Nintendo is updating Super Mario Run with a new character, mode, and world

Nintendo will issue a new update to its iOS and Android game Super Mario Run on September 29th, which will include a new world, mode, and playable character.

The update will introduce a new mode called Remix 10, which randomly splices together 10 sections from the game’s various levels in quick succession and rewards players with rainbow medals. Completing the various stages will allow players to rescue Princess Daisy and subsequently play as her throughout the rest of the game. Players will also be able to unlock a new world called World Star, which includes nine new levels, enemies and some additional gameplay mechanics.

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Polygon notes that there’s some other minor updates: players can get new items to put in their Mushroom Kingdom, and can listen to their own music while they play — when they do so, their runners will wear headphones. Nintendo is also temporarily cutting the price in half starting on September 29th through October 12th.


Super Mario Run Controls, Gameplay, Coins, World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder Modes Explained

Super Mario Run Controls, Gameplay, Coins, World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder Modes Explained
Super Mario Run has three modes
World Tour plays out like classic Mario games
Toad Rally is the game’s multiplayer mode
Super Mario Run is now available to download on the iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod touch so as long as you have iOS 8.0. Android gamers will have to wait it out until next year, when Nintendo will finally release Super Mario Run on that platform. For the rest of us, here’s what you need to know to get the best out of Super Mario Run on iOS.

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Super Mario Run controls
In Super Mario Run, Mario runs from left to right automatically. Tapping the screen makes him do a small jump. Hold the screen longer, and he jumps higher. That’s all there is to it – you’ve just got to get into the flow and get the timing right.

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Super Mario Run World Tour mode gameplay shows it’s not an endless runner
Like every classic Mario game, your objective is to make it to the flagpole at the end of the level before the timer runs out. This is how the game plays in the World Tour mode — similar to classic Mario games.

Endless runners don’t have a definite end point, while Super Mario Run does, making it more of an auto runner than an endless runner. It might sound like semantics, but the difference exists and it’s an important one. Also, just because there are levels doesn’t mean there’s no replayability.
Super Mario Run coins are plentiful, and colour-coded
If you like collecting every single coin in Mario games, you’re in for a treat. Aside from the usual gold coins, each level has three sets of special coins to collect — pink, purple, and black. Collecting one full set unlocks another version of the level, with the coins hidden in places that are more difficult to reach. Since Mario runs automatically, timing is crucial to collect them all. Otherwise you’ll have to replay the level from the very beginning.

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super mario run modes super_mario_run

Super Mario Run bubble system explained
Much like New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo consoles, Super Mario Run uses bubbles. These let you rewind your progress in a level as far as you’d like, allowing you to collect a coin you missed. Keep in mind that the timer does not reset. This means that if you use too many bubbles or go back too far, you might not finish a level. As for finding these bubbles? Hit the blocks with a question mark to get these power-ups.

Super Mario Run Toad Rally is Super Mario Run’s multiplayer mode
In Super Mario Run Toad Rally, your goal is to beat your opponent — which is essentially the performance data of another player – with style. What this means is, you won’t be competing in real time but against someone’s high score that’s visually represented as a character running across the screen.

This is known as asynchronous multiplayer. You won’t just be tasked with outrunning them though, there’s an audience to impress. Pull off stunts like fancy jumps and flips and toads — citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom – will join you. You can’t access this Super Mario Run mode without Rally Tickets, which can be earned by performing in-game feats such as clearing a level in World Tour mode.

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Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder
Remember the coins and toads we mentioned? You can use them in Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder mode. This mode lets you make your own Mushroom Kingdom. It resembles a world map in other Mario games. You’re limited in what you can buy, by the number of Toads that you’ve impressed. Hit the requisite number of Toads, and you can use your coins to buy different items. There’s little in way of gameplay, but more by way of bragging rights, with cosmetic items such as green pipes, flags, and question mark boxes among others, to decorate your kingdom with.

