Snapchat Gets ‘Stay Tuned’, a 3-Minute News Show Produced by NBC News

Snapchat Gets ‘Stay Tuned’, a 3-Minute News Show Produced by NBC News

NBC News launched a news show Wednesday on Snapchat, a first-of-its- kind broadcast aimed at wooing a younger audience.

The program “Stay Tuned,” produced by a 30-person team, resembles a regular news broadcast in that it is presented by a journalist seen on-screen. But it lasts just three minutes and consists of a rapid-fire series of video clips, none lasting even 10 seconds.

Like other news organisations that broadcast content on social media, mainly Facebook, NBC News uses subtitles on “Stay Tuned” so people can watch videos without sound.

NBC News will run the program live twice daily during the week and once a day on weekends. Recorded versions can be seen on Snapchat’s Discover platform.

NBC will sell ad space for the program and share the revenue with Snapchat, CNBC reported. NBC News did not respond to an AFP request for confirmation of this.

NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC and a unit of cable operator Comcast, invested $500 million (roughly Rs. 5,222 crores) in Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, when it went public in March.


Facebook News Feed Tweaked to Show More Authentic, Timely Stories

Facebook News Feed Tweaked to Show More Authentic, Timely Stories

Facebook News Feed Tweaked to Show More Authentic, Timely Stories
In a bid to display more relevant stories on its News Feed, Facebook has rolled out fresh changes with new signals to “better identify and rank authentic content”.

The changes will also have a new real-time prediction algorithm to spot stories that might be relevant to you faster.

According to a report in The Next Web on Wednesday, Facebook’s new signals tap one of its core values – authentic communication – to bring stories to your News Feed that have a higher chance of resonating, and not those considered “misleading, sensational, or spammy”.

Facebook considers signals like your proximity to the person or page posting, or likes, comments and shares to rank content.

To do this, “Facebook first attempts to identify pages known for posting spam or trying to game the algorithm through means it deems inappropriate, like asking for likes, shares, or comments. This data is then used to train a model to continually identify these types of posts in an attempt to keep them out of your News Feed,” the report said.
If some posts are hidden, that indicates that such content is not meant for a particular user, contrary to the authentic content which will appear higher in your News Feed.

Facebook is also trying to be faster at spotting authentic content and making it appear on the user’s News Feed. This update notes how universal signals change in real time.

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“For example, if an article from The Washington Post (a page you subscribe to) is generating a lot of buzz, the algorithm will deem this important and place it higher in your feed, quicker,” the report added.

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New TV Show “America’s Greatest Makers” to Showcase Latest Tech Innovations

americas greatest makers

Who doesn’t enjoy a unique television show — one that goes beyond mere entertainment to offer useful business ideas and life lessons, and drive business results that matter? Mark Burnett, six-time Emmy winner and producer of “Survivor,” “Shark Tank,” “The Voice” and “The Apprentice” has a new television show coming this Spring called “America’s Greatest Makers.”

The Making of “America’s Greatest Makers”

“America’s Greatest Makers” is an unscripted reality TV show documenting makers taking a product to market. The show aims to come up with the next big thing in wearable tech and smart connected devices by pitting 24 teams of makers from across the country that fly to Los Angeles to pitch their latest game-changing technology in a head-to-head competition for a huge cash prize.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced to the crowd at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco last year that his company, Burnett’s United Artists Media Group and Turner Broadcasting System are collaborating to produce the forthcoming show, and will award $1 million grand prize to the winner.

Casting submissions for the show have already concluded. The submissions consisted of a written application, small video describing the product idea and the prerequisite fine-print signatures. If you’d like to stay in the loop on some of the wacky and brilliant innovations already submitted, you can follow the #americasgreatestmakers on Twitter.

It is worth mentioning also that contestants were not excluded from casting considerations if they didn’t already have a working product. Producers are banking on this allowance to create some interesting drama on the screen as contestants experience the rigor, highs and lows of product creation.

The first-of-its-kind technology competition will feature a panel of celebrity judges who will vet contesters’ pitches, including award-winning actress Mayim Bialik who co-stars in the hit series “The Big Bang Theory,” NBA studio analyst for TNT Sports Kenny Smith and sports legend Shaquille O’Neal.

The show will also include speed pitches to tech industry experts among them Intel CEO Krzanich, truTV’s co-host of “Hack My Life” Kevin Pereira and business and financial expert Carol Roth, Turner Broadcasting said in a press release.

Although only one team takes home the grand prize, “the reality is that everyone on the show is a winner,” Roth told Small Business Trends. “From the resources that they receive, to the community connections that they create, to receiving exposure for their products to millions of people around the world, every single competitor ‘wins’ on many levels.”

The Premier of “America’s Greatest Makers”

The season premier of “America’s Greatest Makers” series comes to TV Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 9:00 P.M. ET/PT and will run on TBS Network along with digital episodes that will be available between the more traditional linear TV episodes.

Steve Fund, Intel’s chief marketing officer, has also hailed the “powerful stage” offered by the collaboration of Turner Broadcasting and Burnett, and the potential of what amounts to a nationwide talent search and innovation showcase.

The show is part of Intel’s global initiative to inspire ideas and fuel innovation.

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Firefox Will Try to Show You Saved Archive of a Page Instead of 404 Error

Firefox Will Try to Show You Saved Archive of a Page Instead of 404 ErrorFirefox Will Try to Show You Saved Archive of a Page Instead of 404 Error
The new add-on is called No More 404s
It replaces Error 404 with archived snapshots
The add-on is powered by Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine
After introducing a big update for its browser users, Firefox has added some new features to its Test Pilot platform. The most significant is a new add-on called No More 404s that replaces the age-old Error 404 on a missing webpage, with saved archives from the Wayback Machine.

Normally, when presented with a missing link, the browser shows the 404 error. However, Mozilla’s No More 404s add-on will give Firefox users the choice to see old Internet snapshots saved in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. This is especially handy for users trying to do research or just dig up some old graves due to curiosity.

For now, this add-on is only available in Firefox’s experimental Test Pilot platform, with no details on availability for regular Firefox users. Interested users can install the test version here. Apart from this, the Test Pilot platform also introduced improved search results through the Awesome Bar, redesigned the Tabs bar to the side, and even tweaked the history feed.

At the beginning of this week, Mozilla began rolling Firefox 48 for its desktop and Android users. The update is significant on desktop because it introduces a new multi-process Firefox feature to ensure less lag and fewer crashes of the browser.
Firefox for Android saw few changes like the Synced Tabs moved to the History panel, Bookmarks and Reading Lists merged together, and also the ability to pause a video playing on the browser when the user receives a call. The update for iOS users came last month with several improvements to the search engine, a redesigned toolbar, and the ability to use less RAM and CPU for increased battery efficiency.

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