Black Friday Deal Offers Dropbox Pro Subscription at 40 Percent Off, Free $25 Dell Gift Card

Black Friday Deal Offers Dropbox Pro Subscription at 40 Percent Off, Free $25 Dell Gift Card
Dropbox Pro 1TB annual subscription costs $99
Under this deal, you can get it for just $59.99 for a year
Dell will also give you a $25 eGift card for online purchases
Following the Thanksgiving Day in the US, comes Black Friday, bearing plethora of offers and discounted deals for the buyers. While Black Friday is over in the US, a lot of companies are still offering various discounts and freebies. Amid many Black Friday deals, Dropbox is also offering a good discount on its Pro plan, which comes with 1TB of storage. Additionally, you can also get a free Dell gift card to further sweeten the deal.

Dropbox is one of the highly utilised cloud storage services worldwide. The Dropbox Pro subscription generally costs $99 (roughly Rs. 6,800) annually for 1TB of cloud storage, whereas the monthly bill cycle incurs $9.99 per month. This Black Friday, Dropbox is giving 1TB of backup cloud space at just $59.99 for 1 year. It is worth mentioning that the Dropbox Pro subscriptions are only for a single user, but you can use its sharing tools for file-sharing to give read-only access to others. Pro accounts also come with unlimited file recovery and version history, which means you can go back to any version of the file in the past. Free users can only go back 30 days.

The Dropbox deal is available via Dell, which is also offering a $25 (roughly Rs. 1,700) Dell Promo eGift card along with the Dropbox deal. This eGift coupon will be automatically added to your cart when you’re about to check out to purchase Dropbox Pro 1TB storage. This eGift card can be used to Dell accessories like keyboards, mice, gaming consoles etc. or can be used to make partial payment towards a bigger purchase.

If you’re looking for a good cloud storage solution, then this deal is too good to be missed. For all other deals and offers, you can check our compilation of Black Friday deals. If you are based in India and want to grab Black Friday deals, fret not as we have got you covered in our simple guide on how you can purchase and import your items straight from the US.

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Evernote Says Small Number of Mac Users May Have Lost Notes, Offers Premium Subscription

Evernote Says Small Number of Mac Users May Have Lost Notes, Offers Premium SubscriptionEvernote Says Small Number of Mac Users May Have Lost Notes, Offers Premium Subscription
The company says it was only able to restore some lost notes
Users with lost notes can attempt to manually restore them
Premium users can use the gift code for an additional year of service
A small number of Evernote for Mac users are being sent an email by the company that apologises for a bug that caused data loss in certain types of notes – those featuring images or other attachments. Text notes are said to have remained unaffected. The company is making up for the issue by offering Evernote Premium, which also helps restore missing date from notes by using the premium Note History feature.

The email to users states that a small number of users running versions of Evernote for Mac released in June and September were affected, which is a rather vague description for those worried users who may have lost data in hundreds of notes. However, the company confirmed to TechCrunch that specific versions 453991 (which was available directly from Evernote servers) and 454042 (available from the Mac App Store) were the ones affected, under “specific conditions”.

Evernote in its email tells users to update immediately to the latest version – v6.9.2 (454158 from Evernote and 454159 from the Mac App Store) – to avoid the issue and also prevent any “further loss of data”. The company added that as soon as it discovered the issue it “worked quickly to implement a solution and attempted to restore all lost data”, however, it did not succeed in some cases.

(Also see: Evernote ‘Can Overwhelm Some People,’ Admits Ken Inoue, GM APAC and Japan)
Those users that lost data can manually restore the data by using the Note History feature available to Evernote Premium subscribers, which as we mentioned was also being provided to free users that were affected by the issue via a redemption code. Those users already on Evernote Premium can use the code to buy another year of premium services, or save them as Points to be used at a later point.

The company is telling users to update their Evernote for Mac app via the menu, from where they can navigate to Help > Check For Updates… It adds that users who do not see the option should visit the Mac App Store or the Evernote website to download the latest version of the app.

Of course, the entire debacle is very embarrassing for a note-taking service. Evernote told TechCrunch however that once its recently-begun migration to the Google Cloud platform is complete, such issues will be a easier to prevent and resolve. The full email, with the subject “We’re sorry. Please update Evernote for Mac”, can be seen below.

We have identified a bug in some versions of Evernote for Mac that can cause images and other attachments to be deleted from a note under specific conditions. We believe you are one of a small number of people impacted by this bug.

Please update Evernote on your Mac to the latest version as soon as possible:

From the menu, go to Help > Check For Updates…

If you do not see this menu option, update through the Mac App Store or from our website

The bug can occur in the version of Evernote for Mac released in September, and less frequently in versions released since June. In these versions, certain sequences of events, such as skimming quickly through a large number of notes, can cause an image or other attachments to be deleted from a note without warning. Text in notes is not affected.

Once we identified the problem, we worked quickly to implement a solution and attempted to restore all lost data. Unfortunately, some of your attachments couldn’t be automatically restored. However, you may be able to recover your attachments using Evernote’s note history feature available through Evernote Premium.

We are giving your account one free year of Evernote Premium to make amends and give you access to priority customer support via chat or email. If you already have Premium, the gift code can be used to extend your subscription for one additional year, or banked as Points to use for later.

If you run into any difficulties redeeming your code, follow ….

We understand how important your notes and attachments are, and we apologize. Again, please update your app as soon as possible to prevent any further loss of data.

The Evernote Team

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SoundCloud move Subscription Expands to the United Kingdom and ireland

SoundCloud Go Subscription Expands to the UK and Ireland

German on-line song start-up SoundCloud said on Tuesday it has improved its new subscription carrierSoundCloud go to the UK and eire, weeks after launching inside the america as it chases competitiontogether with Apple and Spotify.

