‘The Division 2’ Restarts Its ‘PvE Dark Zone’ Debate With The Arrival Of 515 Gear

The Division 2

I thought we would be having this conversation again at some point after The Division 2’s launch, but I didn’t think it would be this soon, or for this reason.

Massive recently introduced 515 Gearscore gear, over the current cap of 500, to drop in the Dark Zone. While 515 gear will join it when the raid arrives, many players are upset that they are being forced to travel to the DZ as the only place to farm this gear as it’s something that doesn’t interest them, at least not in its current form.

This has resparked a very old debate, one from the early days of The Division 1, where there’s an idea that there should be a PvE version of the Dark Zone free from Rogues and gank squads, so people can explore and farm these areas without being bothered by other players when they have no interest in PvP.

The counterpoint to this is that removing PvP and Rogue would destroy the entire concept of the mode, and people just need to “get good” if they want to survive in what is supposed to be the most harrowing zone on the map. This is roughly the position that Massive has taken as well, as despite all the requests for a PvE Dark Zone in The Division 1, that never happened.

The Division 2

The Division 2


Instead, what we saw was kind of alternative for PvP-focused players rather than the thing PvE players wanted. That’s how we have Conflict, a dedicated PvP experience which improves PvP play for those who were tired of trying to kill enemies in the Dark Zone who didn’t want to fight at all and just wanted to run and be left alone. But the PvPvE element of the Dark Zone remains, and now some people are getting annoyed by it once more.

It may not surprise you to learn that I am on the side of “yes, the Dark Zone would benefit from a PvE option.” I don’t think you need to remove the PvPvE mode that currently exists for the game. Those that like that aspect can still play it, but offering a PvE version has too many upsides to ignore. I know plenty of players that have not even done so much as the intro quest for the Dark Zone because they remembered how much they disliked it in The Division 1. I did the intro quest and got up to level 10 or 15 or so in the DZ, but I haven’t been back since for the same reasons. I have no real interest in fighting other players, be it well-geared adversaries or easily killable noobs. I have no interest in farming for loot only to end up losing it because of ganks or other mishaps. And so I farm activities that are more reliable, won’t pit me against other players and don’t have the risk of losing anything. But I would love to explore an additional 25-30% of the map in the Dark Zone areas with a PvE version of the DZ, because otherwise it’s just wasted space to me. This was also true of the first game where the DZ was even larger and kept getting larger with future updates.

There is always a hardcore contingent of Dark Zone players who push back on all this, but I am genuinely unsure of what they’d lose if PvE was just an option for the Dark Zone. Players who like the current Dark Zone could still queue up for that version. To me, this is more about denying players zones and loot they haven’t “earned” because they can’t stand the heat of the “real” Dark Zone which is stupid gatekeeping I don’t respect or appreciate.

The Division 2

The Division 2


I have no way of checking this, so far as I can tell, but I am willing to bet that as vocal as the hardcore Dark Zone community is, the DZ has a fraction of the players of the larger PvE world, and probably only a fraction of those actively want to be there and would care if there was a PvP option. I think there’s a reason that Massive put 515 gear in the Dark Zone, because they’re trying to lure people to actually play it. Right now, tons and tons of people are avoiding it completely because it’s much easier to queue up for missions or bounties or strongholds with a more straightforward path to loot, working with other players rather than against them. And if they do want to fight other people? That’s what Conflict is for, and that too comes with no risk of surprise attacks and lost loot.

The Dark Zone has always been Massive’s pet project, the concept that was supposed to make The Division stand out compared to its competition. And yet it has always remained my least favorite aspect of the game, and that has not changed in the sequel. If we didn’t see a PvE Dark Zone in all the years of The Division 1 doubt we’ll see one now, but I think it’s a bad path forward for Massive to try and simply bribe people to play the DZ when clearly something is gone wrong if they have to do that in the first place.


U.S. fitness officers put together for Zika’s Arrival

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With mosquito season arriving in the Gulf Coast states, U.S. public fitness officials have begun deploying a3-pronged struggle plan to combat Zika virus, which has triggered heaps of start defects in Latin americainside the closing yr.

Zika is the primary mosquito-borne infection regarded to motive birth defects, U.S. facilities for sicknessmanipulate and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden has reported. whilst the virus typically prompts eithermild or no symptoms in almost all adults, it is able to inflict horrible mindassociated start defects if a pregnant female turns into infected.

