The impossible Cricket World Cup selection puzzle that looms

Steve Smith and David Warner are fully expected to be included in the 15-man World Cup squad.

It’s becoming increasingly hard for selectors to find the weak links in Australia’s ODI line-up as they stew over who to tap on the shoulder when Steve Smith and David Warner return.

The two, whose year-long suspensions expire later this month, are fully expected to be included in the 15-man World Cup squad that must be submitted by April 23.

Australia travel to the UAE for a five-match ODI series after Wednesday’s decider against India.


Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown Reveals a Larger Battery and That It’s Nearly Impossible to Repair

Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown Reveals a Larger Battery and That It's Nearly Impossible to Repair


  • Apple Watch Series 2 has battery capacity of 273mAh
  • The components have been put together in a compact manner
  • Apple Watch Series 2 has GPS and a brighter display

Apple prefers to not reveal certain specifications of its products at its launch events as the performance of some of its devices cannot be judged merely by numbers. This is because optimisation plays a key role for the products made by the Cupertino-based company. However, this secrecy usually makes users even more excited about the teardown of Apple products.

After the teardown of iPhone 7 Plus, iFixit has now torn into the hardware of Apple Watch Series 2 and revealed that the smartwatch packs a battery capacity of 273mAh as compared to 205mAh offering on its predecessor.

Apple seems to have addressed the biggest qualm anyone had about the first generation Apple Watch. However, comparing the battery life of the two generations based on capacity might not be fair, as the new watch from Apple does pack extra juice with it. It is hard to say, whether the overall battery life of the watch will be able to last longer as the new version of the watch comes with GPS as well as a brighter display.

The teardown further revealed that there are no drastically unique components that have been added to the Apple Watch Series 2 but to achieve water resistance up to 50 metres, the components have been glued together in a very compact manner.

iFixit pointed out that just like last year’s edition, the new Apple Watch has been developed in such a way that “beyond battery or display, it really is going to be next to impossible to repair anything.”

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