New Ford Aspire Review: Better Equipped, Better Value for Money

Image result for New Ford Aspire Review: Better Equipped, Better Value for MoneyEver since Ford came out with the Aspire, the car has managed to create an identity for itself which is of being a good driver’s car. But then there were a few features that the car could have used. Now, though, seems like Ford has heard to their customers as they have now come out with the new Aspire that not only gets new features but also new styling. But does that mean it is better value for money than before? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the way the new Aspire looks. The biggest visual update is the redesigned front-end. The Aspire gets a new grille design which sports ample out of chrome for the chrome-lovers out there and the fog lamp enclosures now extend into the bumper to give it a c-shape design and yes, gets the chrome treatment as well. The headlamps have been smoked out and even they get a chrome element inside!

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewThere’s ample of chrome on the New Ford Aspire. (Photo:

Coming to the back of the car, the thick chrome strip that runs across the width of the boot lid remains the same as the earlier model whereas the rear bumper has been redesigned. Look closer and you will notice that the tail lights get new detailing.

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewThe new Ford Aspire gets subtle updates at the back. (Photo:

As for the side profile, well, it still has that muscular and strong shoulder line which is now complemented by new 15-inch alloy wheels.

Overall, the car looks fresh and more up to date. However, there is no LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), projector headlamps or LED tail lights on offer even in the top-spec variant, which is something that the competing cars in this segment do come with. Is it a deal breaker? and does it make that much of a difference? Not at all, but it is something that would have been nice to have.

Moving on to the inside of the car and the first thing that you will notice is that the cabin has the familiar Ford layout. The build quality is great and so is the quality of materials used – something that Ford is known for.

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewThe interiors of the new Ford Aspire have a familiar layout. (Photo:

Gone are the leather seats making way for the new fabric seats that have better bolstering. There is enough room for passengers all around the cabin but the car surprisingly does not have a rear AC vent or a charging port for the rear passengers which is a big miss.

Add to that the absence of cup holders in the rear armrest and no bottle holders in the rear doors which is a bit surprising, to be honest.

The Aspire’s saving grace, though, is the new touchscreen infotainment system.

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewThe infotainment system of the new Ford Aspire in the top-spec variant comes with Ford’s SYNC 3 technology. (Photo:

We drove the top-spec variant which actually gets a smaller 6.5-inch screen as opposed to a 7-inch screen that the lower variants get, but it offers the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support which the lower variants don’t. There are also two USB ports placed in the centre console and the car gets the usual Bluetooth connectivity along with steering mounted controls. The outside rearview mirrors can now be operated electronically and I absolutely loved the rotary knobs for the volume and aircon controls which feel premium.

But coming to the infotainment system, it gets Ford’s SYNC 3 technology and simply put – this is the best infotainment system in the compact sedan segment in India right now. The touch response is simply fantastic and there’s also a reverse parking camera that the new Aspire gets.

Then, there’s the addition of automatic headlamps and rain sensing vipers as well.

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewThe new Ford Aspire gets new features like automatic headlamps and wipers. (Photo:

So yes, the new touchscreen infotainment system is the highlight of the cabin but what I really liked was the driving ergonomics that the car has to offer. Especially the chunky steering wheel which is just fantastic to hold.

And this isn’t that big of a surprise. Ford cars are known for being great at driving and it is applicable on the new Aspire as well. The other thing that Fords are known for is safety, and the Aspire offers that by offering dual airbags and ABS as standard across variants. The top-spec variant of the Aspire comes with six airbags around the cabin.

The unit we tested came powered with the 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine which was first seen on the Ford Freestyle and it gets the same state of tune in the Aspire as well. The engine makes 96 PS of power at a sky-high 6,500 RPM and 120 Nm of torque at 4,250 RPM. This engine is peppy and when you drive it down low in the RPM range, it is calm and composed like a well-behaved child. But, go past the 3,000 RPM mark and you are greeted with a throaty exhaust note and the car pulls ahead like a cat who is afraid of water, has just been in the water.

The gear throws are short and crisp and the drivetrain feels just so engaging to shift through.

