Longer academic year in UP: Teaching days to go up to 220 from 180


Universities and colleges in Uttar Pradesh will now make good use of technology in their teaching pedagogy. They will also get a lot of time to do so because the number of teaching days will be increased from 180 days at present to 220 days.

These decisions were taken at a conference of vice chancellors of a number of universities at a conference convened on Thursday before the start of the academic session in Lucknow.

Like in the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), the university and college teachers will be asked to upload their lectures on websites ahead of classes. This will help students to come better prepared for classes and teaching will be more interactive. .

The number of teaching days will also be increased from the present 180 days to 220 days and from next year and the academic session in higher educational institutions will begin from July 10, 2018 instead of the usual July 16, deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma said while briefing the media about the decisions taken at the conference.

Other issues that came up for discussions included increasing the tenure of VCs of state universities from the present three years to five years.No final decisions were taken.

Restoring of student union elections in state universities was also discussed but there was no consensus on the matter.

Some of the vice chancellors had issues with student union polls because they feared that it would derail academic sessions and disrupt peace on campus as student politics were usually followed by law and order problems.

More than 30 heads of universities participated in the first of its kind after the BJP government came to power in March this year.




Google Allo No Longer Features in Top 500 Apps on Google Play

Google Allo No Longer Features in Top 500 Apps on Google Play
Google Allo has seen a drastic ranking drop in last one month
Google recently added a chatbot named Lucky to the app
The app has consistently dropped out of top 500 in recent weeks
It seems like Google’s experiment to simplify messaging and video chats with the release of its Allo and Duo apps is not going as well as the search giant would have hoped – Google Allo is not featuring even in top 500 apps on Google Play in the US currently.

On the basis of Google Play data provided by App Annie, it is clearly visible that Google Allo has dropped out of the top 500 apps several times in since November, with a sharp downward trend more evident in the last couple of weeks, Android Police pointed out in its report. You can see the times it has dropped off the chart as the blank spaces in the graph below, with yellow representing Communications app rank, red representing Applications rank, and blue representing overall rank.

us google allo app annie 1 US Allo App Annie

Things aren’t very different in India either – in the same period, Google Allo dropped off the top 500 charts in the first week of January, as you can see in the graph below.

india google allo app annie 1 India Allo App Annie
Notably, Google introduced Hindi Assistant for India in December last year and Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager at Google, claimed at the time that the app had received tremendous response, especially in India, which he said had one of the highest number of Google Allo users.

Just two months ago, the text-messaging app was ranking consistently around top 200 apps but has seen almost a free-fall since mid-December, AP pointed out in its report.

Google recently added a new chatbot named Lucky to the Allo app that provides users with GIF images on the basis of their requirements. In order to get help from the chat bot, users need to simply type @lucky in the app followed by whatever phrase they want.

Considering that Google has been consistent with its updates to Allo since its launch, it comes across as a surprise that the app is failing to gain traction among Android users.

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State can no longer ignore pre-K education

Image result for State can no longer ignore pre-K educationWhen lawmakers meet next week, Gov. Steve Bullock will again be advocating for public early childhood education. Only this time his proposal has been pared back by some two-thirds, from the $37 million he sought in the last Legislature to just $12 million for pre-kindergarten education in the budget he is sending to lawmakers this year.

This is a no-brainer. Early childhood education has been shown to pay off with higher student performance in later years, fewer high school dropouts, fewer teen pregnancies and lower rates of drug and alcohol abuse.

Meanwhile, some Republicans, who hold majorities in both the House and the Senate, already have their eye on that $12 million for use as matching money to get more than $100 million in highway money.

That is a patently false choice. Indeed, we sorely need to invest in our roads and bridges. But that need not come at the expense of our children’s future educational success. Lawmakers are showing the same kind of myopic vision that failed us in the last session. Montana is in better shape financially than just about any state in the union. It will not be difficult for well-intended legislators with the best interests of the state at heart to find sufficient funds to pay for both bridge and highway improvements and the modest early childhood education program the governor is proposing.

This is more than just giving our kids a leg up in school. It’s an investment. Studies have shown that every dollar spent on early childhood education returns between $7 and $9 through increased economic activity and savings on spending on welfare and criminal justice.

Montana is dead last among states on early childhood education spending and one of only five states that do not offer a public pre-K program. And if passed by lawmakers, the $12 million will fund a program that is entirely voluntary. School districts need not participate, and parents will be free to opt out as well.

If your lawmaker does not support this common-sense addition to our state education program, demand to know why. There simply is no reason to say no to early childhood education.

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Pokemon Go No Longer Working in Parts of India, Reddit Users Complain

Pokemon Go No Longer Working in Parts of India, Reddit Users Complain


  • Pokemon Go isn’t working for parts of India
  • Players claim Pokemon locations, Gyms, and PokeStops are missing
  • The game is yet to release in India officially

Pokemon Go has just hit Japan, signalling the first of many launches in Asia for the game. However it appears that several eager Pokemon Go fans in India are witnessing crucial location data required to play the game missing.

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“I end my work early morning and head outside. Everything is empty. The PokeStops, the Gyms, the nearby list. All gone. I ran to my PC and create an account in PTC [Pokemon Trainer’s Club] and use the Pokemon locator that has been around since yesterday. It’s BLANK for my city. I then change co-ordinates to US/Japan; Welp! There are all my Pokemon. Guess they deleted or hid all the spawns/and data for countries yet to have a release,” posted Redditor likemsan earlier today.

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This appears to have impacted several regions in India including Bengaluru, Chennai, Kerala, and Kolkata. Hyderabad seems to be impacted as well.

Nonetheless, we fired up the game in Mumbai and everything is as it should be. It has also been reported that those in Delhi and NCR have been able to play the game just fine as well. Right now though, there’s no telling if this is simply a glitch on Niantic’s part that needs to be fixed or a sign of things to come – the gradual removal of the game in India (as the company has done in several other regions like Japan) prior to an official launch.

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Are you able to play Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments.

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