Fiio M3 review



The Fiio M3 is priced at Rs. four,499.
it is able to be used to play numerous highresolution and lossy document formats.
The sound is neutral and highlights the headphones you use.
Fiio has been considered one of the most important proponents of excessivedecision audio, and itsrange of audio gamers has enjoyed fulfillment the world over. to be had at diverse price factors, the Fiio X-collection offers varying tiers of sonic overall performance. The Fiio X1, X3, X5 and X7 have allreceived reward from us.

this is why we are searching ahead to reviewing Fiio’s most inexpensive version but, the M3. Priced at Rs. 4,499, the M3 seems to offer loads to your money, with assist for highdecision audio codecs and up to 72GB of general garage. discover if the M3 offers sufficient bang in your greenback.

look and feel
the largest distinction between the Fiio M3 and Rs. 7,499 X1 is size. The M3 is substantially smaller and lighter than the X1, which makes it easier to hold and save. any other key distinction is the usage ofplastic as the number one production material, which is a part of the reason why the M3 weighs simply40g. it is also to be had in four colors: black, white, blue and cyan.

The tool has a brick-like shape, with sharp edges and buttons that sit down flush with the tool itself. The leftfacet has the energy button and the proper has the lock slider, at the same time as the bottom has the Micro-USB port for charging and statistics transfers, the three.5mm socket, and the microSD card slot. Thephysical navigation buttons are located proper below the display. on the whole it is a effortlessly small and lightweight package deal that is simple to get used to.

The Fiio M3 also comes with its personal earphones, however those do not offer much sonic isolation and are average as a long way as sound is worried. we’d advise you turn to a great pair of o.e.m earphones for the satisfactory overall performance. there’s also a standard Micro-USB cable protected within thecontainer for charging and records transfers.

specifications and software
The tool has 8GB of inner storage, which is first rate because the X1 has none, forcing you to spend money on a microSD card from the start itself. The M3 does have a microSD card slot that helps playing cards of as much as 64GB, which lets in you to have up to a maximum of 72GB of storage area on thetool. there is a 550mAh battery which powers the tool for up to a claimed 24 hours, thanks to a low-electricity Cirrus common sense CS42L51 DAC.

The tool has a small 2-inch 240×320-pixel screen for visual cues and controls, oriented in portrait mode. Itisn’t a excellent screen, but then it does not need to be given that you’ll best be using it to governplayback.

The tool has confined help for highdecision audio codecs, supporting handiest up to 24-bit/48kHz FLAC documents, and 24-bit/96kHz WAV documents. MP3, WMA, OGG and M4A are supported, but this doesn’t encompass M4A-encrypted Apple Lossless (ALAC) files, which is a chunk of a sadness. The toolcan pressure headphones with an impedance range of 16-100Ohms.

The person interface is as simple because it receives, and is exceedingly even less difficult than that of the Fiio X1. A quick press of the menu button lets you browse thru documents, whilst a long press getsyou to the settings menu, where you could installation the tool. The directional navigation buttons are usedto move around and pick out options or tracks, and also control the extent, depending on in whichyou’re on the interface. It isn’t especially easy to use, and we are not lovers of the implementation in any respect.

We used the Fiio M3 with its included headphones as well as with the RHA S500i and Trinity Atlas in-ear headphones at some stage in trying out. Our test tracks included Bonobo’s Days to come, Michael Jackson’s They don’t Care approximately Us and Gotye’s kingdom Of The artwork.

starting with Days to come back and the M3’s personal earphones, we found that the sound changed intofairly general and regular, akin to what we’d assume to pay attention from maximum smartphones. that is predominantly due to the low-strength DAC unit, that is probable no greater capable than what we’danticipate to see on maximum mid-variety smartphones. there may be a fair quantity of attack to the sound, even though the M3’s earphones don’t do justice to the sound thanks to their outer-ear match and lack of isolation.

shifting on to They don’t Care approximately Us with the S500i in-ears, we discovered that the sonic signature changed into fairly neutral, that’s something we observed thru the audio range and with the other earphones as properly. The Fiio M3 itself does no longer have an effect on the frequency rangemuch, rather allowing the headphones to decide the sonic flavour. In this situation, we determined a veryslight spike in the low-end and mid-variety, accompanied by a reasonably sizeable drop inside theexcessivecease, which extra or much less corresponds to the sonic traits of the RHA S500i headphones.

transferring directly to country Of The art with the Trinity Atlas, we were treated to a commonly perfectsound with a honest sense of openness and first rate separation, way to the features of the Atlas earphones and an aggressive signature. The soundstage is fairly extensive, whilst imaging is right,however this may once again be credited to the headphones in use. In widespread, the Fiio M3 produces a legitimate that at the same time as without a doubt properly, does now not provide any tangibleadvantage over your cellphone.

The Fiio M3 may be the chinese language organization‘s maximum low priced excessiveresolutionaudio player yet, but it is from offering the competencies of the superb X series of players. other thanreport format incompatibilities, the M3’s sound is most effective just about on par with what mostsmartphones will come up with. there may be no actual gain to the use of this tool, and you’ll be betteroff the use of your smartphone in many situations.

however, its small length and desirable battery lifestyles might just make it worthwhile if you do selectto buy it, for the reason that the usage of a standalone device frees up your smartphone for otherpurposes. you can use the M3 for your car, or as an opportunity in case your smartphone has confinedgarage or bad battery lifestyles. The low charge of the tool makes it profitable as a backup, and theimpartial sonic signature and easy sound provide a fulfilling enough sound so as to paintings foreverybody.

fee (MRP): Rs. four,499

Small and mild
8GB inner garage plus slot for expansion
pretty impartial, open sound
not all commonplace document formats and bit-prices supported
Sound first-rate is normal
Poorly designed user interface

rankings (Out of 5)

layout: three
performance: 3
fee for cash: four
ordinary: three
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