about the Digital Marketing used, showing why it works.

Think now: is your brand on the same path?

We answer your questions and show you how to follow the path similar to the Do Bem brand and achieve success.

We also guide you about your management, your brand, marketing and digital environment, as well as your relationship with customers.

If you are looking for success for your brand and want to understand the strategies to achieve it, this article is for you.


How to attract customers? Discover 7 Powerful Strategies!

One of the most asked questions by marketers, entrepreneurs and salespeople every day is: how to attract customers?

In our article, we shied away from traditional ways of reaching customers.

Instead, we pave the way for an innovative strategy created at the beginning of the 21st century to revolutionize your company’s marketing!

We start by explaining a little history and talking about the emergence of marketing, which is essential for you to market your company correctly.

So, we clarify for you the logic of Inbound Marketing (or Attraction Marketing).

And we went to 7 powerful strategies to attract customers through the internet , in which we teach:

  1. How to Attract Customers Using a Corporate Blog;
  2. How to attract customers using social media;
  3. How to attract customers with your website optimization (SEO);
  4. How to attract customers with free rich materials;
  5. How to attract customers using Landing Page;
  6. How To Attract Customers Using Email Marketing.
  7. How to attract customers by doing metric analysis.

So, is it already attracting customers at scale? If not, it’s time to click on our article and understand how to do this!


Advantages of Inbound Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Several companies in Brazil live in search of advantages that help them to attract customers.

However, if they knew about Digital Marketing and its advantages , they wouldn’t go through that.

In this article, we provide the following necessary information:

– We highlight the differences between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing ;

– We specify which strategy is used in Outbound Marketing (or outbound marketing);

– We show you how you can lose money by opting for traditional marketing;

– We explain how Inbound Marketing works and what you think about the customer;

– We list the advantages of digital marketing for you;

– We bring the advantages of Inbound (on which, by the way, we also have a detailed article )

Tired of traditional marketing? Invest in marketing that works, Pomar articles have all the tips you need!

Have you started reading?

So, have our tips already at your fingertips?

Not yet?

Do not waste time!

Our articles are available and packed with essential information to propel you and your business!

It is necessary to solve your doubts and seek more and more knowledge about digital marketing and its properties.

Knowing how to apply digital marketing and inbound marketing strategies will boost your career and improve your business in an extraordinary way.

The time to make marketing that works is now!

A hug and see you next!

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