‘I lucked out a bit’ – UK skier James Woods wins first world title

James Woods

James Woods on his way to gold at the FIS World Championships. Photograph: Jeff Swinger/EPA

Great Britain’s James Woods has been crowned world champion for the first time after winning the men’s ski slopestyle competition in Utah.

The 27-year-old defied difficult weather conditions to edge out Norwegian teenager Birk Ruud and US double Olympic medallist Nick Goepper.

Woods said: “It feels good. Obviously I couldn’t be more proud. I’ve put a lot of effort in over the years as everybody has.”

“It was a bit of a wild day to be honest with you,” Woods added. “We’re hanging off the side of a mountain here – judging the weather conditions, assessing the wind, knowing what the snow is doing. Today was a pretty close call whether it was going to be fair. I only care whether conditions are fair and everybody’s safe. I lucked out a little bit, but you’ve got to take it haven’t you?”

Woods had previously won a world silver medal in Voss in 2013 and bronze at Sierra Nevada in 2017. And victory was especially sweet for the Sheffield star who missed out on a Winter Olympic medal in Pyeongchang last year by just 1.2 points.

james woods
 James Woods on the podium following the men’s slopestyle worldc hampionship race. Photograph: Rick Bowmer/AP

Woods had looked set to snatch a podium place in South Korea until Goepper edged him out with the final run of the competition.

Woods’s medal is Britain’s third of the championships after Charlotte Bankes and Izzy Atkin took silver and bronze in snowboard-cross and Ski Big Air, respectively.


Wealthcare, Er, I Mean, Healthcare Rant

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With the development to change medicinal services, and the advancement of a bothersome healthcare change charge, numerous are searching for arrangements, as a great many people, if not in coordinate “need” of a specialist, know somebody who is. However, for reasons unknown, they would prefer not to pay for that individual’s healthcare news today. I ask why! I am writing to some extent because of a demise that could have been avoided, if medicinal services was not in the matter of huge cash.


Indeed, healthcare has customarily made a business off of individuals’ affliction, and has not advanced wellbeing, therefore another casualty of this madness has passed on, leaving 2 minimal ones motherless.


The present news is confirm that the law perceives the legitimacy, the obligation, of counteractive action, regardless of whether it is by means of organization of a fundamental vitamin (for this situation, mineral), rather than sedating, cutting, or generally ineffectually “taking consideration” of the issue!


For the individuals who haven’t heard, I am alluding to a 44 year old lady, Caroline Johnston, who kicked the bucket this last seven day stretch of an absence of potassium. The crisis room faculty had verified that she was got dried out, and had low levels of potassium in her framework, yet just gave her the water, not the potassium (her family simply won a suit for misbehavior). Would it give excessively trustworthiness to the energy of nourishment, or is the healthcare business just not prepared in aversion?


The healthcare business (and it is a business, it could have been called “wealthcare” for the specialists) addresses the ailment business, and does not advance wellbeing. For instance, is the individual who, on account of stopped up supply routes has a sidestep, well? What number of individuals have needed to have another sidestep? What is the cost of one sidestep? How can one sidestep influence a man’s money related circumstance, regardless of whether the surgery was completely secured?


Contrast this and the individual who by right eating and way of life propensities stays away from the sidestep through and through. What is the cost of eating right, notwithstanding representing additional measures taken, for example, joining a wellbeing club, or taking cancer prevention agent supplements?


My proposed arrangement is to elevate learning and to avert illness. This would essentially require an aggregate re-focal point of the healthcare business from simply treating disorder, to concentrating on wellbeing and the anticipation of illness. At any rate, it will spare a large number of dollars, and no more, trillions, with numerous lives bettered and spared.

LSR’s ‘admin gazebo’ and five other things I love about my college

A welcome notice put up for LSR’s freshers by the mathematics department

On Wednesday, July 19, I was admitted to Lady Shri Ram College for Women for the BSc (Hons) mathematics programme. Though I attended the college orientation programme and the department orientation on July 20 and 21 and know I am in for the long haul (three years) here, those two days were enough for me to fall in love with a few things in my new college.


The college orientation was held on July 20, with guest speakers including notable alumnae of LSR. Thereafter, students from each department headed towards various spots on campus to plant saplings as part of the LSR tradition. My mathematics department planted three saplings in the green space adjoining the admin office. It was officially our first exercise as a department.

The admin gazebo – Yes, that definitely looks like a cool spot to chill out in. (Sourced)

2.Cool hangouts

It was during the planting of the saplings that I saw the admin gazebo in front of the admin office. As the name suggests, the shaded sitting area looked like a potential centre for student activity.I knew right away that I’d be spending a lot of time here.

3.Lush green campus

It’s a lush green campus with trees standing tall against red brick buildings and shaded walkways leading to the college building. Even the view from our class corridor is breathtakingly beautiful. I have learnt that the gardeners are given due credit for their efforts.

Trees, manicured lawns add to the beauty of this campus. (Sourced)

4. Easy access to information

As I walked through the college halls, my seniors’ dedication and creativity was evident. The notice boards designed by various societies and departments were meticulously structured and packed with information. The mathematics department’s notice board had details of activities conducted all year round.