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewWe drove the manual-gearbox equipped variant of the new Ford Aspire and the drivetrain was a delight. (Photo:

That’s not it, the chassis is so good that it makes you believe that it can take much more power. And the driving feedback from the steering wheel and the brakes makes the car feel sublime. Yes, the ride quality is a bit harsh at low speeds but it just keeps getting better and better as the speeds climb.

This is a proper driver’s car.

Ford, Ford Aspire, Aspire, Ford Aspire ReviewThe new Ford Aspire gets new 15-inch alloy wheels. (Photo:

Last but not least, the price. The new Ford Aspire is actually cheaper than the old Ford Aspire. And with that, it also undercuts the starting price of the Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze as well as the new Maruti Suzuki Dzire making it a sweeter deal than ever before.

So to sum up the new Aspire’s experience. Well, if you’re in the market looking for a compact sedan then you might be looking for things like efficiency or practicality, but if you’re looking out for driving dynamics, then the new Aspire is something that we definitely recommend.


Ford Freestyle India launch on April 18, 2018

Ford is all set to launch its new Freestyle cross-hatchback in the Indian market on April 18, 2018. Ford dealer outlets have already begun accepting bookings for the new model.

Additionally, Ford has also joined hands with Amazon India which will promote 100 units of the Freestyle on its website on April 14, 2018, 2pm onwards. A booking amount of Rs 10,000 has been set which can be paid by Amazon’s certified payment modes.

The Ford Freestyle features typically crossover-like exterior changes over the hatchback – including a new bonnet, grille, skid plate, alloys and blacked-out headlamps. Other exterior changes see the addition of metallic roof rails and extra body cladding; the car also rides on bigger, wider 185/60 R15 wheels.

The cross-hatchback is available in six monotone colour options – Canyon Ridge (a brownish finish), Smoke Grey, Moondust Silver, White Gold, Oxford White and Absolute Black. A roof wrap and body strip are also on offer, as accessories.

Along with the extra 15mm ground clearance, the Freestyle also sports a unique steering and suspension set-up, when compared to the standard Figo hatchback.

The Freestyle comes with a new Dragon-series 1.2-litre petrol engine, good for 96hp at 6,500rpm and 120Nm of torque at 4,250rpm with a claimed fuel efficiency figure of 19kpl. The Freestyle diesel gets a 1.5-litre diesel that produces 100hp at 3,750rpm and 215Nm of torque at 1,750-3,000rpm. A five-speed manual is standard on both engine options, although the petrol will get an automatic option, at a later date. Interestingly the Freestyle’s petrol variant comes with a 42-litre fuel tank while the diesel version – which has an ARAI-rated fuel efficiency of 24.4kpl – has a 40-litre tank.

The Freestyle is available in four trim levels on each engine option – Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium+. Even the base variant (Ambiente) gets a safety kit with ABS with EBD, dual-front airbags, three-point rear seat belts, reverse parking sensors and rear fog lamps.


One-of-a-kind: Ford Mustang GT Overview

Ford Mustang GT


The 2016 version is the 1st Gen Mustang to get a RHD System
India-spec Mustang GT receives a de-tuned 400bhp V8 engine
The Mustang GT will launch in India in the 2nd 1/2 of 2016
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
50 – 60 lakh (Expected Rate)
Study More
The one that started it all. The unique pony car, which packs in all-American muscle with a few grunt and growl – that’s the Ford Mustang. Born in 1963, and presently in its sixth technology, the Mustang isabsolutely one of the most iconic vehicles ever. Whilst a few Indian collectors have had most of the 60s Mustangs, for the maximum component India has now not been lucky to have its own love affair with this American car masterpiece. Until now that is! Circa 2016 and the brand new Ford Mustang was one of theabsolute showstoppers on the Delhi Car Expo.

Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT became Unveiled in India at Automobile Expo 2016

Ford would have favored to convey us the Mustang much in advance to be sincere. The automobile has a tale, a legacy and a romance that speaks for itself – and creates the best flagship or halo model then does not it? Nicely the simple truth changed into that Ford never advanced a proper-hand power Mustang Tillthis technology and that become certainly the biggest motive why any RHD marketplace never were given the fabled stallion in its stables! When Ford started out development work on the new sixthgeneration automobile it became clear approximately creating a RHD model from scratch. Commonwealth countries have fun then!

