Google Search App’s Revamped Carousel UI for Recipes Now Rolling Out

Google Search App's Revamped Carousel UI for Recipes Now Rolling Out

Google Search App’s Revamped Carousel UI for Recipes Now Rolling Out
Update UI was first spotted in December
Larger, detailed cards will be shown for step-by-step instructions
New Search interface is also meant to help you discover new recipes
Back in December, it had been spotted that Google was tweaking its search interface to offer users a more refined way to look up recipes. The company is now officially rolling out the update that is sure to give culinary enthusiasts a lot more to cook up.

As and when the new update is made available, Google Search (aka Google app) users will now find advanced suggestions when looking up a particular recipe. A carousal of tappable suggestions will be seen below the search box, offering different versions of the same recipe. So, say you’re looking up chicken wings recipe, hitting the search will then bring up options like ‘honey’, ‘buffalo’, ‘fried chicken’ and more to please chicken wings lovers of all kinds.

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Once you select a particular flavour, you’ll see recipes related to your choice from a number of popular sources with bigger cards that add more information with step-by-step instructions, according to Google’s blog post.
In addition to this, the new Search interface is also meant to help you discover new recipes that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. All of this without having to leave your Google Search page, which is what Google has been aiming for in recent months.

In September, Google was reportedly testing a new interface to make shopping for specific outfits and home d├ęcor options easier without having to switch to a different website to purchase.

The new advanced recipe feature is currently being rolled out for Google’s mobile app with no word yet on when the feature will roll out for desktops.

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Facebook News Feed Revamped to Surface More Relevant Videos

Facebook News Feed Revamped to Surface More Relevant Videos

Facebook is changing the way it ranks videos that appear on the News Feed so that the videos which are more relevant to you surface on the screen.

With this new change, longer videos that people spend time watching may get a boost.

“We look at a range of signals when determining which videos to surface to you in the News Feed, including how long a video is watched, whether people choose to turn on sound, and if people open the video in full screen,” Facebook said in a blog post on Thursday.

One of the signals Facebook looks at is “percent completion” – the percent of each video you watch — to help them understand which videos you enjoyed.

If a user watches most or all of a video, it signals Facebook that the video was compelling for the user.

This may result in a slight increase in distribution of longer videos that people spend time watching on Facebook.

So the users who find longer videos engaging may be able to discover more of them in the News Feed.

It may also impact shorter videos as they may see a slight dip in their distribution.

However, there is no defined length of a video that defines a ‘long’ video.

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“The best length for a video is whatever length is required to tell a compelling story that engages people, which is likely to vary depending on the story you’re telling,” Facebook said.

According to a report in TechCrunch, this change includes Facebook Live videos that were recorded earlier, and have now transitioned to regular videos.

“In addition, the algorithm will apply not just to those videos on the News Feed itself, but also in the Suggested Videos section which appears below the one you are currently viewing,” the report noted.

The change will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.

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LeEco Confirms Layoffs in India and Other Regions; Talks About Revamped Strategy

LeEco Confirms Layoffs in India and Other Regions; Talks About Revamped Strategy

siness strategy for the coming year, based on the “overall volatility and uncertainty that is forecast for the global economy.” Recently, the company admitted expanding too fast too soon, and has since been scrutinising plans. This overhaul will imply several changes across the markets in which it operates, including India, where the company has confirmed layoffs are planned.

To recall, LeEco entered the Indian market in January this year, and the company has enjoyed some time in the limelight since. The company entered the offline market in the country in June by bringing the Le 1s to brick-and-mortar stores, and then expanded its retail partnerships the next month.

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Now, LeEco in a statement to Gadgets 360 reacting to recent reports about its planned slowdown in the country, said that it was downsizing its operations in India. This “right sizing exercise” applies to “all its offices in various geographies” the company specified, with India just one of these markets. It added that India is one of the top three markets for the company globally, but mentioned that it is also a “fledgling operation”.

The company said that the decision to downsize operations in India was not “led by performance or competence parameters but entirely guided by business imperatives.” The statement further explained the reasons behind the move, “As we transit to a more s




trategic phase of our operations in India, it is the appropriate time to assess and take steps to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our business.”

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Speaking about the layoffs in India, LeEco said it is doing what it can to alleviate struggles of “affected employees.” It said it is “open to offering outplacement services to affected employees who specifically seek assistance”
Referring to reports that it was exiting the offline sales market it had entered under six months ago, LeEco didn’t confirm its actual exit – however, it did say it was now focused on its online channels. LeEco said that it was at its core an Internet company, and that it “intends to concentrate on and bolster its online business.” The company said its “proven O2O model” will be vital to its business in India, but how this applies to actual offline sales isn’t clear yet.

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The statement also shed some light on the company’s roadmap for India, pointing specifically to improving online channels with a “more consumer-centric” LeMall marketplace. LeEco also said it has a “robust product pipeline in the offing.”

In August, LeEco set up a manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, with an initial production capacity of 60,000 smartphones a month anticipated to ramp up to 200,000 units a month by the end of the year. At the same time, it announced it had managed to sell 1 million smartphones in the country since launch.

While LeEco is silent on if there’s a rethink on its Make in India plans, the company says it “will adopt a laser-sharp focus on overall organisational efficiency, capacity-building and talent nurturing while remaining unwaveringly committed to maintaining a sustainable and profitable business model.”

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Google’s Santa Tracker Revamped; Android App Gets a Pokemon Go-Like AR Game

Google's Santa Tracker Revamped; Android App Gets a Pokemon Go-Like AR Game


  • Most videos are currently locked within the app
  • Tracking feature will be available from December 24th
  • Mini-game asks users to collect gifts and drop them at Santa’s Workshop

The holiday season is here and just like last year, Google has provided an yearly update to its Santa Tracker App on Android as well its Web version. The fun Android app and the Santa Tracker website were launched two years ago by the search giant for the purpose of entertainment and to celebrate the festive season. This year, interestingly, an augmented-reality game has been added to the Android appapart from design changes to the village.

The augmented-reality game introduced within the Santa Tracker app, called Present Quest, seems to draw its inspiration from Pokemon Go. It asks users to roam around, and using Google Maps collect gifts and drop them at Santa’s Workshop.

Apart from the mini-game, the app comes with a redesigned village and videos just like before. However, most of the videos are currently locked and will be unlocked as we reach closer to the Christmas Day. The primary feature of the app, which allows you to track Santa, will be unlocked and be available on Christmas Eve, i.e., on December 24.

Santa Tracker provides users with a countdown to the Christmas Eve and is meant to provide entertainment to people of all ages. Users of Chromecast can cast from the Android app and explore the village and track Santa’s route through their television.

The new additions to the app seem to be interesting and are likely to keep you engaged till the Christmas Eve, when you will finally be able to track Santa’s route

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