Samsung won me with VR but is losing me with updates

Samsung won me with VR but is losing me with updates

I need to get a Samsung Galaxy S7 Aspect, I virtually do. I love my Galaxy S6 Area, with its striking curveddisplay screen, and the brand new version improves on it in almost every way. Most significantly, I liketo dabble in digital realityI am now not ready to commit $700+ to a Computerprimarily based headsetbut — and I’m able to still get a new Equipment VR headset loose with the S7 Aspect. Shamefully, though, my S6 Aspect hasn’t obtained an update to Android 6.01 Marshmallow, leaving me high and dry with Lollipop. I genuinely didn’t expect that with a $800 flagship telephone, and i refuse to permit it occuragain.

Marshmallow first got here out on Nexus devices in Oct. 2015, and Nougat, aka Android 7.0, will in all likelihood arrive across the equal time later this 12 months. the brand new release is complete ofthrilling features, consisting of a multi-window mode, progressed settings and, maximum critical to me, a brand new VR mode. For those reasons and additionally the reality that I love having the ultra-modernsoftware (and, since I write about it, I form of want it), I would like to get it as quickly because it arrives.

The S6 Facet got here out in early 2015 (I have the international, unlocked version), and some parentshave certainly obtained an Android update. To find out if there was a problem with mysmartphone or provider, I contacted the organization‘s support line in France and changed into told thatthe discharge had not rolled out to me yet. So what’s the postpone? a few users have reported troubleswith the fingerprint scanner and passwords after updating, together with slowness and battery troubles. If it truly is accurate, then Samsung might also have determined to work on Marshmallow before releasing itwidely.

Does my telephone nevertheless work with Lollipop? Of route, but it’s now not the factor. Marshmallow brings a greater elegant UI, a reminiscence manager that my cellphone desperately desires, an stepped forward “do no longer disturb” feature (which I desperately need), consistent with-app battery optimization and greater.

To reiterate, I surely just like the Galaxy S6 Area and Equipment VR. Samsung accurately partnered with Oculus, and the Tools VR is without problems the fine cellular digital reality headset out there. As Ireferred to in my mini evaluation of the unique Gear VR Innovator Edition, I really like the capability of VR filmmaking (despite the fact that creators haven’t pretty cracked it but), and the headset-and-telephoneblend gives me a manner to view content material. That includes video games like Land’s Stop and interactive VR films inclusive of The Martian VR Enjoy. Further, Samsung has created a VR version of itsinternet browser that permits you to look 360-degree films and different content material.

I do not want to sacrifice VR for the cutting-edge updates, but what if I’m able to have both? The first-class way to make sure you always have the contemporary Android release is to get a Nexus cellphone.Regrettably, there hasn’t been a VR option for Nexus that is even near as true as what Samsung has — at the least, till Android Nougat came along.

For Nougat, Google has created a whole new VR platform called Daydream and a VR mode with improvedoverall performance. It also created a reference headset that appears plenty like the Gear VR butconsists of a motionsensitive remote that resembles the controllers for the Vive and Oculus Rift. Its VR tech will most effective paintings on “Daydream-accepted” smartphones, so that it will presumablyencompass the organization‘s personal upcoming Nexus fashions.

If matters move as deliberate, Google’s VR ought to be on par with Samsung’s Galaxy S7/Observe andTools VR combination. There may be a threat it’s going to take Google a while to get to the same degreeas Samsung, which has a big head start and Oculus at the back of it. But, Google says that HTC, ZTE, Huawei, LG and, sure, Samsung have Daydream-prepared telephones in the works, and it’s partnering with HBO, Ubisoft, the NBA and others for content.

until a few months ago, I used to be geared up to get a Galaxy S7 Aspect and the latest Gear VR headset.
This new statistics has created pretty a conundrum for me. until a few months in the past, I used to beready to get a Galaxy S7 Edge and the today’s Equipment VR headset. Now I’ve decided to wait until the autumn, when the primary Daydream-compliant smartphones and headsets arrive. I’ll continue to use my S6 Aspect and Equipment VR, and with a bit of luck it’s going to get the Marshmallow replace earlier than Nougat arrives.

I doubt my own Enjoy is unique. Everybody who drops nearly a grand on a phone will want to wring themost application out of it. Samsung introduced a amazing design, brilliant display and lots of strengthwith the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and the Tools VR gave users some other excellent cause to don’t forgetit. With the discouraging delays to Marshmallow on my S6 Facet, However, I have lost self assurance in Samsung’s ability to hold its state-of-the-art model up to date. And as soon as Daydream comesalongside, it’s going to have lost one of the exceptional advantages it had within the Androidmarketplace.