Super Mario Run’s three modes don’t appear to be that disparate, unified by a common currency system and interlocking elements that could ensure you don’t stick to one specific mode alone. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo doles out Rally Tickets or modifies mechanics to earn more Toads in the weeks to come.

Are you playing Super Mario Run on iOS? Or are you waiting for it on Android? Let us know via the comments.

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Super Mario Run Launced for iOS: Price, Mobile Data Usage, and More

Super Mario Run Launced for iOS: Price, Mobile Data Usage, and More
Super Mario Run is out on December 15
It is for iOS devices right now
Android devices will get it early next year
The eagerly-awaited Super Mario Run game has been launched for iOS by Nintendo, bringing the beloved Italian plumber to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch screens across the world. For those who grew up playing Mario games, which have been around since 1981, the new Super Mario Run will kick in the nostalgia. If you have downloaded the new Nintendo game, or looking forward to downloading it, here’s everything you need to know about Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run release date
Super Mario Run was released on December 15 globally. If you’ve signed up for the notifications to the game, you will be told when it can be downloaded.

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Super Mario Run release time
The Super Mario Run release time might differ depending on your location. The game might be available in countries like the US from around 10am PST and India from 11:10pm IST on December 15, depending on how Nintendo decides to release the game.

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Super Mario Run download size
Expect it to take up around 370MB of storage space. It might not sound much but could be a problem if you have 16GB iOS device or a poor Internet connection.

Super Mario Run price
The game’s price is Rs. 620 in India and $9.99 in the US. This makes Super Mario Run one of the more expensive games on the App Store but you can try it for free. Which brings us to the next point.

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Super Mario Run is free
Free to try, that is. Nintendo has stated you can play a few levels of Super Mario Run at no cost to you. It hasn’t stated how many levels will be free but if it is anything like what early previews suggest, expect three levels and a brief sampling of the fourth.

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Super Mario Run is iPhone and iPad only for now
Yes, you read right, Nintendo is keeping Super Mario Run as a timed exclusive on iOS devices for now. A Super Mario Run Android release is planned for next year.

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Super Mario Run is always online
Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, has revealed that you will need an Internet connection to play Super Mario Run. Speaking with Mashable, Miyamoto said that the decision had been taken to combat the game’s piracy. “For us, we view our software as being a very important asset for us,” he added.

“And also for consumers who are purchasing the game, we want to make sure that we’re able to offer it to them in a way that the software is secure, and that they’re able to play it in a stable environment.”

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When Mashable asked if he was referring to the risk of piracy in “security”, he said: “That’s correct. Unlike our dedicated game devices, the game is not releasing in a limited number of countries. We’re launching in 150 countries and each of those countries has different network environments and things like that. So it was important for us to be able to have it secure for all users.”
Super Mario Run may use upto 75MB of data per hour
According to AppleInsider, Super Mario Run iOS would need 75MB of data per hour of “constant, involved” play after the initial download. And a lot less in most cases.

We won’t be surprised if this is an extremely generous estimate of the amount of data Super Mario run would consume. Reason being, the likes of Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV on consoles and PC take up a tenth of the bandwidth at best. Nonetheless, we’ll know for sure when it hits iOS soon.

With the Nintendo Switch reveal seeing another Mario game, we won’t be surprised to see if there’s a deeper connection between both games when Nintendo’s console sees a full reveal in January.

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Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run is available on iOS
It has three game modes
It requires an Internet connection to play
Nintendo has finally embraced smartphones with Super Mario Run. The game is now available on iOS and you play as Nintendo’s most famous character, Mario. It’s the Mario game people have always wanted to play on smartphones, and it has a lot of expectations to meet.

Nintendo has always made amazing games for its own consoles. Even the Nintendo Wii U, which was a failure if you compare its sales numbers against the Wii, got incredible first-party games such as Mario Kart 8. Nintendo’s own games have a history of being extremely well-designed and being welcoming towards casual gamers.

