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Goafest 2016: JWT India Leads Creative Abby Tally; Wins 5 Gold Awards

JWT India has also won the highest number of metals this year – 47. These include 5 Gold, 21 Silver and 21 Bronze Awards.

On April 9, the last lot of Creative Abby Awards was announced. But first, a quick look at the overall Creative Abby Metal Score.

Quick Round Up: In all, 419 metals were given away this year. These include 38 Gold awards, 134 Silver awards and 245 Bronze awards and a new award was introduced named Best of Category.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

Categories in which maximum Golds were given are: Public Relations (8) and Design (4). 3 Gold Abbies were given away in Publication and Digital categories each followed by Print Single, Film Single and Integrated categories with 2 Golds. Film Craft, Ambient Media and the newly introduced categories Young and Gender Sensitive were given away one Gold award each.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

Overall, maximum number of metals were given away in the Digital category (41), followed by Design (40).

In the Creative Abby Tally List, the top four organisations of 2016 are: JTW India (5 Golds), DDB Mudra (4 Golds), Publicis Communications (4 Golds) and Jagran Prakashan (3 Golds). Cheil India, Dentsu Creative Impact, Taproot Dentsu and Colombo based agency Sarva Integrated won 2 Golds each. Alok Nanda and Company (Communications), Brave New World Communications, Contract Advertising, Dentsu Webchutney, Early Man Film, Experience Commerce, Happy Creative Services, McCann Worldgroup, Out of the Box, R K Swamy BBDO, Scarecrow Communications and Star India won a Gold each.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

From a number-of-metals standpoint, in the Creative Abby Tally List, the top organisations of 2016 are: JWT India (47), Taproot Dentsu (40) and Contract Advertising (26). DDB Mudra Group and Dentsu Creative Impact stood fourth with 23 metals each.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

JWT India’s 47 metals include 5 Gold, 21 Silver and 21 Bronze Awards.

Taproot Dentsu’s 40 metals include 2 Gold, 19 Silver and 19 Bronze Awards.

Contract India’s 26 metals include 1 Gold, 9 Silver and 16 Bronze Awards.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

Now, a look at the agencies that won Gold awards on April 9, the third and last day of Goafest 2016.

On Day Three, 17 Gold awards, 67 Silver awards and 128 Bronze awards were given away.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

Day Three Gold Winners include the following organisations: Early Man Film, Contract Advertising, Dentsu Creative Impact, DDB Mudra Group, Publicis Communications, R K Swamy BBDO, Experience Commerce, McCann India, Alok Nanda Company (Communications), Out of the Box, JWT and Hectic Content.

Goafest 2016
Goafest 2016

There was no Grand Prix award winner this year but the newly introduced Best of Category award went to Publicis Communications for Ambuja Cements Limited (A Giant’s Story)

A quick look at the categories and sub-categories these companies won their Gold awards in, and the brands and campaigns they won them for.

Film Craft
No. of Golds in this category: 1
1. Early Man Film – Cat 23a : Direction – Ambuja Cement – Ambuja Khali 75

Print Single
No. of Golds in this category: 2
1. Contract Advertising – Cat 5A: Household and Business appliances – CCTV Camera – CCTV: Bank, Office, Parking lot
2. Dentsu Creative Impact – Cat 15A: Public Service, Appeals and Charity – Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India – Soccer

Film Single
No. of Golds in this category: 2
1. DDB Mudra Group – Statement of Film Single: Cat 6B: Automotive Vehicles and Accessories – Volkswagen – Ode to the bug
2. Publicis Communications – Statement of Film Single: Cat 9B: Household Products and Maintenance – Ambuja Cements Limited – A Giant’s Story

No. of Golds in this category: 2
1. DDB Mudra Group – Cat 15E: Public Service, Appeals and Charity – Unicef, India – Paheli Ki Saheli
2. Publicis Communications – Cat 9E: Household Products and Maintenance – Ambuja Cements Limited – A Giant’s Story

No. of Golds in this category: 3
1. R K SWAMY BBDO – Cat 18C a: Videos – – #HelpTheFarmer
2. DDB Mudra Group – Cat 18I b: Use of Copy – Volkswagen – Ode to the bug
3. Experience Commerce – Cat 18J c: Digital Abby – Integrated Digital Campaign – Cause related – Lenovo – #PitchToHer

No. of Golds in this category: 4
1. McCann India – Cat 17f: Use of Design in posters: film, event, corporate, traditional poster – Dabur Gastrina – French Horn
2. Alok Nanda and Company (Communications) – Cat 17g: Publications, Books, diaries, newspapers, magazines – Filter Press – Painful People
3. Publicis Communications – Cat 17l: Best integrated Design Campaign using 2 or more Design Sub-Categories (From categories 17a to 17k only) e.g Packaging and identity – Nerolac Impressions – Nerolac Calendar
4. Out of the Box – Cat 17o: Use of Illustration – Mother’s Pride/Marvel Group – The Prodigies of Mother’s Pride

Ambient Media
No. of Golds in this category: 1
1. JWT – Cat 16c: Special build – Eye Bank Co-ordination and Research Centre – Fountain of sight

No. of Golds in this category: 1
1. JWT – Cat 27 : Young Abby – Gender Violence – Question, Kidding, Old Fashioned

Gender Sensitive
No. of Golds in this category: 1
1. Hectic Content – Cat 26: Gender Sensitive – Anouk – The Calling

Click here to view the day 3 results.