SoundCloud, which enables people to report, upload, promote, and percentage their own tune anddifferent audio documents, stated it would offer its content material freed from advertising in theunited kingdom for a month-to-month subscription price of GBP 9.99 ($14.64) and in eire for EUR nine.99($11.50).

last yr clients spent $5 billion on tune streaming subscriptions, a upward thrust of 70 percentage from theprevious yr.

“Streaming is at a completely early degree,” Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud’s chief era Officer and co-founderinformed Reuters.

“SoundCloud isn’t always a profitable enterprise but. And this is very intentional. we’re investing heavilyin boom and that is what we will continue to do. we are on this for the lengthy haul.”

SoundCloud presently has 175 million customers however Wahlforss stated he couldn’t supply an indication of its wide variety of paying subscribers as most of them had been nevertheless of their freetrial duration.

Spotify had 30 million subscribers at the end of March, even as Apple tune had a tally of greater than 10 million subscribers early this 12 months.

SoundCloud’s Wahlforss said the organisation could unexpectedly introduce SoundCloud go to differentcountries round the sector.

we’re planning to roll out to a couple of territories this year. we’re searching at multiple years to in realitytake this to the whole global,” he stated, declining to give similarly details about the subsequentinternational locations it intends to roll out.

Financing the roll-out isn’t always a hassle, Wahlforss stated.

SoundCloud earlier this 12 months raised round $35 million in debt financing and has an option to securesome other $70 million via a convertible bond.

“The business is well funded and we are able to preserve executing in accordance to devise,” Wahlforsssaid.

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Home services startups switch to subscription based business model

Home services company Gapoon would like to have 25% of his customers on its subscription model, which will offer monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual packages.Home services company Gapoon would like to have 25% of his customers on its subscription model, which will offer monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual packages.

Bengaluru: Gapoon Online Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd, a home services company, will launch a subscription model for services such as home cleaning, electricians, appliance maintenance, plumbing, pest control and carpentry from January as it aims to lock in customers, ensure steady flow of revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Peers such as from Sarvaloka Services On Call Pvt. Ltd and Doormint from Blackcotton Solutions Pvt. Ltd have also been testing the subscription-based model in services such as laundry and fitness.

There are close to 80 start-ups in the home services space in India providing electricians, plumbers, fitness trainers, photographers and even wedding planners, among other services.

Apoorva Mishra, founder and chief executive officer of Gapoon would like to have 25% of his customers on Gapoon Maintenance Cover (GMC), its subscription model. It will offer monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual packages.

GMC Package 1, which has electricians, plumbers, home appliances, laptop repair and carpentry, will have a cover price of Rs.5,999 (for 12 months). The number of visits will be unlimited for all services except carpentry, which has a cap of 50 man hours per annum.

The GMC Appliance package will have a cover price of Rs.3500 per annum which covers service and repairs for air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, water purifiers and geysers.

For both packages, only spares costing above Rs.200 will be chargeable to the customer and there will be a 30-day warranty period on every service, Mishra said.

The third package will be home cleaning and pest control, costing Rs.5,999-15,999 depending on the size of the property.

The company says that it will continue to run its on-demand model as well.

Home services companies receive hundreds to thousands of enquiries a day, but only a fraction of this converts to transaction, according to analysts. Platform operators charge a 10-30% commission from the service provider.

Experts say that in many cases, customers connect directly with service providers after the first time.

“The bigger advantage in a subscription model is that demand becomes predictable; this helps plan supply,” said Saran Chatterjee, CEO of Bengaluru-based Housejoy.

The subscription model will also reduce spends on customer acquisition and repeated discounts. Housejoy has been experimenting with such models in laundry and fitness and is looking to extend it to all service categories. Chatterjee says this would help incentivise the customer as well as the service provider.

Doormint already offers laundry subscriptions. Laundry has become one of the most sought after verticals as it is a recurring need and can be easily bracketed under the subscription model.

Still, not every service lends itself to a subscription model. Urban Pro founder Rakesh Kalra says services requiring plumbers and electricians will always remain on-demand. Still, Kalra admits that the subscription model increases the lifetime value of a customer, especially if the Reserve Bank of India takes a more charitable view of auto-renewals.

According to RBI guidelines, no third party merchant or payment gateway can initiate charging on a recurring basis on its own, as every transaction has to be processed individually and initiated by the user or subscriber.

Though on-demand and marketplace models continue to dominate the fast-growing home services space, experts say that subscription which retains customers for longer durations of time, may well prove to be the differentiator, at least partially.

In the on-demand model, the platform selects and sends a service provider to address the customer’s requirements. In a marketplace model, the customer can select a service provider of their choice.

Ankur Singla, founder and CEO of Helpchat (Coraza Technologies Pvt. Ltd) says that arguments against new models like subscription “will remain true only till some entrepreneur proves everyone wrong.”

Delhi-based UrbanClap Technologies India Pvt. Ltd raised $25 million from Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel Partners and SAIF Partners in November, taking the total to over $36 million funding raised so far. Housejoy raised Rs.150 crore led by Amazon India, Vertex Ventures, Qualcomm and Ru-Net Technology partners and Matrix Partners.

Others like Timesaverz Dotcom Pvt. Ltd ,, LocalOye (Imma Imma Web Pvt. Ltd) and Crenovative Ideas Pvt. Ltd (, Zimmber (Rejuvenate Solutions Pvt Ltd) DoorMint (Blackcotton Solutions Pvt. Ltd) and UrbanPro (ThinkVidya Learning Pvt. Ltd) raised funds in 2015.