Apple Design Awards 2018 Announced, Indian Developer Bags Award for Calculator App

Apple Design Awards 2018 Announced, Indian Developer Bags Award for Calculator App


  • There is only one winner from the US this time
  • Indian developer from Chennai made it to the list
  • All winners receive a prize package filled with Apple products

Apple is currently hosting its annual developer conference, WWDC 2018, in San Jose, California from June 4-8. After announcing major updates to its iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS platforms at the inaugural keynote on Monday, the Cupertino giant also revealed the names of the winners of the 2018 Apple Design awards that include just one developer from the US with the rest coming from other countries. WapleStuff, a developer studio from Chennai, India, is also part of the list with its Calzy app available on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

This year’s edition of Apple Design Awards has been unveiled, with the event video to be uploaded soon on the company’s official website. Among the winners of the awards is the Chennai-based WapleStuff that developed a modern calculator app called Calzy 3. It offers a unique theme and its USP is a “Memory Area” where you can store multiple numerical values and reuse it across multiple calculating sessions with a simple drag and drop interaction.

Apart from that, the list is filled with developers from European countries. These include the likes of Agenda that offers a date-focused approach to note taking, Bandimal which is a kid-focused app that helps create music and simple tunes effortlessly, iTranslate Converse that is essentially a speech translation app offering a natural conversation experience, Playdead’s INSIDE an adventure-based game, Frost is an app that lets you draw paths to guide the flocking spirits to their home planets, and Oddmar is a drama game with a strong plot line.

The only app from the US to make it to the list is Triton Sponge from the developers over at Gauss Surgical. Available only on iPad, the app helps users estimate real-time surgical blood loss. Florence, from the designer behind Monument Valley, is an interactive storybook exploring an intriguing love story. Finally, Alto’s Odyssey from Canada is another popular adventure game that made it to the list.

According to 9To5Mac, winners of the 2018 Apple Design Awards will receive a “one-of-a-kind aluminium cube” and a prize package that consists of a 5K iMac Pro, a 15-inch MacBook Pro, a 256GB iPhone X, a 512GB iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, a 4K Apple TV, an Apple Watch Series 3, and a pair of AirPods.


Google I/O 2016: What to Expect From Google’s Developer Conference

Google I/O 2016: What to Expect From Google's Developer Conference


  • Google I/O 2016 starts on Wednesday, May 18.
  • A new version of Android will be announced at the conference.
  • Hardware developments like a standalone VR headset are also likely.

All the major tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook hold annual developer conferences which have become huge events that routinely see major announcements that matter not just to the developers in the audience, but also to general consumers. Coming up this week is Google I/O, which will take place from May 18 through May 20 in Mountain View, California. If you’re following along from India, Gadgets 360 will of course have news directly from the venue on Wednesday night, and you can also visit Google’s IO site to see the event schedule.

Before I/O, there has already been a bit of speculation about what to expect in terms of announcements at the conference. There’s been plenty of talk about augmented reality, virtual reality, new hardware, and new versions of Android. Here is what we think you should expect from Google I/O 2016.

Android N
This seems like a pretty safe bet to make at this stage. The early developer beta for Android N started a couple of months ago, and has features such as multi-window support, better notifications and doze, background optimisations, and much more.google_multi_window_support_screenshot.jpg(Also see: Android N Features: What’s New and Improved)

Most people expect the final version of Android N to launch at I/O as is typically the case for Google’s Android updates – and we’ll also finally get to know what the ‘N’ stands for.

A new VR headset
One more thing sounds like a pretty safe bet right now – that we’re going to get a standalone VR headset from Google, which will not require a smartphone to power it. The headset may be called Android VR, and is likely to fall somewhere between Samsung’s Gear VR, and high end PC-powered headsets such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.oculus_rift_black_inside_new.jpg(Also see: Mobile VR Guide – How to Pick the VR Headset That’s Right for You)

A new version of Cardboard
The standalone headset isn’t the only interesting rumour around Google and VR though – we’re also possibly getting a new version of Google Cardboard which will feature better sensors and better lenses.google_vr_headset_io15_official.jpgSelf-driving cars
Google’s been making steady progress on autonomous vehicles, and it doesn’t take a genius to guess that Google will want to do some demos of the technology, and possibly even have some announcement ready for what could well be the future of transportation. So far, the focus has been on showing people how normal a self-driving car can feel, and Google wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share that with its audience.

driverless_car_wp.jpgSome Project Tango news
Project Tango could revolutionise both virtual reality, and augmented reality, making both accessible at low prices. Lenovo is already working on the devices, and other manufacturers will no doubt follow. Project Tango could be used for accurate indoor mapping; or depth sensing for augmented reality so you could very accurately redesign your entire house on your phone, for example; or for gesture tracking in virtual reality so you could not just look around but also lean in and directly interact with objects.