Ford Mustang GT Front
That is the first era Ford Mustang to Come with RHD Setup

I drove the previous technology Mustang Boss Version some years in the past in Dearborn at Ford’sglobal HQ. on the time I don’t forget wondering that The autolayout, legend and romancenotwithstanding – lacked some very primary refinement one expects these days. Certain you have toremember the reality that the Mustang isn’t supposed to be a very highquit sports activities vehicle!But nevertheless Whilst it got here to cabin format, cloth high-quality and suit/end – that Mustangchanged into only 8590%. It went like a rocket and became an absolute hoot to power with a pleasingheavy experience and a hugely guttural growl. the brand new automobile improves on quite a whole lotthe whole thing and maintains the unfashionable vibe that the Mustang wishes to. It is Well built, impeccably finished, and packs in a surprisingly sexy layout.

Ford Mustang GT California Edition
Ford Mustang GT California Edition

I drove the new sixth generation Mustang in its California Special constrained Edition avatar. that isnormally a trim addon to the inventory V8 GT Fastback body fashion Mustang. It does game aSpecial dash layout with the California Special badging adorning it. On the outside the Mustang stallionlogo actions to the left side of the The front grille, and manages to appearance a chunk menacing! But the main reason in riding that automobile become to sincerely revel in the Mustang in its ‘proper form‘.That means the version with the V8 and no longer the very celebrated smaller engine variants. I say celebrated due to the fact Ford’s formidable move has been widely appreciated – that of presenting the brand new Mustang with a slew of Greater green and smaller displacement engines – a three.7 litre V6, andthe two.3 litre Ecoboost.

Ford Mustang GT Engine
India-Spec Ford Mustang GT Will get a De-Tuned V8 Engine

Even as I’m under no circumstances averse to new thoughts and using smaller engine automobiles, Ford has already declared that the is the engine India Gets Whilst The auto launches later in the yr. So get a load of the figures first: 435 bhp and 540 Nm of torque. Now I need to alert you that the India specautomobile could have a down rate engine due to gasoline excellent and many others. But we cannevertheless get a 400 bhp motor with about 515 Nm of torque. Even as you have the selection of a 6speed manual or Automobile gearbox, India is getting the automatic gearbox. The automobile is quickerthan I anticipated, and offers you the heft anticipated of a muscle vehicle, without being clunky.

Ford Mustang Vehicle Field
India-Spec Ford Mustang GT Will only Include an Automobile Container

So how does it drive? That is a vehicle that has been designed to attraction to the Properly-healed and the muscle vehicle lovers. The Mustangs in the 80s, 90s and 2000s sported a barely clunky drivetrain andturned into Properly short of what we’d call delicate. The crudeness turned into some thing carried off as American design, or the keep of a muscle car. That common sense did not without a doubt preserve for me, and now I discover with the previous generation (that came in 2004) Ford commenced to transport in a distinctive path. the brand new 6th gen automobile actually achieves that leap forward I experience.It’s miles a automobile to be able to power forward when you need to, sound quite darned suitabledoing it, and additionally be a Properly-mannered city or toll road cruiser. And it does all this Even astransporting you and your circle of relatives in more consolation and fashion.

Ford Mustang GT velocity
Ford Mustang GT Can Do a 0100 km/h Sprint in four.five Sec

The car is brief, and that speedo needle travels quite quick to triple digits. The automobile hits a hundredkm/h in an smooth four.five seconds. The electrically assisted steering is specific and wishes lesser enterthan earlier than. The engine’s roar is relatively muted (by way of comparison to the closing vehicle)However the endeavour is to offer More delicate product. NVH in preferred is a great deal higher too. Thelarge change is the vital hyperlink independent rear suspension. The solid rear axle that turned intoalmost the hallmark of all Mustangs for the reason that first one, has gone. This indicates bettercornering, a Extra complete ride first-class and Extra specific and tauter handling.

Ford Mustang GT Rear Profile
Ford Mustang GT Rear Profile

I’ve to say I used to be thoroughly surprised by how this automobile can flow now – and no longersense like the rear is catching up to the Front anymore. the new chassis is therefore manner Extraincluded and feels quite extremely good At the pass. Indian buyers will like the adequate orconsiderable experience it gives, with out being too stiff. the automated works very well, with properlytimed ratios. But even if you use the paddles you may find it just as responsive.