Click here to view the overall results.


Malick Sidibé Creative Force Of African Culture

View Slide Show17 Photographs

CreditCourtesy of Malick Sidibé and Jack Shainman Gallery

Malick Sidibé’s images of popular and youth culture still resonate among young photographers who have been influenced by the noted Malian documentary photographer. Mr. Sidibé was born into a peasant family, and his life was changed when he was selected to attend the School of Sudanese Craftsmen in Bamako. Later, he became the first African and the first photographer to be awarded the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale in 2007. Even the Malian-French singer Inna Modja paid tribute to him in a 2015 music video, “Tombouctou.”


À côté de la boîte à musiques. Circa 1969-2002.
À côté de la boîte à musiques. Circa 1969-2002.Credit Courtesy of Malick Sidibé and Jack Shainman Gallery

“He’s such an important figure,” said Jack Shainman, whose New York gallery is now featuring his work. “In terms of African photographers there are two masters, Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keita. Sidibé is in his 80s, still influencing pop culture.”

Mr. Sidibé, who was born in Bamako, Mali, in the 1930s, had a career-changing apprenticeship at Gérard Guillat-Guignard’s Photo Service Boutique in 1955. He bought his first camera, a Brownie Flash, in 1956 and became a full-time photographer two years later.

Focusing on youth culture in Bamako, he became known for his black-and-white studies of popular culture. His documentation of Mali’s postcolonial period portrays smiling, dancing couples, street scenes and young men seducing girls at parties with a sense of newfound freedom and identity.

In the ’70s, he opened his first studio, where he began making portraits, positioning his subjects with backgrounds that give the appearance of movement and liveliness.

Decades later, his images full of humanity, dignity and life continue to speak to a shared spirit of modernity and diaspora.


Vues de dos. 2003-4.
Vues de dos. 2003-4.Credit Courtesy of Malick Sidibé and Jack Shainman Gallery

Much of the work in this latest exhibition — which runs through April 23 and is his sixth solo show at the gallery — focused on Mr. Sidibé’s most recent series, “Vue de Dos,” which depicts women with bare backs and views of the shoulder suggesting a concealed, sensual beauty rather than something explicit.

Mr. Sidibé resists exhibiting this work, which has been considered risqué, in his native, predominantly Muslim country, where revealing parts of the body is taboo. The series experiments with an artistic variation of the female nude, the goddess as a voluptuous muse, in his singular, powerful style.


Sine Sidibé au sortir de chez lui. 2001-8.
Sine Sidibé au sortir de chez lui. 2001-8.Credit Courtesy of Malick Sidibé and Jack Shainman Gallery

“He’s done something that’s kind of normal for us, but it’s taboo in Mali to reveal parts of the body,” Mr. Shainman said. “Throughout art history it’s been done many times by so many artists and he’s putting his own spin on it, in a beautiful and even sculptural way.”

Fayemi Shakur is a writer based in Newark. Her work has been featured online and in print in Nueva Luz Photographic Journal, The International Review of African American Art, and Hycide magazine.

Follow @7fayemi and @nytimesphoto on Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


Creative agencies need right balance of art, science & technology: Alasdair Lennox

Creative agencies need right balance of art, science & technology: Alasdair LennoxOn day 3 at the Goafest 2016, Alasdair Lennox, Executive Creative Director, EMEA, Fitch deliberated on how advertising agencies can avoid being obsolete and the creative manifestos for the same.

Lennox did that by comparing six stages of extinction of an agency vis-à-vis the hypotheses around Dinosaur’s extinction from earth.

The six chapters included volcanic eruption, starvation, mammals eating the Dino eggs, meteors hitting the earth, climate change and the bodies of the Dinos being too big for their small brains.

Laying importance on the involvement of younger people in the creative process, he said, “One more reason why the Dinosaurs became extinct was because the mammals ate the Dino eggs. The agencies should be working with the undergraduate, creating internship programs. The creative people have to be an apprentice to both wise and raw mentors.”

He added, “If the agency stops feeding themselves with younger creative people, they could die.”

Comparing the need of balance with Volcanic Eruption he said, “The creative agencies need to have the right balance of art, science and technology. It needs to start again and again. There has been a continuous change over the years in the way designs are being made and accepted; hence the agencies need to change and balance creativity and technology.”

Lennox also elaborated on the necessity of being flexible and optimistic in an agency, “A senior creative person has to remind oneself to not be a negative meteor in the agency. Ego is the most negative thing for an agency. Creative Dictatorship is all about stepping forward and stepping back. You need to step forward like a leader also, step back and listen to the team and respect their leaders.”

– See more at:–technologyalasdair-lennox_63974.html#sthash.bWL8BSAI.dpuf