H&M Ignores Underserved Market by Pulling Plus Size Clothing from Stores (Watch)

Popular retail chain H&M has reportedly removed all plus size clothing from its stores in New York City. A representative for the company explained that the stores simply don’t have enough room for those clothing options anymore since they’ve added new product lines like home goods and beauty supplies.

But this move could very well turn out to be a negative one for the retailer, even with the new product lines. Fashion industry experts including Tim Gunn and Christian Siriano think that the fashion industry is failing its female consumers by not offering enough fashionable options for plus size women.

And H&M already launched an ad campaign with plus size model Ashley Graham earlier this year. But the company had to include a fine print disclaimer that said customers can only buy those plus size clothing options online.

Will this example of abandoning underserved markets be a lesson in missed opportunity?

Plus size clothing consumers make up a fairly high percentage of the market. And if you believe those industry experts, it’s a segment that’s fairly underserved at the moment. So by pulling those clothing options from stores, H&M could be missing out on an opportunity. In addition, if those customers can only shop for their clothing options online, they’re less likely to see all those new home goods and beauty products that are carried in stores.

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Google Play to Now Show App Update Size; Reduce Update Size by Up to 50 Percent

Google Play to Now Show App Update Size; Reduce Update Size by Up to 50 Percent


  • Play Store will now show actual download size of app updates
  • The new algorithm to reduce update size by 50 percent
  • Play Store changes are rolling out to all users worldwide

Google has introduced new changes to the Play Store keeping in mind user’s data charges. The tech giant has introduced a new algorithm that reduces the size of app updates, while also revealing the actual size of every update, before the user decides to download it.

The new Delta algorithm claims to reduce the app update size by as much as 50 percent. “For approximately 98 percent of app updates from the Play Store, only changes (deltas) to APK files are downloaded and merged with the existing files, reducing the size of updates. We recently rolled out a delta algorithm, bsdiff, that further reduces patches by up to 50 percent or more compared to the previous algorithm. Bsdiff is specifically targeted to produce more efficient deltas of native libraries by taking advantage of the specific ways in which compiled native code changes between versions. To be most effective, native libraries should be stored uncompressed (compression interferes with delta algorithms),” the company explains on its Android developer blog page.

Google says that the number of updates pushed out by developers has been on a steady rise, and while it’s great to see app makers bring in new features and fixes regularly, it does result in massive data usage. The tech giant has introduced this new algorithm to reduce the burden of data usage when the user is not on Wi-Fi. It is worth noting that this new Delta algorithm works only on uncompressed native libraries, and apps that don’t support it will only see a probable 5 percent decrease.


The new algorithm has also been applied to APK Expansion Files for further reduction in sizes. “APK Expansion Files allow you to include additional large files up to 2GB in size (e.g. high resolution graphics or media files) with your app, which is especially popular with games. We have recently expanded our delta and compression algorithms to apply to these APK Expansion Files in addition to APKs, reducing the download size of initial installs by 12 percent, and updates by 65 percent on average,” the blog post reads.

Earlier, Google Play used to just show the app size while the update size remained unknown to users. However, Google looks to change that with this new update. Google says that the changes are rolling out to all Google Play users, and if they aren’t reflecting on your screen at the moment, they should in the coming weeks.

Google Play is used by many users worldwide, and in 2015, more than 65 billion apps were installed by Android users. With the app culture becoming an increasingly predominant habit, this move is aimed to provide a little relief to the pockets of Android users. Google recently even introduced the Family Library feature to allow users to share purchased apps, movies and books with up to five more people.

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Telegram Update Boosts Size of Supergroups to 5,000 Members

Telegram Update Boosts Size of Supergroups to 5,000 Members

Telegram last month hit 100 million monthly active users and alongside announced a bunch of updates for the app as well. The instant messaging service has now announced another update, focusing on the Supergroups feature.

As a part of Telegram v3.7 on Android and iOS, the company has now increased the number of people who can join a Supergroup from 1,000 to 5,000. The admins of the group can now also let other members know some important news or any other information by pinning it at the top. In addition, all the members in the Supergroup will receive a notification for the pinned message, even if they have muted ordinary messages from the group.

The app update also brings the ability to make a Supergroup ‘Public’ and share them via a short link with others. This will let the link recipient read the entire chat history and also join to be able to post messages. Since, this would lead to an increase in spammers in Supergroups, Telegram has also introduced some ‘powerful moderation tools’ for admins. “From now on, they can quickly delete all messages from a specific member, block and report them,” says the company blog post.

Further, an admin of any group can now convert the group into a Supergroup. Group admins are shown in group members list after the app update. The company has added that the public groups feature will be rolling out gradually. It is for now available in the US and Europe, and will soon reach several countries in Asia as well. The updated app is available to download from Google Play and App Store.

Last month Telegram gave users the ability to edit their messages after it has been posted. The post however, can be edited a short while after they have been posted. A single tap on Android and double tap on iOS would let them edit the sent messages.

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