Brazil has been the epicenter of the Zika outbreak with nearly 5,000 confirmed or suspected instances of microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and brains.

The virus is anticipated to grow to be energetic in at the least a few portions of the continental usa this spring and summer season, mainly Gulf Coast states, because it passes from person to man or womanthru mosquito bites, federal health officials say.

fitness specialists are hopeful that Zika will no longer unfold as extensively in the america because ithas in crucial and South the usa. the main motives: human beings aren’t as uncovered to mosquitoesinside the u.s., and plenty of the kingdom’s weather isn’t as tropical as Latin the united states’s.

“The truth that we have more access to monitors and air conditioning by itself might be very prettydefensive,” Dr. John Hellerstedt, commissioner of the Texas branch of nation health offerings, statedduring a current Zika seminar.

To limit any capability spread of Zika, health officials at the federal, state and nearby level are deploying a 3-pronged method: enhancing mosquito control; increasing their potential to check for Zika; and urgingthe public to protect themselves against mosquitoes.

however, officials renowned it won’t be feasible to test every girl who’s pregnant or might come to bepregnant to peer if she has been infected with the virus. That’s why self-safety and mosquito manage areessential additives of the Zika approach, officials say.

each nation has a very good concept which of its regions is more likely to have the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the primary provider of Zika, said Dr. Frank Welch. he’s clinical director of the Louisiana branchof fitness and Hospitals’ middle for community Preparedness.

for instance, Louisiana officials are first directing their interest closer to the Lake Pontchartrain placeclose to New Orleans, along with some different smaller pockets around the kingdom, Welch said.

with the aid of definitely focusing on the neighborhoods wherein we know this mosquito is lively, wereally desire to move off neighborhood transmission,” he said.

Florida has covered 17 counties in a statement of Public fitness Emergency regarding Zika, in step withthe Florida department of health. The counties are scattered at some stage in the kingdom.

“We’re running to make sure that all Florida residents and site visitors are informed approximately Zika virus and mosquito-borne illness in popular,” said Mara Gambineri, a spokeswoman for the Floridadepartment of fitness.

In Texas, public fitness officers are maintaining an eye fixed at the decrease Rio Grande Valley, the Gulf Coast, and particularly the Texas/Mexico border, Hellerstedt stated.

Zika has emerge as lively in a few components of Mexico, and there is concern people ought to carrythe virus across the border into america.

“All alongside that border each day, hundreds of lots of people legally go over from one side to the alternative and go back,” Hellerstedt stated. “this is their manner of life. That’s the primary socioeconomictruth of these communities.”

In a comparable vein, Louisiana fitness officials are maintaining a eager eye on cruise ships returning from vital and South america, Welch said.

people disembarking from cruise ships are warned that they may had been exposed to Zika, he stated, and that they could inadvertently begin nearby transmission of the virus if a mosquito bites them after whichspreads the virus to other humans.

we’re confident that Zika is returning to Louisiana every day among vacationers,” Welch stated.

Mosquito manage key to containing the virus

Mosquito control will play a pivotal position in preventing the spread of Zika. but, it’s not probable thatpesticides will do much good. The A. aegypti mosquito has evolved robust and varied resistance toinsecticides, Frieden stated, and what works in a single location will in all likelihood not paintings inevery other.

Frieden recently visited a lab in Puerto Rico in which they had been trying out the effectiveness ofinsecticides towards neighborhood mosquitoes. The island territory has had almost seven-hundredshowed cases of Zika and one dying related to the virus.

unluckily in Puerto Rico, many of the pyrethroid pesticides met with a high diploma of resistance,” Frieden said. “So I noticed very effective insecticides with mosquitoes flying thankfully round an hour later; it doesn’t have an effect on it in any respect. after which with at the least one of the pesticides, mosquitoes have been knocked down within 15 minutes.”

As a end result, the general public will must take an active position in mosquito manage if humans needto prevent active Zika transmission, Welch and Hellerstedt said.

The A. aegypti mosquito feeds completely on people, and frequently breeds in small swimming pools of water close to houses and communities in preference to in ponds or swamps, Hellerstedt stated. The mosquito specially prefers near-quartered city regions, where there are numerous humans from which to feed.

humans will need to often police their houses, backyards and neighborhoods, doing away with any assetsof standing water, Welch said. this could grow to be tedious, on the grounds that each new rain bathewill deliver clean swimming pools of status water in flower pots, garden furniture and the likebut itneed to be done.