Ford Mustang GT Indoors
Ford Mustang GT Indoors

The cabin is Nicely appointed as I said, with the proper amount of gadget you assume in recent times. Sync means that the whole lot from audio to the navigation may be recommended using voiceinstructions. Could be desirable if Ford gives all of that in the Indian variation.

Ford Mustang GT Rate
Ford Mustang GT May be Priced Close to 50 Lakh

The Mustang is supposed to convey the sports activities vehicle to the loads, and so being a noticeablyinexpensive providing has usually been key to Ford’s pony method. In India although with the intention to not be the case with expenses anticipated to get in the direction of the 50 lakh mark. Ford will blow a lot of opposition out of the water if it may sooner or later provide a couple of variations of the Mustang in India that start at 30 lakh and visit 50 lakh of course. But to start with we are able to get only a fewdirect imports because the version remains very famous and in massive demand considering the fact that its international debut closing year. For now I cannot wait to see The automobile using on our roads. And I’m absolutely thrilled to had been able to spend some time with it.

Volkswagen Ameo vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Honda Amaze: Comparison Evaluation


The VW Ameo impresses with its features, layout and pricing
The Amaze has a variety of catching as much as do as compared to competitors
The Figo Aspire makes for a compelling case over the opposite 2 offerings
Volkswagen Ameo
Volkswagen Ameo
5.eighty three lakhOn Avenue Charge(Mumbai)
E book Check Pressure
The sub-4 metre sedan segment might be the quickest developing one currently, in India, and that isbecause of two motives – taxation regulations and client interest. And why is this so? Properly becausethis segment has motors, which offer the middle floor among a hatchback and a full-fledged sedan andthat is why almost each vehicle producer is jumping on this bandwagon; considering its ability. Volkswagen is the present day of the lot, but it’s past due into the section, so it is were given time to do its homework. We were given our fingers on the Ford Figo Aspire and the new Honda Amaze to determineout how Volkswagen’s Ameo fares.

Volkswagen Ameo
The Ameo gets a muscular profile


All three cars have inherited the circle of relatives look and so that you can see glimpses in their siblings in them. The Figo Aspire comes with the same Aston Martin-ish the front grille, at the same time as the Amaze borrows its appearance from the City sedan and the Ameo Seems more just like the Polo from thefront. however, at the quit of the day, it boils right down to who has put in most efforts, to make itappearance not like a hatch with a boot or a compressed model of a sedan.

Ford Figo Aspire
The Figo Aspire takes concept from bigger Ford vehicles

The benchmark in phrases of Seems, we’re advised, for the Ameo become the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and the Hyundai Xcent; and yes, the Ameo Appears so much higher than both; but it is the Amaze and Figo Aspire that look very proportionate. Although, inside the average Appears department, you’ll ought to answersimply one query; which one might you supply a 2d look to? And that’s whilst the solution is a easy one – the Figo Aspire.

Honda Amaze
the brand new Amaze borrows its look from the Town sedan

Ford has now not simplest managed to get the proportions proper, however has additionally have given the sub-four metre sedan a unique appearance, which makes it attractive. The front grille adds its dash ofattraction, while the lines on either facet don’t appearance overdone. What’s additionally not overdone is the usage of chrome and typical, it Appears quite appropriate. The Ameo is a near 2d, due to the fact,Well, we just like the way the Polo Appears and so sure, it is inherited the good Seems.

Volkswagen Ameo Cabin
The Ameo gets a acquainted cabin at the strains of the Polo and Vento

Cabin Space

The short given to the designers of the Ameo changed into to make a limousine, that’s underneath fourmetres and they‘ve tried their first-rate, but the Space internal is similar to that of the Polo and the rear seat does get a bit cramped for six footers like me. The wheelbase is the same as the Polo and even though you get a higher under thigh assist than the Figo Aspire and the Amaze, the Ameo doesn’t feel as spacious.

