fb Is trying out a Snapchat-Like function on news Feed

fb Is trying out a Snapchat-Like function on news Feed

Facebook Is Testing a Snapchat-Like Feature on News Feed

the brand new function will can help you post solely at the information Feed.
The publish will display up when searched.
The put up might not display up on the person‘s Timeline.
facebook is testing a new function to be able to supply users the option to post a post handiest to theinformation Feed and now not on their Timeline. this feature will let users submit as lots as they want on the information Feed without having it saved in its profile history.

currently, facebook only allows users to hide posts in their Timelines manually once they havepublished it on the social platform. Now, facebook has showed that it’s far trying out a feature in order to let customers pre-decide whether or not a particular submit will go at the Timeline, or now not.

“The Timeline on your profile is a high-quality region to see a complete history of your fb posts. we’veheard feedback that once in a while, you may want to share a publish with friends and own familythrough information Feed and no longer have that publish be displayed in your Timeline. The ability to hide a submit from your Timeline already exists, and these days we are checking out a function that would make it even less complicated to control wherein your posts stay via supplying you with the option to put up a submit only to news Feed and now not on your Timeline,” facebook advised the following internet.

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facebook is letting customers create posts that simplest display up in information Feed and search,however no longer on their profile timeline
nine:19 PM – 6 Jun 2016
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The functiontesting screenshots can be seen in Matt Navarra’s tweet above – form of works like Snapchat, as permitting the post to best be visible at the news Feed, will efficaciously make it disappearonce it gets too vintage, and is replaced by using new posts from different customers. but, if the submitwill show up if it is searched on facebook.

As referred to through fb, the feature is handiest under trying out, and consequently might not be seenthrough all customers on apps or the computing device web site. while and the way the social largeplans to make this feature industrial remains undisclosed for now.

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