Havas Acquires The 88, Taps Founder as New York Creative Chief

Havas Acquires The 88, Taps Founder as New York Creative Chief

Havas has acquired social media and digital shop The 88, bringing on Harry Bernstein, founder and chief creative officer, as chief creative officer of the New York office.

Bernstein succeeds Toygar Bazarkaya, who until mid-April was chief creative officer of the Americas and chairman of the Global Creative Council for Havas Worldwide and led creative for New York, says Jason Peterson, chairman and chief creative officer of Havas Creative U.S.

All 48 of Bernstein’s staffers will join Havas New York, and The 88 name will dissolve with the acquisition. Bernstein will report into Peterson. The duo previously worked together at Berlin Cameron.

No client conflicts have surfaced through the deal, says Bernstein, adding that his current clients, such as Adidas and Bloomingdale’s, will now have broader support and scale through Havas’ network.

“When I started the 88 and I didn’t call us a social agency – I just wanted to do things differently,” says Bernstein. “And this opportunity came and it’s accelerating my vision to change advertising and do things non-traditionally.”

“The advertising industry is a broken model, and right now the industry is gasping for breath to figure out what it should be,” says Peterson. “We had an idea – and Harry was the missing piece in this – to create a new model of a consumer-first journey with a media agnostic approach, so taking a strategic and creative idea and being able to execute it flawlessly in every channel and touchpoint that our consumers are actually using.”

While Havas won lead creative and media duties for Con Edison this summer, the agency has had a run of executive departures since the beginning of the year and lost the Dos Equis account. In January, Andrew Benett stepped down from his role as global CEO of Havas Creative Group and Havas Worldwide, followed by the departures of New York-based global Chief Marketing Officer Matt Weiss, Global Chief Content Officer Vin Farrell and Bazarkaya.

“We have amazing clients and we have a great group of people, but there’s been a lack of clear vision and guidance about what kind of company we want to be and that’s what this acquisition is about and what Harry will help us do,” says Peterson.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


Industry Leaders Discuss Trade, E-Commerce With WTO Chief

Industry Leaders Discuss Trade, E-Commerce With WTO Chief

Industry Leaders Discuss Trade, E-Commerce With WTO Chief
Representatives of Indian industry, including online retail and technology firms, Wednesday discussed issues pertaining to global trade and e-commerce with WTO chief Roberto Azevedo.

The roundtable meeting here was organised by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It was attend by Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Mittal and representatives of companies including Paytm, Google and Snapdeal.

The issues which figured in the deliberations included standards for e-commerce sector, problems of businesses dealing with differences in national or regional regulations, facilitating trade in services and future of the global trading system.
The meeting assumes significance as developed countries are pushing WTO to start negotiating a agreement on e-commerce in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

They are pushing for ecommerce-related disciplines to be included in the ministerial meeting of the WTO in Argentina in December.

According to the WTO, since 1998, WTO members have agreed not to impose customs duties on electronic transmissions and a work programme was set up at the same time to clarify the concepts and impacts of this new area in trade.

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Android Is as Secure as iOS on the iPhone, Claims Platform Security Chief

Android Is as Secure as iOS on the iPhone, Claims Platform Security ChiefHIGHLIGHTS

  • Android security chief thinks platform is really secure
  • He claims that it will be better than iOS in the future
  • He says only one percent Android devices contain malware

When it comes to security, most experts and tech geeks bet their money on iOS over Android. However, Adrian Ludwig, Director, Android Security at Google, stresses that Android is at par with iOS and the iPhone, and even thinks that it will become better than its rival in the future.

At the O’Reilly Security conference in Manhattan, Ludwig spoke to Vice’s Motherbard about how Android’s open source nature will put it in a much better place, in the long run. Even now, he doesn’t think that the iPhone is any better than Android. “For almost all threat models, they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig asserted that the Google Pixel phones are at par with iPhones when it comes to security. The platform as a whole would improve and even beat iOS in the future, he added, pointing to the open nature of the ecosystem. “”In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place,” he said.

Speaking at the conference, Ludwig also stated that even though Android-based threats are reported regularly, an actual real-world exploit is seldom ever recorded.As an example, he took the infamous Stagefright bug that plagued mindsets last year, and said, “At this point we still don’t have any confirmed instances of exploitation in the wild.” During his speech, Ludwig pressed mostly on how secure Android is, and even said that it is practically impossible for anyone to target a large number of people at the same time.

Furthermore, he spoke about an Android security product called Safety Net, which scans 400 million devices per day and checks 6 billion apps per day for potential malware threats. Ludwig claims that these checks, combined with Android’s built-in exploit mitigation, ensure that very small number of Android devices actually contain malware – less than 1 percent.

While most of his speech was focused on defending Android’s security protocol, he also touched upon how OEMs and carrier networks have to move faster in providing updates and security patches to their customers, “We got quite a bit of work left to do to get to a point where that actually happens on a regular basis across the whole the ecosystem.”

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Kerala Congress(M) chief KM Mani says his party will not forge any political alliance

Kerala Congress(Mani) chief KM Mani on Thursday reiterated that his party will not forge any political in the state, reported PTI. Reacting to the Communist Party of India’s stand against including KC(M) in the ruling Left Democratic Front, he said “I have made it very clear that we [the party] will not join any political alliance. I don’t understand why CPI is scared of us.”

The senior leader said, “We do not wish to learn political morals from the CPI, which is a party that sold its Parliament seat for cash. We are competent enough to remain on our own,” according to IANS. He was referring to the controversy that erupted over the party fielding Bennet P Abraham as the LDF candidate in Thiruvananthapuram for general elections, The Hindu reported.

This comes only a day after the CPI held a meeting to discuss the possibility of including KC(M) and the Muslim League in the ruling alliance. The Left party decided to oppose the move and convey the same to the LDF leadership.

On August 7, Mani announced that his party had decided to walk out of the United Democratic Front in the state. He had said that the KC(M), which has an MP each in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, will extend issued-based support to the United Progressive Alliance. Mani had said the decision to end the 35-year-long alliance stemmed from the continuous attack on him and efforts to weaken his party.