Ford Figo Aspire Cabin
The Figo Aspire receives the maximum spacious cabin off all 3

The Amaze meets a comparable destiny And that is because it‘s got the lowest wheelbase of them all. Infact, the determine is the lowest within the section. The Figo Aspire is the most spacious of the lot And that’s no longer handiest because it has the longest wheelbase, however because you sit better too. it’staller than the other two. There is a very good amount of head room and Area too, at the rear seat, forthree adults. What about the boot Area then? With four hundred litres of boot Area, the Amaze is the clearwinner, followed by way of the Figo Aspire with 359 litres and the Ameo with 330 litres.
2016 Honda Amaze Indoors
The Amaze receives the most important boot with a capacity of 400 litres


Now, Volkswagen might have not been the the front runner inside the previous two departments,however it’s the long feature listing, along with phase first functions, that make it stand out, while in comparison to the Figo Aspire and the Amaze. The Ameo comes with features, like cruise manipulate,computerized rain sensing wipers, and even anti-pinch power windows. It also gets a rear AC vent or even a front centre armrest, however it is handiest available on the pinnaclequit Highline variation.each the Aspire and the Amaze get not one of the above.

Volksagen has brought several segment first capabilities on the Ameo

The Aspire grabs some factors for the SYNC era; but Honda has caught to the fundamentals, with the Amaze and the normal suspects like a Radio, USB, Aux-In and Bluetooth is all it gets. on the safety the front, the Ameo leads the way again, with dual the front airbags and ABS available as part of populargadget. The Aspire comes with dual airbags, as general, but receives six airbags and ABS within thepinnaclegive up version. in the Amaze, but, they may be part of elective gadget. at the same time asABS with EBD is offered as preferred, on the diesel version, the Amaze petrol does not share such good fortune. The Ameo then wins palms down on this showdown.

Volkswagen Ameo Powertrain
The Ameo may be to begin with supplied simplest with a 1.2-litre petrol engine


The Ameo is currently to be had in only the 1.2-litre petrol engine and it is precise sufficient for 73bhp,however, the Amaze and Aspire are available in each petrol and diesel. We can’t compare theperformance of the 3 because the Amaze and Figo Aspire we introduced had diesel powertrains but we’ve got pushed the petrol siblings earlier and both have the 1.2-litre, four cylinder pot, whereas the Ameoreceives handiest three cylinders. even though the Ameo may not experience as aggressive as the opposite , the guidance feel on this one is sportier due to the fact VW has long gone in for the flat-bottomed one and the brakes have an excellent bite too.

The Figo Aspire gets a soft suspension setup, that is stiff on the Amaze. The Ameo balances Well

The suspension setup at the Amaze is stiffer than the Aspire, at the same time as on the Ameo it feelspretty much right. Using through potholes, you at once be aware how strong the Ameo is and it is bestin the Amaze that you get thrown round a bit And that is entirely because of the stiffer suspension setup. The Ameo, even though is a chunk below powered and has to play capture up with the opposite . Volkswagen has promised that the diesel could be rocket and we cannot wait to peer it launch in Diwali thisyr.

Honda Amaze functions
The cabin Looks upmarket at the Amaze, however receives handiest the necessities


Volkswagen has made amends to all the ones, who inform them that their vehicles are overpriced. The Ameo undercuts all its competitors (in case you do not forget ex-showroom Mumbai Costs); however theAspire is the only one that comes near beating its Rate, in case you bear in mind the ex-showroom DelhiPrice. The Ameo comes at a beginning Rate of five.24 lakh, going proper as much as 7.05 lakh. The Aspire is inexpensive with the aid of 3000 and it starts at five.21 lakh going right as much as 7.38 lakh, whilstthe Amaze fees everywhere between five.35 to 7.25 lakh (all Prices ex-showroom Delhi).

Honda Amaze VW Ameo Ford Figo Aspire Evaluation
Volkswagen has delivered the Ameo with a quite competitive Fee tag

It always comes all the way down to the Fee of the car and this time around Volkswagen has hit the nail onthe top and they‘ve sponsored this up with a robust product and a bucket complete of functions. it’s the engine, but that could be a bit of a dampener and this is in which things will trade, as soon as the diesel powertrain is available in. In the mean time even though, as an usual package the Figo Aspire offers arobust case for itself and is actually a automobile really worth recommending. Honda too has performedan amazing activity with the facelift of the Amaze, however has it done sufficient? Well, considering what VW has introduced to the table, with the Ameo, There is lots of catching as much as do for theorganisation.