It’s been in the works for a long time now, and we got our first look at it in devices at CES 2016 – the technology holds great potential, and if Google has managed to polish it up for consumer devices then it’s definitely going to show it off at I/O.intel_idf_google_project_tango_kit_ndtv.jpgProject Ara
Another R&D project from Google that’s been quiet for a while is Project Ara, aiming to develop modular smartphones where you could theoretically upgrade the hardware over time. It’s a very ambitious concept that has faced some setbacks, but Google has stuck to it.

ATAP, the team in Google responsible for Project Ara, will be making an appearance at I/O, and although the specifics of their session have not been revealed, it seems like a logical conclusion to draw that Ara will be discussed, and hopefully shown, at Google I/O 2016.project_ara_modular_phone_spiral2_prototype.jpgChirp
Another project that sounds exciting is Chirp – an Amazon Echo rival Google is reported to be working on. Like Echo, Chirp is supposed to be a wireless speaker that integrates Google Search and Google’s Voice Assistant, and can be activated by saying “Okay, Google”.

Reports suggest that Chirp won’t be ready to launch at I/O but with other companies also working on similar devices, it’s possible that Google might consider at least talking about the product.

New Nexus phones
While Google I/O is traditionally not the place Google launches its Nexus smartphones, things may be different this year. After all, Google has already released an early preview of its latest version of Android, and it usually launches its Nexus smartphones alongside the final version of its new Android version. Android N is expected to be released in its final form at I/O, lining up the dots. Information about the new smartphones is still pretty scarce at this point however, indicating Google will follow its regular pattern and release the smartphones in the third quarter – last year, it launched the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P at a September event. This year, HTC is tipped to be launching two Nexus device.htc_nexus_render_sketch_llabtoofer_weibo.jpgApart from this, it’s possible that we’ll hear more about Android Wear, Chrome OS, and smart home projects from Google as well, though at this point, details are scarce. We’ll know soon enough though, once Google I/O starts on Wednesday.

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Android N Developer Preview 3 improvements: the whole lot You want to understand


Android N Developer Preview 3 improvements: the entirety You need to know
The N Developer Preview three is Google’s first beta-fine release.
The contemporary N Developer Preview is now to be had to download.
Google’s new “Assistant” is a selection of Google’s upcoming seek equipment.
Google at its I/O 2016 keynote announced a host of latest merchandise along revealing severalimprovements to the subsequent Android N model that will are available in the new Developer Previewthree, as well as features a good way to be released later. The Android N Developer Preview three is saidwith the aid of Google to be the first beta-exceptional candidate that appropriate to check a person‘snumber one cellphone or tablet.

involved users can choose in to the Android Beta application via and as before, is well suited on Nexus 6, Nexus nine, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus participant, Pixel C, and Android One (wellknown mobile 4G). the brand new build ought to already be rolling out to enlisted devices, at the same time as manufacturing unit pix also are available.

Dave Burke, vp of Engineering, at the keynote on Wednesday careworn that the enterprise will attention on3 key subject matters with the new version of Android: overall performance, productiveness andsecurity. starting with performance, he stated that the first Developer Preview brought a new JIT compilerto enhance software overall performance while the second N Developer Preview covered Vulkan, a brand new 3-D rendering API. The Android N Developer Preview 3 will carry stepped forward photos and runtime overall performance.