Super Mario Run is a different kind of a challenge. For the first time in a very long time, Nintendo will have to make its games for other companies’ platforms. Apple’s iOS is a good place to start but there are many challenges here. Nintendo had to adapt the game to touch screens, and use a pricing model that works in today’s smartphone market.

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With a free to download game that has one Rs. 620 in-app purchase to unlock the full game, Nintendo has taken a bold step. In a world where most games struggle to generate sales even when priced at Rs. 60, this is a different pricing tier altogether. Can Nintendo succeed with Super Mario Run? We played the game to find out.

Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto-runner with 24 levels. The game has two other modes – Kingdom Builder, and Toad Rally. The main game is like Mario games of old, with obstacles to avoid and a princess to rescue. The bonus levels are going to be totally new to you if the last Mario game you played was on an SNES.

super mario run coins Super Mario Run

The game starts with the World Tour mode. Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach, and you play as Mario trying to rescue her. The base game is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. Mario runs on his own, vaults small obstacles on his own, and even jumps over some enemies. All you need to do is jump to grab coins and avoid bigger obstacles and enemies. If you into a pit or get killed by an enemy, you are immediately resurrected inside a bubble and you can choose where to start the level from.

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The game’s scoring system relies on coins and power ups. Get more of these and you get a bigger score. Clearing levels is simple too – just reach the end within 99 seconds, and you’re done. However, Super Mario Run doesn’t let you stop and return to a previous point unless Mario dies. This means that collecting all coins is a real challenge, and that makes the game a lot of fun to play. It has a lot of regular coins to collect and some bonus coins that let you play the game again and again without getting bored.

The first tier of bonus coins is pink in colour and each level has five of these. When you collect all five in one level, you can play the level again for purple, and eventually black bonus coins. With each progression, the position of all coins changes and each level feels like a new level.

The controls are very responsive and will present no problems. This game does not require as much skill as some other Mario games and that may irk some people. There is a wide margin for error here and that is perfect for casual gamers, which is the audience Nintendo is targeting here.

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The art is signature Nintendo style for newer Mario games and it’s wonderful. We did find ourselves longing for the pixel art in old Mario games but that’s just us feeling nostalgic.
Unfortunately the game requires you to be online at all times. We were in a poor network zone near home and the game refused to save our progress. We also had a very hard time playing when commuting to work as the Internet keeps dropping along the way. This is a major downside if you’re playing in India or one of the many places across the world with poor Internet connectivity.

super mario run jump Super Mario Run

When we got back online we tried a toad rally. It’s a multiplayer mode where you compete with ghost racers belonging to other players. The aim here is to collect as many coins as possible within a given time frame. Toad rallies let you earn rally tickets and bring toads to your kingdom. That lets you level up and unlock cosmetic items such as playable characters and buildings for your kingdom.

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There’s a bonus building here that lets you take Mario into a few rooms and depending on your luck you may get a lot of coins and rally tickets. You can play this once a day.

These parts of the game aren’t as good as the World Tour. After a point they start feeling tedious. If you’re the kind of person who’ll tolerate the grind for cool new characters, these modes will work for you. We’re just glad that there are no in-app purchases to buy new characters and we chose to focus our efforts on the awesome World Tour mode instead.

Overall, Super Mario Run is an excellent entry into the Mario franchise. The game is good enough to merit a Rs. 620 in-app purchase, as long as you don’t live in a place with poor Internet connectivity.

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Excellent World Tour Mode
Easy to pick up and play
Well optimised for smartphones
Signature Nintendo art

Needs an Internet connection
Tedious Kingdom Builder mode
Rating (out of 10): 7

We played Super Mario Run on an iPhone 7. The game is available for all iOS devices right now running iOS 8.0 and above with the first three levels free. Rs. 620 unlocks the full game. It’s on Android early next year.

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