“If we reduce the prevalence of this mosquito breeding in everybody’s yard, garden and community, we are able to reduce the danger of organising local transmission of the Zika virus,” Welch said.

tests are equipped to check for infections, however they aren’t foolevidence

plenty of the general public fitness reaction to Zika will depend on docsability to check patients for the virus, and a few officers are involved that a wave of infections may want to weigh down state and federal laboratories.

There currently are permitted lab checks for Zika, according to the CDC:

• One is the PCR check, which checks for Zika by seeking out the virus’ genetic material in someone’s bloodstream.
the opposite check, referred to as the MAC-ELISA, examines a person’s blood for Zika antibodies. theseantibodies display that a person has been infected with Zika and has advanced the antibodies to fight off the virus.

The handiest way fitness officers might be capable to inform if Zika has turn out to be active in anetwork is by trying out humans for the virus, Welch and Hellerstedt stated.

“Our potential to do surveillance is going to be largely dependent on our capability to pick out Zikadisease in humans, and no longer in mosquitoes,” Hellerstedt stated.

officials can entice and take a look at mosquitoes for Zika, however “it’s not as beneficial as you may think,” he said. “if you went out and trapped 100 mosquitoes in a given area, you haven’t any manner ofunderstanding the 101st and all the other 10,000 mosquitoes in that place don’t have it as properly.”

The PCR take a look at is straightforward to produce and administer, and health departmentsthroughout the nation are arming themselves with it, the CDC says. as a minimum forty four of the greaterthan 150 labs in the CDC’s country wide Laboratory response community now have the capability toperform PCR checks for Zika, in line with agency officials.

On pinnacle of that, the FDA lately granted emergency authorization for the country wide personalcorporation Quest Diagnostics to carry out PCR trying out. The employer plans to fee $500 for every take a look at, or $one hundred twenty for folks who lack health insurance, stated Dr. Rick Pesano, Quest Diagnostics’ vp of research and improvement.

Pesano stated his agency will help health officials hold up with demand for Zika checking out, relieving the “strain and strain of having these exams accomplished in a well timed manner.”

but, the PCR take a look at has one most important drawbackit may simplest come across an livelyZika contamination, and people normally clean the virus from their bloodstream inside every week, Pesano said.

so as to assist some, but it in all likelihood received’t through itself resolve our checking out hassle,” Hellerstedt said of Quest’s contribution.

Pregnant girls who are involved they’ve been inflamed with Zika will want the MAC-ELISA test, that canshow whether they’ve ever had the virus. but even that test has drawbacks, Hellerstedt referred to. It’sharder to manage, slower to provide consequences, and now not as accurate as is probably was hoping, he said.

A girl who’s been inflamed with some other virus in the samefamily” as Zika—dengue or chikungunya, as an instancecould receive a advantageous result from the MAC-ELISA, Hellerstedt stated. Blood with any positive result would then need to be forwarded to the CDC for even more rigorous checking outbefore a girl might realize whether or not her pregnancy honestly is at threat.

Given this, “it received’t be possible to test every pregnant girl if we ought to achieve this over a totallyextensive area,” Hellerstedt said.

Frieden said CDC lab people are trying out new innovations that would cut the one-week affirmationtime for the MAC-ELISA down to three or four days, but added that his lab’s capability to increasemanufacturing will depend upon future investment.

The Obama administration has requested Congress to allocate $1.9 billion to combat the Zika chance, but the lawmakers have yet to act on the request.

the lowest line is, with out drastically multiplied resources, it’s going to be very difficult to do the sort ofinnovations that offer speedy testing and speedy manage,” Frieden said.

inside the period in-between, ladies of baby-bearing age who live in areas where Zika transmission ishappening can guard themselves from mosquito bites with the aid of sporting lengthy-sleeved shirts andlengthy pants, using mosquito repellent while out of doors, and staying interior as plenty as viable,fitness officers advise.

And girls have to use condoms or refrain from intercourse with a male accomplice if they’re living in anenergetic Zika place. They should additionally observe those precautions for as a minimum 8 weeks ifthe person has traveled to an energetic Zika place, or for at least six months if the man has beenidentified with Zika.