Coming to productivity, Burke discovered that Android N now features less complicated multi-taskingtogether with quick-switching among apps, multi-window guide, and higher notifications. On the safety the front, enhancements consist of fileprimarily based encryption and seamless updates. The latter meansthat devices running Android N can installation gadget updates within the history. “this means that the following time a consumer powers up their device, new devices can robotically and seamlessly switchinto the brand new up to date system image,” stated Burke.

again to productivity, we test the 2 new multi-tasking features in Android N. a newshort transferfunction has been delivered that works by way of double-tapping the current apps button. users can nowlaunch multi-window by using lengthypressing the recents button.The organisation has updated theventure switcher button which now suggestsclear all” button. In an attempt to unclutter the current apps, Android N will routinely cast off the apps from recent apps.

a number of the other minor additions encompass Launcher Shortcuts so as to be released in summer season; the state-of-the-art Developer Preview three will consist of Android Pay as nicely; an all-new Google Keyboard themes which means that users, similar to SwiftKey 0.33party keyboard apps, cantrade exceptional issues for default Keyboard app; Google has additionally eliminated the “night Mode” from system UI Tuner; a brand new strength notification controls may be found beneath different sectionin machine UI Tuner; the contemporary Android N Developer Preview three provides guide exposure incamera app, and as expected the new Developer Preview will upload new gadget wallpapers.

Android N’s photo-in-photograph mode still seems confined to Android TVs most effective because thebusiness enterprise discovered no detail whether to deliver the characteristic to cellular gadgets. The actionable notifications which allow customers to reply without delay from a talk notification is likewisepresent within the modern Developer Preview 3.

The N Developer Preview 3 also promiseslargest platform replace” to the Android wear platform since itbecame unveiled in 2014 – Android put on the new Developer Preview includes UI changes and standalone apps. “based totally on what we’ve discovered from customers and developers, we areevolving the platform to improve key watch reports: watch faces, messaging, and health,” brought Burke.

one of the principal highlights of the keynote become the introduction of “Assistant,” which is an upcoming expansion of Google’s seek tools. The organisation says the “Assistant” is a verbal exchangebetween the user and Google that allows consumer get matters carried out.

“Computing is evolving beyond cell phones…the assistant have to be there throughout the context of aperson‘s day by day life,” said CEO Sundar Pichai.

“We need [Google] to be there for our customers all the time, asking ‘hello, How can i help?’ building on Google’s development in machine getting to know and AI, it is time “to take the following step in beingextra assistive to our customers,” Pichai brought. He confirmed Google Assistant will come includedinside the Google home, that is a voice-activated product.

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‘Android VR’ confirmed through Google developer web page

It looks nearly sure that Google will release an Android-powered VR headset that works with out acellphone or laptop. Android Police spotted an “Android VR” placeholder in Google’s Play Developer Console, and Engadget co-founder Peter Rojas (now an entrepreneur at funding company Betaworks) tweeted that “Android VR will be simply be introduced next week” (at Google I/O). Rojas brought that thedevice will be a “standalone” headset that does not require a phone, and will manifestly be lesseffective than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift models which are tethered to a laptop.

The rumors jibe with an earlier record that Google will release a standalone headset. The corporation might also use movementmonitoring cameras powered via Movidius, a business enterprise it worked with on the task Tango cellphone. however, the financial times additionally suggested that Google will launch adevice that does require a telephone, however helps more than one brands, in contrast to Samsung’stools VR. according to the WSJ, it may launch each styles of fashions at its I/O conference.

comply with
Peter Rojas ‎@peterrojas
Android VR will truly be introduced next week, and from what I’ve heard might be much less effective than the Vive or Rift.
8:29 PM – eleven may additionally 2016
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Neither type of headset requires thirdparty apps, because the Android VR revel in will supposedly be builtright into Android. that could fluctuate from Google’s Cardboard or the gear VR, which calls for Oculussoftware program to run. The latter headset is the only the majority think of for telephone VR, as Samsung cannily jumped on the tech as a manner to promote its highend smartphones. way to a giveaway promo with the S7 model and a cheap $a hundred price, over 1,000,000 users now own one.

a variety of parents (which include me) sold a Galaxy smartphone just to get the tools VR, so if Google launches a wearable and atmosphere that supports greater smartphones, Samsung and Oculus will lose their “monopoly.” It appears likely that Android VR could be baked into the approaching Android N runningsystem, so it is able to take some time before you could purchase those theoretical headsets. If correct,but, the goods will stoke a ton of interest for Google’s I/O conference, which Engadget might beprotecting drastically from may additionally 18-20. (it is subsequent week!)