The colourful and nicely done up notice boards in LSR. (Sourced)

5.Friendly seniors

Our seniors ensured that we felt at ease despite our nerves. Exhilarating performances by various societies and helpful tips during department orientations were all part of the package. It wasn’t based purely on a sense of duty, but reflected our seniors’ genuine care and concern for us.

6.An enabling environment

Besides the admittedly excellent faculty and academic rigour, societies help in the all-round development of students. While the former fuels a student’s inquisitive streak, the latter equips her with skills ranging from engagement to management. By the end of it all, an ELSA (referred to students of LSR) is sure to have carved a niche for herself.

Through the course of my studies here I look forward to growing into someone more confident, knowledgeable and kind; someone who has the power to change her surroundings, for the better.




The Most Forward-Looking Gadgets I Tried In 2016

Me giving the Bluegogo a spin outside the start-up's office. Photo: Liz ChoiAs far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gadget reviewer. As a kid, my favorite reading material, in addition to American comic books and manga, were video game review magazines like GamePro and EGM. When I got to high school and started making my own money, I began spending most of my paychecks on gadgets. I still remember dropping $800 (my entire month’s earnings as a teen) on an Archos PMA (portable media player), which was basically a very ancient version of the iPad, way back in 2001. Then in 2003, I got the T-Mobile Sidekick (aka the Danger Hiptop, rebranded for no particular reason because U.S. phone carriers like to interfere with every product), which was sort of a spiritual ancestor to the Android operating system.

Anyway, long story short: I am a gadget geek, and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to write about gadgets for a living right now. Because I live just an hour away from Shenzhen — hardware capital of the world — I have gotten my hands on some of the wildest gadgets this year.

Now this following isn’t a list of the “best gadgets,” but the most forward-thinking ones. These are gadgets that, much like the Archos PMA and T-Mobile Sidekick that let me surf the web on the go, hint at something that’s coming soon in the future. To me, that’s what’s fun about gadgets, they do things that were previously deemed impossible. Without further ado, here are the most forward-looking gadgets I tried in 2016.

1: Bragi Dash

Bragi The Dash. Photos: Ben Sin

Bragi The Dash. Photos: Ben Sin

Truly wireless earbuds that operate by touch, can act as a stand-alone music player without the need to play from another source, and plays/stops music automatically whenever I put on/take off the buds? Yup, Bragi’s Dash (officially named “The Dash,” which I think is apt considering how futuristic and cool these things look) sounds too good to be true. And while the Bluetooth connectivity isn’t as strong as a pair of expensive wireless headphones, the Dash brings enough to the table to offset that small flaw.

The Bragi Dash has 23 sensors embedded inside and outside the buds. Photo: Bragi

The Bragi Dash has 23 sensors embedded inside and outside the buds. Photo: Bragi

Recommended by Forbes


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Perhaps the feature I love most is “audio transparency,” which utilizes the microphone on the Dash to absorb ambient sound from the outside and feed it back to me. This is useful if I want to have a conversation with someone without taking off the earbuds (though it would appear so rude) and also when I’m listening to music while walking on the streets — with ambient noise audible, I can hear cars around me.

2: Mars by Crazybaby

Crazybaby's floating speaker, named the Mars. Photo: Crazybaby

Crazybaby’s floating speaker, named the “Mars.” Photo: Crazybaby

Shenzhen startup Crazybaby’s set to release its take on the truly wireless earbuds in a few months, but the product that got them attention first was this “floating” speaker.

Here, watch it in action.

Cool, right? And the sound doesn’t sound bad at all. As you can see on the video, the Mars consists of two parts: a spaceship looking speaker that “levitates” off of its sub-woofer base via magnets. Despite its large and heavy sub-woofer — the thing weighs like 10 pounds — the bass is, unfortunately, not too strong. Still, the Mars is enough to fill a normal U.S.-sized room or Asia-sized living room. But no one’s buying this for the sound anyway, it’s to show off the cool floating disc, which lights up and can spin different patterns that can be controlled via Crazybaby’s app.

3: Bluegogo/Mobike Smart Bikes

Bluegogo's bicycle has a solar panel located inside the front basket. Photo: Bluegogo

Bluegogo’s bicycle has a solar panel located inside the front basket. Photo: Bluegogo

Okay, this one isn’t technically a gadget, but Shenzhen’s bike- share scene is so much more advanced than the bike shares found in the Bay Area, New York or anywhere else in the world, I have to make mention of it here. Rival startups Bluegogo and Mobike have taken the traditional bike-share system and integrated the IoT to it. All of Bluegogo and Mobike’s bicycles are partly solar-powered and do not need to be parked at a dedicated bike stand.

Me giving the Bluegogo a spin outside the start-up’s office. Photo: Liz Choi

To ride, download the app, which will show you the nearest unused bike’s location (with tens of thousands of bikes in the city, there will almost always be one within a five minutes walk), then unlock the bike via the app. When you’re done riding, park the bicycle anywhere, tap a few buttons on the app and the bike will activate its rear-wheel lock. Payment is done digitally over the app, which also track riding stats. This makes the CitiBikes in New York look so dated.